Poetry in motion

Poetry in motion

Four great minds joined YHC at Da Vinci on a fine April morning to workout with a celebration of two great things today — Haiku Day and the 70th anniversary of the major league debut of The Commerce Comet, The Mick, Mickey Mantle.  Early on YHC tossed out the question, “What did George Costanza want to name his son?”  Seven, of course, after Mickey Mantle.

Mission Haiku

To plant, grow and serve

Male community leaders

The F3 mission



Cell phone, C-P-R

Modify moves as needed

Don’t sue, be alert



Mosey to the medical center

Hillbillies x 18 IC (number of seasons Mantle played)

Moroccan Night Club x 18 IC

Plank Jacks x 18 IC




Go to and through the neighborhood on McIlwayne Dr

  • At the first 6 intersections alternate exercises…
  • Mike Tysons x 7 OYO
  • Carolina Dry Docks x 7 OYO
  • At the 7th and final intersection, do both exercises

Cross AK to the Lash/Dentist/whatever buildings for lifting rock work

Haiku Rock work with 5 of an exercise, then 7, then 5 (5-7-5).  Complete one set, run backwards to the end of the island, return normal run.  Repeat same set 3x (number of MVPs The Mick won) before moving as a group to next rock work group.

  • Merkins (one hand on rock, both on rock, other hand on rock)
  • Thrusters (V to the left only, squat and thrust, V to the right only)
  • Curls (lower half, complete, upper half)
  • Legs (V lunge to the left, squats, V lunge to the right)
  • Down low (bent over rows, chest press on the ground, bent over rows)

Finish off the rock by bear crawling and pushing the rock back to its home.

2 Laps around the triangle island with alternating exercises at each corner

  • Crab cakes x 18 OYO
  • Gorilla Humpers x 18 OYO

Head to Blakeney for 7x Wall jumps + 7x dips repeato once more

Back to AK for the hill on the south side of AK for Merkin Clock with 7x merkins as each PAX called a time

Run back to COT (through sprinklers!)

Superman x 16 civilian count (number of All Star appearances)


Mickey Haiku

Amazing player

Terrible husband but which

is more important?



It was a great morning to Q at da Vinci and YHC appreciates the opportunity and the support of the PAX in attendance as they put up with some goofy themes for the day.  YHC was looking for a different route to the Lash Rocks and none of the PAX remembered using that street before, so mission accomplished.  Also may have used the hill along AK across from Blakeney for the first time as well.

Kudos to Soft Pretzel for quickly showing off his Seinfeld knowledge and setting the group up for reps of 7 throughout.  He and Sweetwater led the pack throughout and stayed strong.  Dwight had the guts to call the biggest shift on the merkin clock going from 6 to 12.  Kirby powered through a knee injury, just like Mickey did for years and the sprinklers were a welcome way to clean the profuse bleeding.  Maybe not profuse, but fortunately we don’t often see blood at F3.  No word whether he’ll attempt to sue the small strip mall of offices for the dangerous rocks they have on site.  Kirby also discovered some muscles he didn’t know about between his legs, so that was interesting and may make for a fun Saturday night.

The rock work with the lunges and backwards running, along with gorilla humpers into a mosey was all sneaky difficult and should feel fantastic later tonight or tomorrow morning.  The goal was to use some moves to target less-frequent muscles and hopefully that was accomplished.

YHC was a big Mickey Mantle fan growing up, especially drooling (almost literally) in person over a 1952 Topps card.  But as the years have passed and off-the-field issues are exposed, it’s a reminder that we’re all human and celebrity isn’t always to be celebrated.  YHC has no plans to take a wife and a mistress to a retirement ceremony and will never don the pinstripes for the Yanks, but what YHC can do — what we all can do — off the field is highly important and that’s where the current focus is.

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