May the Fourth…whatever, no one cared

May the Fourth…whatever, no one cared

International Star Wars Day had very little appeal for this group…more on that later.  I bet SweatWater got more response from his Bagpipe Q on 4/20.  I’ve been away for some time, only a month, so I pretty pumped to lead my first day back.  Bagpipe faithful never disappoint and 11 guys rolled in.  Wrote and memorized my weinke yesterday.  I always try not to make it easy, hopefully I held up my end.  I was gassed a few times myself, mostly because I’ve been away I guess.

The Thang:


Mosey – Out past Einstein down Conlan, cross Brixham, past Courtyard and LochNess, to grassy area…wet grassy area.


–          Imperial walker x 20 in cadence

–          LSS with jump x 20 in cadence

–          Merkins x10 on my up

–          Plank – 6 inches (yes down in the wet grass)

–          American hammer x 20 in cadence

–          Recover

One lap around pond (LochNess)

–          At each porch (x2)

–          Derkins x10

–          Dips x20

–          On wall knee raises x15

–          Plank for 6 – back at start

Mosey to trail – right side

–          Split into two groups

–          Group 1 – 10x Dips / 10x Merkins

–          X3 – nope, X2 nope, x 1 1/2

–          Group 2 – 10x pullups / 10x Squats

–          X 1 1/2 rounds

–          Flip Flop – everyone got in 30 of each exercise – close enough

Mosey up trail to Ball Corp Pl – straight across

–          Through parking lot

–          Circle up for Star Wars trivia

–          Yes/no – 5 squats / 5 burpees

–          X 6-8

Mosey around the pond #2

Mosey back out to Ball Corp – turn right by pond

–          Circle up for mary – (4 various called; rosalita, box cutters, etc)

–          Mosey around pond #3

Mosey straight across through Sara’s Y to cut the corner, left on Brixham, Rt on Ball Medical

Check time

Enough to catch the 4th pond behind Tony’s Pizza. Loop x1.

Wall ups beside Tony’s – well a few of us got one in

Head back to start



  • Fun group for somewhere between 2.25 (my watch) and 3.5 (Cooter’s?) and 4 ponds.  Jerry World found us after COT on the lap around LochNess, he said it was his 3rd try. Don’t think I’ve met him before – thanks for the hustle my man!
  • Found out later it’s Teddy’s birthday – wish him a happy birthday, maybe we can celebrate Thursday at 4:30 – Bradshaw, or Friday at the Wells?
  • Tagalong walked up before the disclaimer…and again after the COT?  Not sure he was even in attendance.  Jokes… hard to miss the mumble chatter.
  • Frehley’s is a veteran, he avoided the wet grass.  It was pre-determined that I was headed there.  I remember one of my many Bagpipe workouts, I can’t remember the Q, but I remember him making us do COP in the wet grass.  Always stuck with me… this ain’t supposed to be easy.
  • Rousey and CableGuy were always out front – those two guys get after every exercise and never complain.
  • Cooter checked in on me last night – I was ready, but it’s always a solid idea to check the Q. I had to get up freakin early, it’s almost a 20 min drive…
  • Ralph and Morning After rolled in together. Not sure I’ve ever seen MA show up alone. Great quarantine hairstyle. Evidently he only just started coming out again. He stayed up front all morning too – we talked about working out at home and how much tougher in person F3 workouts are.  Good to see Ralph also, he’s a grinder.
  • As you might know now this is a great group of guys – add in Midriff and it’s a cool dozen. Somewhat new to F3, but it seems like he’s been here for years.  Jumping head first into the CSAUP’s and always looking out for the PAX during boot camps.  Solid dude – say hello if you haven’t, guarantee it will change your day for the better.

I thought the Star Wars trivia would be a fun way to interact with the group – possibly it’s too damn early for trivia, and a little of me screwing up the questions.  I was working from memory – most of these guys were not.  LOL

  1. Hans ships name? – Millennium Falcon (correct) easy one
  2. Hans loyal friend? – Chewbacca – (correct)
  3. Leia and Luke’s mom? – Padme – (incorrect, and i accidently said her name)
  4. Father?  – yep easy one…
  5. Who cut off Anakin’s arm? – Count Dooku – (incorrect)
  6. Bonus, which arm – right – (incorrect, well sort of, everyone yelled out both)
  7. What battle armor is used by Boba Fett? – didn’t get to this one… it’s Mandalorian

May the Fourth be With You!

– Fredo

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