Lost in the hills of Piper Glen

Lost in the hills of Piper Glen

8 PAX including 1 FNG entered the frigid morning gloom with traces of snow and ice still on the sidewalks and roads.  The plan for Devil’s Turn this AM was a straightforward 6 mile tempo run through Piper Glen.  In practice, it was a little more complex.

After entering Piper Glen, we briefly lost Strange Brew but found him after scrambling the search party.  He must have gotten excited having some snow and ice around.  #feelslikehome

Once the PAX was complete again, we headed off to a new loop no one had experienced before.  This is where a few words of direction to the speed demons (Fletch, FNG – Sharpie, & Long Haul) as they sped off could have been a little more descriptive. The rest of the PAX reached the end of the loop in time to see the speed demons heading around again.  Apparently, when at the corner of Seton House Ln and Seton House Ln, turn right, not left. #strangeintersection

When we regrouped again, it was time to head back to COT.  After all the circling back and search parties, the mileage came in right at 6 miles.  Almost like it was planned that way.  #betterluckythangood

Even though the run could have gone more smoothly, everyone seemed to enjoy the hills and the 2ndF.  Rock Thrill invited a running buddy Frank (FNG – Sharpie).  That man’s a strong runner.  Now that he has an F3 name, hopefully he will join us again.  Good luck in your upcoming marathon brother!

See you all in the gloom!

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