High way to Hell

High way to Hell

Ignition starts a short Mosey to the high school.

Warm up, 15 SSH, 15 Imperial walkers, 10 Merkins and some calf stretch.

Head for off campus that was promised most had headlamps.

Get to Champion Forest for the full Mile of 5 Burpees at every light. (Highway to Hell)

Next is Stairway to Heaven!
Exercise at the bottom of the steps up hang a right down steps hang a right. Get back to the bottom of the steps and the next Exercise. 5 more Burpees as we did not have enough, 10 Merkins, 15 low slow squats (no one did them slow), 20 speed skaters.

Mosey on to the next cul-de-sac 7’s Bobby Hurley 1 to big boy 6.
(we did not complete before we need to start the mosey home)

Get to the middles school with about 5 minutes to spare 10 dips 10 derkins make a loop. Repeat but then head for COT show up on time.

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