Spackled Cologuard

Spackled Cologuard

Nice morning with temps in the 60’s for another installment of Anvil.  Good group of wiley vets, so, just gave the run of the mill disclaimer, and we were off.

Workout and Moleskin, all in one.  #efficiency

Ran over to the courtyard with the astro turf for COP.  On the way over, Runstopper was talking about how his shoulders were so sore from the many burpees Hops had called the day prior at the Hawk.  Told him my shoulders and back were hurting, but I did not one burpee yesterday.  Just old.

IW, LSS, HRM, Scorpion

Lots of chatter already, which I really welcome.  I don’t know what in the sam heck they were talking about but as Amy Mann would say, Voices Carry in that courtyard.

Ran back toward launch to the picnic area outside of the east wing of the church.  Called for 20 x step ups and 25 x dips, then run down to Rea Road for exercises, then run back to picnic area.  Repeato x 3 with 15 squats, wide arms merks, and LBC at the Rea Rd entrance.

Runstopper and Spack were out front most of the time on these runs, there were comments as to their swiftness in completing the picnic reps.  #ISI

Told Clover and Brushback about a newer show on SyFy called Resident Alien.  It’s a pretty good watch.  Clove asked if it were better than Below Deck?  Sorry bud, I don’t watch that trash.

No Show was quick during this part as well, nice work mate.

Did a little Mary after the third set, then recovered and headed back to west siiiiide.  On the run, Spack started guessing where we were going.  Avenue of trees?  No  Hot Box?  No  Five Knolls?  To which I asked, “are you high”?  Spack said not yet.  But he will be starting tomorrow through the following week.  #springbreak

Went to rock pile, grab a lifting rock; take to the parking lot.  25 curls/overhead press/tri extension, then run around loop – x3

During one of the rock sets, Spackler asked Floor Slapper if he had received his free Cologuard t-shirt yet?  Nope, not yet, but that led to questions about what would happen if he put a little blood in the doodoo within the box for analysis?  Slapper didn’t know, but it’s a pretty good question.  That led to the latest Nike issues with Vietnamese indentured servitude.  Covered the gambit for sure.

Put rocks back, head to the lot with eight islands.  Do 15 merkins and 15 LBCs at every other island all the way to the other side.

Then head back via main road, stopping at each road hump for some exercises.

done – all total, somewhere around 2.7 mileage

Further comments:

Hammer lamented at one point that he didn’t have it today.  Was talking about building someone’s $9m house.  Good lordey

Snowflake ran in and out, and just keeps going and going.

Point Break gets it done, cut and dry.  At least he showed up as the sole site Q as Lorax reached out via text last night to make sure I was good to go.  PB and I think that Lorax will blame his absence on the dog.

Circuit City and Limey were getting after it fairly quietly too, from what I could tell.  CC and I were running back just slow enough to end the workout when hitting the cars in the end.

Thanks to Brushback for taking us out in prayer.  Continued prayers for the Palmer family.

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