Mountain Biking – Round 2

Mountain Biking – Round 2

“Off the Chain” was launched last week on April Fool’s Day.  But it’s no joke!  My hope is to offer something new and different for the PAX.  A 45-minute mountain bike ride on the Carolina Thread Trail followed by some Fellowship.

4 of us were ready to roll at 6:00 pm but our 5th rider (Wolverine) gave us a heads up he may be a minute or 2 late.  He pulled into the parking lot just in time and already had his helmet on!  Ever seen someone driving a car while wearing a bike helmet??

We were off!  The charted path was approx. 1 ½ miles to the suspension bridge and then back track all the way to the soccer fields.  It was like Wolverine was shot out of a cannon!  He left us all in his dust.  We regrouped around the suspension bridge area and he commented that he needed to blow off some steam after his day at work.  If you’ve worked out with Wolverine you know he’s a beast.  He’s no different on a bike!

Halfway into the ride I saw something I’ve never seen happen before.  I was riding behind Banjo and he hit a squirrel!  Squirrels are extremely fast creatures but apparently, they aren’t as fast as Banjo is on a bike!  We were both shocked.  Fortunately, after a couple tumbles, the little guy was able to regroup and scurry back to his nest of nuts for a full recovery.  So, I don’t want any emails about animal cruelty or anything.

A big shout out to Sugar Daddy for his first ride!  He was working hard as he always does.  Also, thank you Bratwurst for pushing me to my limits on my bike.  I was exhausted after trying to keep up with you!

We covered around 7 miles in 45 minutes and then relaxed with a cold beer.

We’ll do it again next week.  Hope to see you there!

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