Code Brown

Code Brown

I pulled into Calvary at about 6:59 on Saturday and found 3 pax waiting for me. Ickey and Frehley’s were out of their cars and ready to rock. Hoover was busy strapping on his boot. We got our gear ready and Hoover unloaded his cooler, which doubles as a seat.

After a brief disclaimer (only veterans in attendance), we got warmed up with the usual SSH, IW, Windmill combo. We mixed in a prying squat and maybe some swings, too. Then, we got down to business.

  • Neupert: 10 sets of 6 double swings
  • Complex: Elevens with 10 merkins/1 snatch per side, 9 merkins/2 snatches per side, 8 merkins/3 snatches per side, all the way to 1 merkin/10 snatches per side. At some point during this set, Ickey proclaimed that he was bailing as he had an emergent problem to deal with. We offered up multiple options: the hot box, the church (people were going in and out), the bushes (questionable considering the daylight and aforementioned visitors), but he had made up his mind and had no time to equivocate.
  • Easy strength: 3 sets of 5 double deadlifts, 3 sets of 5 double military presses, 3 sets of 5 lawnmower rows, 3 sets of 5 double cleans.
  • Static holds: Since Hoover can’t walk, we decided to do some static holds instead: 3 sets of: :20 double overhead hold/:20 double racked hold/:20 rest.
  • Mary: 1:00 each of elbow plank, hollow body hold, and glute bridge.

Done. Since Hoover had the cooler, the RockZero pax and Cheese Curd joined us for COT.


  • The Functional Strength Challenge is at 0700 on 5/22 at Olde Providence Elementary. Join us for a little friendly competition. Deadlifts, pull-ups, and snatches.
  • F3 Metro is hosting a Grow Ruck in August. See Slack for the pre-blast and more details. The event is capped, so if you want to attend, get signed up. There will be pax from Area 51 training for the event – connect with Cheese Curd and/or Wild Turkey for more info.
  • Happy Hours are back! See Hoover’s excellent pre-blast for details. The first event will be 5/19 at Seaboard in Matthews. We hope those who are comfortable will come out and join us for a beer or two.


  • Thanks to the pax for coming out and putting in some hard work. The double swings are tough due to the number of sets with heavy weights. The Elevens were way worse than I was expecting – I’m not sure about others. They’re supposed to be double snatches, but we did singles and just did them per side. I’m honestly not sure which is worse.
  • Ickey started complaining about his bowel issues during the prying squats in warm up, so we knew there was the potential for an issue during a 1-hour workout. Sure enough, he was sporadically “resting” during the complex and ended up making a jailbreak home. I saw him at Swole this morning and he made no mention of any disasters, so it seems like he made it.
  • Hoover continues to post, even with his boot. The dude’s a machine and led a killer workout at Swole this morning. I think he’s getting a little too comfortable with the format when he comes up with worse complexes than what’s in the spreadsheet.
  • For once, Frehley’s was not the reason for the poop jokes. As far as I can tell, he even kept the flatulence in check on Saturday. He’s going to be leading the workout on Wednesday, so be prepared for some hair band music.



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