Side Straddle Hop Bonanza

Side Straddle Hop Bonanza

For my 1 year F3 Anniversary, let’s jump for joy at Diesel.  A bit more cardio than most may have expected, but with my knee not quite there for every day running, I’ve got to work that in somewhere.  Lots of support with a great turnout, thank you Brothers! 

We all circle up in the Five Stones parking lot…Just before go time I remember I busted my block at Chiseled (yeah, I ripped it apart doing some curls…that’s just what happens when you’re Sledge-O-Matic)…Bunyan to the rescue with an extra one.  DICCS given and we’re off (well, we really don’t go anywhere, it’s Chiseled).

50 SSH (in cadence)
25 Merkens (on my down)
10 Moroccan Night Clubs (in cadence)
10 Imperial Walkers (in cadence)
10 Potato Pickers (in cadence)
Calf Stretch (10 count)
Upward Dog (10 count)
Cat Stretch (10 count)
Some More Cardio
25 Bobby Hurleys (on my up)
10 Speed Skaters (in cadence)
Now For Some Block Work
25 Sh. Press (on my up)
Curls (21s – civilian count)
35 Chest Press (on my up)
20 Overhead Tri on your six (on my up)
15 Lawnmower Pull (on my up, then flapjack)
20 Ditkas w/bricks (in cadence)
Now For Some Non-Block Work
10 Legs over block (in cadence)
10 Mountain Climbers (in cadence)
10 Dry Docks (on my down)
10 Bomb Jacks (on my up)
15 Russian Crab Dips on the curb (in cadence)
20 Calf Raises off the curb (on my up)
,,,and REPEATO
Rifle Carry Merken stroll around the parked cars
And finally…Side Straddle Hops for 30 seconds or so to close things out!
Great work everyone!  I felt the need to audible during the second round of Side Straddle Hops and again during the second round of Bobby Hurley’s, but we were all digging down deep and your groans made me plow through those sissy thoughts.
My Two Cents…
So, 1 year ago I showed up at Chiseled, 60 pounds heavier, wondering what I was getting myself into…would I quit, pass out, puke?  None of the above…I made it through…Mayhem coaching me all the way (thanks bud!).  Fuse Box laid out a gear intensive workout and got us acquainted with Mt. Chiseled.  Thank you Bottle Cap for telling me about F3 Labor Day weekend 2019 just after I moved here from Long Island…I told you I wasn’t ready…I wasn’t, but who is?  I wasn’t ready last February either, but the camaraderie I witness that first day gave me hope and purpose.  Sledge-O-Matic was born (courtesy of Fuse Box and Glidah, I think).  Thank you Bottle Cap for checking in on me before and after my first day. By the way, I was out of work since I moved here in August 2019 and when I got home after that first workout I received confirmation about a new job…just in time as the Covid shutdowns were about to begin. Positive action brought about positive reaction. I was so sore the next day, but knew I’d be back at it Friday…and I was…and now it’s a part of my life, something I look forward to, not something to dread (as with past attempts to get in shape).  The year was not without its hiccups, I strained my back in March, I had a Melanoma removed in August, and I’m recovering still from my meniscus surgery in December.  Each of those events was an opportunity to hang it up and not come back, but the F3 friendships and attitude of perseverance kept drew me in…I’m stronger and more dedicated because of F3, it’s a great feeling.
Not sure if these 2 pictures will show up, but it’s a pre-F3 photo and a 1 year in photo…I’m proud of the accomplishment.  I’ll post on GroupMe if not.
On to the announcements…
Q School on March 6th at 6:30 at Cuthbertson Middle (sign up on GroupMe)
The Rooster – team oriented marathon (sign up on GroupMe)
Neighborhood Watch at Bent Creek in Indian Land on Sunday at 7:30

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