Old School

Old School

Showed up a little early to do some recon and found a little surprise for the group.

Since we had an FNG had to make sure we did the proper disclaimer.


Mosey down the path and did 5 burpees at the shed, did another 5 at the path, then another 5 at the roundabout .  A few stretches at the other roundabout.  Now lets get after it.


The Thang

We hit the bleachers for the 1st time in over a year.

Round 1 – 5 burpees at the top and 10 dips at the bottom

Wolverine crushed round 1 while the rest of the pax took it pretty easy. No names mentioned Easy & Gerber.

Ice 9 did the right thing by staying with his FNG

Round 2 – 10 BB at the top and 10 incline merkins at the bottom

Had a bunch of slackers other than Larry Bird.  YAC was yelling a few choice words.

Round 3 – Was to all out run

To make sure some were working hard the train was lead by EB, Wolverine, and Gerber with lots of yelling behind them


Hit a quick lap around the track to the pull-up bars.  YAC may have ran the 100 hurdles in a masters record.  Couldn’t get anyone else to follow suit.

We did 5 pull-up the 10 step-ups for 3 rounds

Mosey to the Shed, stopped 3 times to do 10 BB along the way.


So I heard Ice9 say yesterday what ever happened to the wheelbarrow.  Brought that sucker out maybe by mistake.

Did the length of the field switching as needed then we bear crawled back.  Yikes!

Then we did the width of the field for wheelbarrow and bear crawls.  Shoulders were roasted.

Slow mosey back to COT and did 10 BB and 30 sec of Good Morning!


I think Ice said it best a couple weeks ago.   There were some XXXXX in the group today and chose not to push it.  Kidding not kidding aside it was great to bring back some of the old school things back, get the shoes wet, and grass clippings everywhere.  Enjoyed the time leading the group.

Ghosted once again was dressed for 40 degree temps.  By mid next week he will be in a tank and 5 inch running shorts.  Clearly Wolverine hasn’t shared his famous runners what to wear guide.  Sugar is always a beast and is very inspiring to the many soon to be over 50 guys like myself.  Dunkin has been a regular since he started about 5 weeks ago and continues to improve and push him limits.

Welcome our FNG, Mistro to the group.  Once he gets his soccer legs back he will be right up front.  He coaches Ice and EB’s kids soccer team.  Think I heard them giving him tips on what the team needs.

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2 years ago

Great workout old man. But it is “maestro” Maestro (/ˈmaɪstroʊ/; from the Italian maestro [maˈestro; maˈɛstro], meaning “master” or “teacher“)[1] is an honorific title of respect (plural: maestri, feminine: maestra). The term is most commonly used in the context of Western classical music and opera, in line with the ubiquitous use of Italian musical terms.

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