We Want BOT

We Want BOT

Diccs given, let’s mosey …

LRC rolls in early, they all get out of the car ready to go, like going to kick our butts … Smithers and his tattoos are a little intimidating.  Easy button and I were outnumbered until Sugar Daddy jumps out of no where, at least now its 3 on 3.

My legs still smoked from WTF needed a recovery run, so we ran an “interval recovery workout” with strides to finish.  After the opening mosey, we performed Bratwurst style runner stretches.  Then we ran mile repeats (4 in all) starting slow and building speed each time.  Ended with 100 meter strides (5) and short mosey back to COT.  Everyone worked hard this morning.  Some got 6 miles.  I appreciated the support.

We talked about everything from Little Dickey, Outerbanks, Ghosted’s recruitment for Q’s at Pursuit, the public outrage over death of the bot, Chicken Little’s recovery, WTF, and Kid Rocks mobile party trailer with beer tap, big screen TV and Weber grill.  And most importantly, LRC’s upcoming attendance/support of Pursuit:)

Announcements:  Off the Chain (MTB) wed night and the Murph on Memorial day.

I took us out.

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