Modeling GoRuck’s new men’s capri pants

Modeling GoRuck’s new men’s capri pants

Six men circled up at Calvary this past Saturday for their weekly does of Olympus. The weather was in the 40s as Spring takes one last gasp before succumbing to the heat and humidity of summer.

After a quick disclaimer, we warmed up with the usual fare of swings, SSH, windmills, and prying squats.

Main Thang:

  • Neupert: 10 sets of 3 double clean and press
  • Complex: The Eagle – 8 double front squats, farmer walk x 8 (without putting the bells down)
  • Easy strength: 2 sets of 5: double deadlifts, curb derkins, and lawnmowers. 50 swings (pax choice on types of swings, rest, etc. – just get them done)
  • Viking snatch complex: 10:00 of :15 on/:15 off, switching sides once per minute. This should be 5-7 snatches during each :15 increment, or 10-14 per 1:00.
  • Carries: waiter out/back, suitcase out/back. 1:00 each way with 1:00 rest between.
  • Mary: elbow plank for ~1:20 until the clock hit 8:00.


  • Join us next Saturday at Olde Providence Elementary at 0700 where we will test our mettle in the first annual Functional Strength Challenge. Max deadlifts, max pull-ups, and a 5:00 snatch test with different categories for different experience levels (and for the Respects). Get signed up on the Google Sheet here so we know you’re coming.
  • Happy hour this Wednesday at 5:30 at Seaboard in Matthews. Come for a round or tow and spend some time out of the floor with your fellow F3 pax.
  • Grow Ruck is coming to Metro in August. Reach out to Cheese Curd or Wild Turkey for more info. Leadership training, F3, and CSAUP all in one.
  • The Beer Run will be held in Plaza Midwood June 5th. See Slack for more details.


  • Thanks to the pax for joining me on Saturday. We had a good crew of vets out there and put in some hard work. I thought we were done with cooler weather, so I struggled to figure out what to wear. I ended up in pants and a long sleeved shirt. During the snatches, I hiked up the pants, which led to Mighty Mite’s question about whether I was wearing capris. What a ridiculous question – who wears capris before Labor Day?
  • It had been a while since we had done squats, so I decided we should do the Eagle. As usual, that was a mistake. Since I knew it was coming, I was able to use lighter bells (double 16s), but it’s still rough. The squats get the heart rate up and the carries tax the grip. All in all, a terrible complex. I did get a break after the first round when Spotify started playing No Doubt and the pax threatened to break my phone unless I changed it.
  • I put the Viking Warrior snatches in there to prep us for next Saturday. It’s also a smoker. Lots of reps without much rest. We only did 10:00 because I’m not a monster like High Tide who did 20:00 a few weeks ago.
  • It was good to have Cottonmouth back out at Olympus. Urlacher has been posting more and more after moving to south Charlotte from Concord or something. He’s also a runner, as he proved on Sunday when he crushed a 10 miler. Hoover got his boot off, so his feet are back to normal clown shoe size. Mighty Mite is dealing with some shoulder soreness, but you couldn’t tell from the weight he was slinging out there. Frehley’s Comet made it out to the workout after fartsacking Wednesday’s Q. He was apologetic, but I made him pay with an all 90s alt rock play list.

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