Hack A Thon

Hack A Thon

For those of you who may not know, there is a nasty bug going around that is not COVID 19 and is a wonderful stomach bug.  Bread Bowl somehow contracted this noravirus and was losing his lunch from Monday to Wednesday.  I was supposed to Q Watchtower on Tuesday but with Breadbowl being sick, Rudy and I flipped days to ensure we stayed away from the PAX with some nasty bug.  Come to find out, the virus visited one of my employees this week as well as the Chastain household this past week.  I was hoping to be able to get a good nights sleep but Swamp drew a 9:45 game last night in Rock Hill so we ended up getting home at midnight and it felt like a bad hangover when I woke up this morning, not to mention my shoulder being sore from the Covid shot.  What to do when you feel terrible and your shoulder hurts, upper body day. Six Pax showed up along with 2 WTF trainers for some tennis arm work.

The Thang

Mosey out to the tennis court parking lot – Twinkle Toes and Carbload got into a Big D contest sprinting the quarter of a mile.  The winner was tough to say as the rest of us actually moseyed.

  • Side Straddle Hop X20
  • Imperial Walkers X20
  • Plank Jacks X20
  • Maintain Climbers X 20
  • Runners Stretch

Mosey to the adjacent parking lot for an excruciating 8 trees of pain

  • Alternate 15 Mike Tysons and 15 Air Donkey Kicks
  • The shoulders are on fire by around tree six with everyone trying to bear through the pain
  • Everyone made it through but the mumble chatter was silent.

Mosey up the gravel road till be hit the rock pile by the playground.

  • Hundreds for some fun
  • 100 Curls, Squats and Triceps
  • The kicker, after 25 reps run to the playground and perform 10 supines on random piece of equipment
  • 300 Reps in total, 12 trips to the playground and 120 Supines
  • Finish with some decline plank while we wait for the six.  He couldn’t move fast enough with everyone’s shoulders burning

Grab the deck of cards and head to the pond for some Card-isides

  • Pull a card, do the exercise and run to the first tree
  • Repeat increasing the number of trees each round that you run to.
  • We got to do some side squats, diamond merkins, lunges, calf raises, backward run, bear crawl, and plank jacks
  • Twinkle was not getting a hard enough workout so he decided to add a burpee at each tree.
  • Finish with a full lap around the pond
  • Head back to COT – 3.3 miles in total for the journey

Closing: Each morning that I wake up for a work out, I read a chapter of the bible.  It is a great way to start the day, learning, gaining wisdom and lets face it, we all are sitting for 10 minutes before we go to a workout.  This morning was Proverbs 8, We get to be daily in his delight, rejoicing before him. Each day, we end with a prayer, rejoicing the workout is over but also rejoicing in the gift we have been given.  Go forth, lead, be the light, and we all try to be better each day.  I appreciate the PAX and miss the friendships when having to sit at home.  Thank you for always being there to sharpen each other.



WTF this next Saturday, May 1.

Convergence at Black Hawk for the sane who are not participating.

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