¡Cinco en Mayo!

¡Cinco en Mayo!

YHC did a little self-marketing on the socials on Tuesday to promote his 5-year F3-versary Q at Dromedary and it became clear that the 8 PAX who descended on MRHS steer clear of the social channels because they were not deterred by the potential for humpers.


Mosey around the parking lot and then some exercises

  • SSH
  • Hillbilly Rockettes
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Supine pull-ups under the rails
  • Exploding Derkins off the rails



Mosey to the rock pile by the middle school track and find a lifting rock

Circle up in the center of the middle school field

Do the center set…

  • 10 Curls
  • 10 overhead presses
  • 10 tricep extensions

Then run to a designated point on the track for 10 of an exercise, run back to center for the center set, then on to another track exercise.

Track exercises

  • American Hammer
  • Burpees
  • Merkins
  • Alternating side lunges
  • Carolina Dry Dock

With the Six in, the PAX circled up for 10x exercises with the rocks.  Each PAX took a turn calling the work, then in plank, PAX shuffled to another rock.  Exercises included:

  • Curls
  • Hernias
  • Standing Chest press
  • overhead press
  • Squats
  • Other stuff one can come up with to do with a rock

Return rocks and mosey to the middle school cave for some People’s Chair

  • 20x jabs, then jump the wall, run to the flagpole and back
  • 20x air press, jump the wall, run to the flagpole and back
  • 20x donkey kicks, jump the wall, run to the flagpole for Mary

Stretch the calves, mosey back

Finish in the parking lot with…

  • 10x Monkey Humpers and run to the top of the lot
  • 20x Gorilla Humpers and run to COT

Alternating shoulder taps to close



There was a plan to tie 5 into the workout much more frequently, but that fell apart quickly.  YHC wanted to hit some oldies but goodies today and revisit some exercises that we haven’t done as much recently — sharing rocks, supines, jumping the wall.  Dromedary offers a lot.

The mumblechatter was solid this morning, and much better than the form on the Hillbilly Rockettes.  PJ needs to recruit more guys to Prickle and Goo because those legs weren’t going out.  Flo and Tanyatine brought some game to that one, but otherwise it looked like a bad breakdance session sponsored by Sun City Senior Living.  The rock work is good for the arms, but also for the spirit, especially when rotating around and sharing rocks.  Deep Dish is the Site Q out with a hernia surgery today, but the other Site Q Premature must have chosen his rock in support because, as TeaTime noted later, “it’s a one-handed rock.”  Johnny Utah also chose a quality paperweight for his strength work this morning.  Shop Dawg wasn’t getting short-changed and called a 4-part exercise for his 10x — he also was the first to send everyone to the wet ground, then threw out some smack talk against Waxhaw’s most anti-grasser, Moneyball.  One Star paid homage to DD by calling the hernia and may have expedited the next surgery in Waxhaw.  He and Flo were pushing out front all morning long with the strong work.  J-Woww never cheats himself on the rock and with the rotation today, others bore witness.  And Terry Tate‘s solid focused work earned him a voluntold VQ at Last Call this Friday.

Finally, the late stretching was deemed too late, but it was just in time for the humper runs.  Everybody loves the Gorilla Humpers followed by running — jello legs at their finest.  If you haven’t tried that combo yet, invite your neighbor to do some with you and it’ll be all the rage at the summer block parties.



On Dec 31, 2015, Dark Helmet — who was not yet the “Whoa! Dark Helmet!” he is now — texted YHC with an invite to go work out with a group of guys at Graham Middle School in Charlotte.  YHC had a broken foot at the time and was in a walking boot, but decided to get up early on New Year’s and see what this was all about.  It was a good time, but with the foot, regular attendance wasn’t happening right then.

Fast forward to May 25, 2016 and YHC finally decided to check out something called Dromedary at Marvin Ridge High School because it was nearby. It was a blur and in checking the BB archives, it’s the only date in a span of about 8 weeks that’s missing a BB, but YHC does remember a good group of guys with highly unintelligible names — must have been the 0530 talking if guys are introducing themselves as Bananas, Bratwurst, Shop Dawg, Stump Hugger, Good Hands, Doc McStuffins and such — what on earth was this? But it soon became addictive as.

It’s been five years now and Dromedary still feels like the home workout.  It’s great to continue to see familiar faces out and to see new guys coming in and bringing more energy and ideas.  <breaking from YHC> I haven’t recorded any 5-minute miles or qualified for Boston, the arms sure don’t show signs of five years of boot camps, and most EH efforts haven’t been fruitful, but I feel like a better husband and father because of my time with F3 over the past five years.  One of the comments on the Nation site is that it’s not about you, it’s about the guy beside you and that’s 100% spot on.  I’m improved because of the examples of so many guys in the gloom who push themselves, encourage me, say Hi with a big smile at 0527, circle back to pick up a tired Six, check in with a brother to ask how he’s doing, organize a blood drive, collect clothes and more for those who are on hard times, trash talk in the most encouraging way possible, run for miles with an American flag waving on a shovel, join a brother about to go under the knife, openly discuss mental and spiritual challenges, and those who are there to listen.  Thank you for being there in the gloom or in the light of day and making a positive impact in my life and the lives of others, no matter how big or small. </I talk>




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