Remembering the past

Remembering the past

Fine group of men gathered this morning on a fine spring morning. I was excited and was ready to go. Confirmed with Ricky Bobby if I was the Q and he said yes. Let’s GO.

DICCS given.

Mosey to the Bus lot.

20 x SSH

20 x Imperial Squats

10 x Moroccan night club



Now everyone is geared up and ready for the main event.

Start with 12 Merkins then run to next light pole and do 12 BigBoi sit-ups. Come back to the start and do 12 Merkins, run to 2nd light pole and repeat.

Mosey to back of the school. Grab and wall and 50 air pushups. 10 Mike Tysons then run around the track stopping at far end to do 10 jump squats. Hop to the stairs from the near end of the track. Repeat 3 times. Still had 10 mins left. Next is an added bonus for being fast this morning.

Mosey to parking lot. Start with 10 burpees and reduce by 2. In between run to other the end of parking lot and back, Repeat 5 times. It’s time to go back to COT. End with 10 box cutters.


Awesome group of men this morning. Everyone pushed hard. The support was awesome. Thanks for appreciation Glidah. F3 has been the best thing that happened to me last year. Not only the workout, but also the fellowship. Open Door and Sanctuary has played a great part in my life. Thank you Posse for EHing me during the blood drive last July.  There is a blood drive around the corner (June 19th). Sign up. You might find another FNG there.

Welcome FNG Tim (Mute)


  1. Chiseled to start sharing gear from tomorrow. Mini CUSUP planned.
  2. Blood drive July 19th.

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