That’s A Lot of Kids (2.0’s)!

That’s A Lot of Kids (2.0’s)!

It was a hot one, but we still had a good showing of 21 of PAX including mostly 2.0’s. I didn’t think I was going to make it on time today because I was late from work. At first the 2.0’s WAY out numbered the PAX but we added a few more right before the start. We even had a dog (thank you Swimmers).

The Warm Up – DICCS were given in Middle School parking lot @ COT. Mosey to circle in front of Middle School. Warm up exercises consisted of:

  • 20 X SSH
  • 20 – Imperial Walkers
  • Jimmy Dugan – center, left, right – walk it out to a plank
  • Calf stretch
  • Frankenstein

The Thang – Stay at overhang at Middle School circle and partner up. One partner is the timer, the other partner performs the exercise. 200 dips as a team and 200 step up’s as a team. Mosey to the overhang in the bus parking lot. In the covered area, bear crawl down one side and grab some wall for 10 donkey kicks. Rinse and repeat three times. To the stairs by Middle School gym (tennis courts) for 10 squats at the bottom of the stairs, each step of the stairs 10 foot raises, to the under hang grab some wall for 10 Mike Tyson’s. Run the loop and start again with squats. Rinse and repeat 3 times. We did a mosey to the fence behind the HS, partner up again where one partner does a fence squat, and the other PAX runs the loop (timer). Mosey towards Rudy’s Poop House and grab some wall. Time was running out, so we did exercises at each light on the way back to COT with no time left on the clock.

The Moleskin– The heat was pretty bad today and I felt all the 2.0’s did a great job keeping up (and so did the dog). We did talk about what happens when it gets even hotter come summertime. I’m glad I made it here on time today and I want to publicly announce that I apologize to Fuse Box for missing my Q on Wednesday! My bad…

Announcements – Watchtower is moving back to it’s old location – The Weddington Middle School! Starting next week. August 22nd F3 Dad Camp. DM Radar for details. A REAL FUN event. Dad’s Camp, make it happen. Pizza, fireworks, stay overnight, hang with Dad!

Prayer and Family Photo – I took us out and Gerber provided a genuinely nice photo of how drenched we were. Thank you all today!


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