Hills, Hills, and more Hills

Hills, Hills, and more Hills

12 came out to Pursuit to see if a Clydesdale would spill Merlot at his own Q.  Sorry to disappoint.  The goal today was to do the exact opposite of the handful of Pursuit Q’s I’ve been to (sorry for those that Q’ed those workouts).  In the past there is a route, and they go running that route until its time to come back to COT.  The gazelles take off and the six is often left behind to fend for themselves unless a random gazelle or site Q is gracious enough to turn back for them.   Today I wanted to keep the pax tight and together.  More sprints and less long distance.  Ok, enough talk, lets go.



YoYo mosey past the bridge to the first street on the right.  When you get there turn back around to the six and go back to the road.  Repeat until the 6 arrives.  Quick Jimmy Dugan and then yoyo mosey to the end of the road towards the school.  Another quick mosey and we are all at the front of the Elementary school.



4 corner runs.  50% for one straight away, 80% for another, all you got on the third, and a recover walk or jog for the last one.  We did 4 rounds (quarters).  I asked the pax if they needed overtime.  Apparently Smithers did so we did a 5th.  Double OT?  The pax apparently are catching on as no one asked for more.

Mosey back to the school entrance road and regroup there.  There is a fairly steep hill leading from there up to the main road.  OYO 3 Hill sprints.  All  you got to the top with a recover mosey (or walk) back to the bottom.

The long distance runners were getting antsy.  I could fill a mutiny in the air.  I better let these skinny F$(&$’s stretch their legs out.  Long (for me) Mosey back to Millbridge pool.  There was some confusion about finding Brat who slipped/stumbled into a port a poty but I reassured the group that he knew where we were going.  Found Brat before we arrived to the pool and continued our mosey to the large boulders flanking the nesbit trail.

80% mosey up the hill to the round a bout.  Go back for the 6 (catching a theme?).

Quick calf stretch.  Somewhat of a race to the next round about and back to the current round about.  I say somewhat of a race as once the leader reached the end, turned around, and met back up with pax, those pax would turn back.  So in theory only 1 guy make sit to the round about.  Confusing?  Yeah, but the pax made it work.

Regroup at the first round about and decided to repeat that with one exception, sprint up three trees and recovery walk/jog one tree.  Collected everyone at the second round about and then had another race back to the first…all you got without having to stop to walk.

Regrouped again before a final yoyo run down to the boulders and back for the 6.

Short mosey towards the pool stopping at the circular road across the street.  Sprint the straight away on the main road and recovery jog the circle.  4 minutes left, see if you can get in three sprints.  I think a handful of pax were able to get the third in although a couple that I thought could make 3 peeled off early.

Back at COT right at 6:15.



  • Thanks to Ghosted for allowing me to lead.  I never expected to be asked to lead a running workout but I appreciate the confidence.  Perhaps allowing some non traditional runners lead these workouts would draw some other non traditional runners out to them?  Just a thought.
  • Was hoping for a few more Clydesdales to join me today but regardless we had a great group.
  • Smithers killing the sprints all day, but let it be known I did beat him on the final downhill sprint (I may have started early).
  • Posse out scoping territory for next weeks Pursuit Q.
  • TB and Red Light out getting their Ruck on (everybody get your ruck on, everybody get your mother loving ruck on, what!).
  • Goodfella in his usual good spirit as always.
  • Flip Phone is a name, F3 Name, Age kinda guy.  I love reciting their age back to them when they do that.  I always repeat 49 to Ice in COT.  Yes, I’m a dick and I do realize it and realizing it is half the battle.
  • Don’t know some of the other guys as well but they all worked hard.

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