That’ll put spickarickum in your macaroni!

That’ll put spickarickum in your macaroni!

15 men gathered on the eve of Fathers Day at Calvary to run some miles and take in some humidity.  I had a recycled workout ready to be executed.  I gave a disclaimer and told the crew we would be discussing “Dad moments” as we travelled.  We took a turn toward exit 3 (I think) of the Calvary campus and ran toward Carrington Racquet Club.  Here goes:

Warm Up:




The Thang:

I filled in the troops that we would be running the cul-de-sacs of Carrington and Bevington.  At each cul-de-sac, we knocked out 15 of the stated exercise.  I made up the exercises as we went (shocker, I know….and noted by Alf) but the ones I recall are:

Heels to Heaven


Plank Jacks



HR Merkins

Freddy Mercury

Monkey Humpers

We finished up on Bevington and ran toward the South Charlotte Library.  We ran past a post mortem deer on Rea which only exasperated the aggressive upward slope run.  We did some Mary in the library lot followed by some calf raises while partners ran the lot loop.  Some stern, angry looking librarians showed up for work so we got out of dodge.

We finished up with gassers in the Calvary lot with 10 counts and Mary exercises mixed in.

That’s a wrap….4.5 miles!


During our run, I asked selected pax to answer questions about their Dads.  Thanks for playing along.  Here were the questions and answers by dude:

Stonecold: Q:  Best vacation with your Dad?  A:  Surf City Beach in 1980 (bonus points for remembering the year)

Horsehead: Q: Line you always heard your Dad say?  A: That’ll put spickarickum in your macaroni (copyright stolen for title)

Spackler: Q: Funniest thing your Dad did as a kid?  A: Dragged weights out of the garage and lifted them in the driveway to pick up the ladies.

Prohibition:  Q: What was your Dad’s favorite drink?  A: Old Fashioned with cheap bourbon.

Alf:  Q: What was the maddest you ever made your dad?  A: Lied about turning the house upside down looking for Playboys.

My apologies if I forgot any Dad stories!  Weigh in if I did.  Great to be with you boys!  Geraldo and Hoover, thanks for the privilege to Q!  The Rock Zero site will always be dear to me!  So many great memories and so many more to be made….courtesy of the men of A51!  Happy Father’s Day studs!


Crane Relay is August 13

Grow Ruck is August 6

Floorslapper and his wife are expecting a child in one week!  Congrats bro!

Flipper on Q next week

Prayers to Booyah who was very recently diagnosed with throat cancer.   It is localized which is good news, but please keep him and his family in your prayers as they are understandably shocked and dealing with the surprise.

Have a great week, men!


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