Hmmm BBQ, No wait that’s just smoked shoulders and legs

  • When:11/29/2014
  • QIC: Strange Brew & The Mouth
  • The PAX: Purple Haze, Spackler, Big Black and Country, Semi-Gloss, Jamboree (WD), Prohibition (WB), Strange Brew, The Mouth

Hmmm BBQ, No wait that’s just smoked shoulders and legs

7 men braved the twitter chatter to post on a beautiful morning, some still talking about their Turkey Bowl prowess and talk of revenge for next year, wow, what a competitive bunch.  YHC was spurred on by his apparently 1 min slow watch and the pax wanted to get going so off we went.  This is some revisionist history of what we did:

Run halfway round the “track” to get the blood flowing then circle up for:

SSH x 30

Low Slow Squats x 20

IW x 20

Merkins x 20 (a first for this Q and yes Dora they were good ones, maybe not perfect but good)

SSH x 10

Rock Hoppers x 10

Jog back to parking lot for a little deja vu, oh I mean partner up, size matters (eventually)

Partner 1 does 20 decline CDD’s, now that’s shoulder isolation for you

Partner 2 does 10 (per leg, too much frost for jump ups) step ups

Meet in the middle for a combined 20 merkins

Flapjack and repeato x 3

Over to the playground equipment for almost everyone’s achilles heel, AMRAP pullups + 2 (with partner to get the +2) flapjack and repeato, these felt especially pleasant after the elevated CDD’s

Over to the field for

Over to the field for partner crab walk, 100 m crab walk, partner 1 does crab walk, partner 2 does lunge walk, flapjack as needed to get to the other end

Same idea on the way back except wheelbarrow

10 x side, partner assist get ups flapjack

5 over unders and flapjack

Over to The Mouth for:

Run to the “loop” where The Mouth had prepared chalk written instructions along the loop, 4 in all

Station 1, Merkins first round x 5, second round x 10

Station 2, Diamond LBC’s first round x 5, second round x 10

Station 3 Jump Squats first round x 5, second round x 10

Station 4 Plank and wait

The pax completed almost 2.5 total miles (2 laps of the loop plus to and from), while The Mouth wanted to get the full 5k in, the third lap was foregone in the interest of time, while The Mouth threw out the option of extra credit to get in the third loop I think the pax were already halfway back to the school, hard of hearing, O2 dep or all the above and no one took The Mouth up on the offer

Upon arriving back at the school, there appeared to be 2 min left on the clock so YHC took the pax out with 10 each way Sid-The-Kid’s and 15 Heels to Heavens


After that workout YHC had to say that his shoulders and general upper body were pretty smoked, tried to keep up on the run but struggled on that part, thanks to Semi Gloss both for keeping his shirt on and for the push on the run.  Spackler is staying focused on his earlier back blast promise to drink less this holiday season and declared that he wasn’t going to pop a top until 10 (am) prior to the cough cough “game” between USC and Clemson (sorry brother).  Purple Haze looked like he could have run to the game and back, he has his marathon pace clearly dialed in, we’ll be rooting for you.  Jamboree was welcomed by Purple Haze so that he wouldn’t be the War Daddy, hated by the rest of the pax as he was the war daddy and smoked everyone on the run (including The Mouth).  Prohibition was pretty quiet but at the front most of the time so hope you got a sweat in.  Hopefully a good time was had by all, YHC and The Mouth had a good time smoking the pax and themselves and it is always a special privilege for YHC to Q with The Mouth, this duo is up for other Q opportunities as needed, seriously though, a great day to get out into the Sky Q’s creation and push ourselves and each other.

Thanks to Haze for the take out, they don’t call him the honourary chaplain for nothing.


Joe Davis run, all the pax present did commit to running the run, most have declared that they’ve already signed up, we’ll see the next time YHC gets the stats, if not I’m coming for you…  (identify yourself as an A51 pax in the team drop down)

Prohibition said plans for the Christmas Party are going well, ping him if you have to pull the rip cord (it will also incite a personal visit from an Angry Tiger Rag).

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