Thanks to Abe Froman for Visiting Bagpipe

Thanks to Abe Froman for Visiting Bagpipe

11 Pax kicked off their Tuesday with a little visit to the gloom.  At 5:30 disclaimer was given and off we went.

The Thing:

Standard warmup by the hotel near Loch Ness.  Then over to the rock pile for a lifting rock.  Carry said lifting rock to the parking lot where the fitness trail kicks out behind the Campbells building (I think).  Pretty meat and potatoes workout here, do the exercise and then run to the end of the parking lot and back, do next exercise and then run to the end and back, so on and so on.

Exercises were:

25 bicep curls

25 overhead presses

25 tricep extensions

25 bent rows

After this we did a set of “7’s” bicep curls.

Repeato on this set but now with reps of 30 and another set of “7’s” after this set.  The boulder that Midriff chose was adding a level of difficulty to this that the rest of us did not endure with our average sized rocks.  Others took turns with Midriff’s rock…Rousey and Tagalong I believe.

Carry your rock back to the rock pile for the final set of “7’s” then place the rock back ever so gently.  Next we were off to the fountain area between the two office buildings in Ballantyne Corp Park (sorry such a generic description of locale but I have no idea what companies are in those buildings to provide reference).  Each corner was a different exercise, complete the exercise then run to the building on your side and back working around the corners clockwise.

Exercises were:

Corner 1 = 15 derkins

Corner 2 = 25 dips

Corner 3 = 15 incline merkins

Corner 4 = 15 box jumps

After everyone was done it was 25 out and in’s on the wall.

Mosey back to launch with a few minutes remaining which meant just enough time for a visit from Abe Froman.  Abe Froman is of course the sausage king of Chicago but also the inventor of a diabolical merkin challenge.  Pax get in plank in a circle.  First guy does 1 merkin, then the next guy for 1 merkin, then the next guy for 1 merkin all the way around, over and over until everyone drops but the last man standing.  If you get out of plank or can’t do a merkin when it is your turn you drop and are out.  This was a fun event with 11 guys and came down to a showdown of wills between Rousey and Mic Check.  Mic Check eventually outlasted Rousey and was proclaimed the Abe Froman champ for the day.


Great crew out there on this morning.  Lots of good mumblechatter and the lifting portion seemed to give guys a chance to catch up with each other.  It started early when just about every one of us made a joke to Tuck referencing the fact that he just missed the Swift crew and could still catch them.  The razzing continued with the warmup when Frehley’s stated that my SSH cadence was too slow at which point I slowed it even further #stubbornassQ.  Then when instructing the Pax to stay in plank between warmup exercises YHC told the group “Stay!”  Too much training of our 2 young dogs I suppose.  This of course led to many jokes about leading the Pax around using dog treats and dog calls.  Might be a good idea for a future Q.  Maybe set up some flaming hoops to jump through or sprints to catch frisbees in midair.  Circuit City has been working hard and it shows, he was at the front with Tuck and Mic Check on the rock work.  Jerry World is a sneaky deadly combo of strong and fast.  It must be from those referee/umpire days.  I can’t wait to see how well he does at the upcoming CSAUP’s.  Great to see Cable Guy back out in the gloom and working back from an injury.  He hasn’t missed a beat.  I wonder if Rousey’s showboating by doing multiple merkins instead of the 1 merkin during the Abe Froman did him in against Mic Check.  As noted earlier, Midriff took the red pill (and his Wheaties) and used a man’s rock during the rock work.  Now that Cooter is a #runner and doesn’t break a sweat during the running portion of a bootcamp it was good to get his hands dirty again.  Tagalong, appreciate you mentioning a couple of times post workout how much you enjoyed the workout.  Even though it is because of the Pax that were there and made it fun, it’s still good as a Q to hear when guys enjoy the morning.  Good push by everyone out there and the rock lifts served their purpose, at least for me, as my arms were sore the next day.

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