When a variation of SSH is the worst part of your day

When a variation of SSH is the worst part of your day

In comic lore Wolverine has an adamantium skeleton, or something like that.  When YHC arrived at da Vinci to see Wolverine on Q and sporting a giant bionic knee brace and Doc McStuffins who hasn’t been to boot camps much lately due to OPEN.HEART.SURGERY, there was a sense that the running would be less intense.  Terribly incorrect assumption.  Wolverine had an agenda of sprints behind the Target that pulled Teddy up with a hobbled hamstring and left all exhausted.  The guy with the knee brace and the major surgery were out front while YHC was making sure there was a six.

The highlight/lowlight of the weinke was a Jack Webb of Diamond Merkins and Side Straddle Squats.  When the Diamond Merkin is the easy part of a called exercise, you know you’re in trouble.  Building up to 40 SSS is some major leg work, especially after the sprints.

Smaller group to finish up spring break ’21, but it was a good group with a solid beatdown.

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