Five O – “Don’t be last or you may get arrested”

Five O – “Don’t be last or you may get arrested”

Quick Disclaimer, more for YHC than anyone else due to lack of posting over last couple months.

Quick mosey to campus and up to the top level of the deck for some COP.

IW x 10 in cadence

Low Slow Squats x 10 in cadence

Slow Merkins x 10 in cadence

Mosey down the stairs

The Thang:

Strider work to get the legs properly warmed up

50 % sprint 50 yards down and back

But Kickers down – High knees back

Carioca facing right, down and back (had to look up how to spell that and evidently it is also called grapevine)

4 Corners (modified due to construction work – much apologies clover for not properly reconing the AO)

Round 1 – 5 diamond pushups, run down other end of field, 10 diamond pushups, back corner next to scoreboard – 15 diamond pushups, then back new the cop cars – 20 diamond pushups – back to start

Round 2 (slight modification) – run down to far end – 5 jump squats, scoreboard – 10 jump squats, back to cop cars – 15 jump squats, back to launch – 20 jump squats.

Mosey over to bottom of ramp

Hill Sprints

Big Hill

AYG to top of long ramp, followed by 5 jump squats jumping up as high as you can.  Walk back to bottom to recover – Rinse and Repeat x 3

Small Hill

AYG to top of short ramp (half way up big ramp), followed by 5 jump squats jumping up as high as you can.  Walk back to bottom to recover – Rinse and Repeat x 3

Mosey to brick circle

Bench Work

10 step-ups per leg

10 dips

10 derkins

Rinse and repeat x 2

Mosey back to launch

Six Mins of Mary (actually more like 3)

Flutter x 25 in cadence

High Plank / Right Arm High / Left Arm High / Regular for total 90 seconds



Great turnout today.  And the humidity did not disappoint.  Cooler temps are great, but 98% humidity still makes it tough to breath.

This was YHC’s second post since the world went crazy and it was much needed to have such a great group of guys join YHC – YHC has missed the gloom more than realized.

Everyone was getting after it today.  Found out that not only can Snuka run for days, but for an old guy he is pretty fast.  Lorax is crazy fast and was making the hill sprints look too easy – YHC may be a weight vest for him next time.

YHC was impressed by how hard everyone was working on the hill sprints – no sand baggers today.  They are sneaky hard and you may be feeling them later.  You are welcome.

And thanks to the boys in blue who decided to provide extra incentive to the workout with the threat to arrest anyone who was last.  Not sure if they knew someone or were just use to seeing the F3 crowd around campus.  Nice to know they do appreciate what we do.

Welcome FNG Mayday – the workouts won’t get easier but you will get better.  Keep coming out.

Thanks again men for allowing YHC to lead you around in the gloom this am.  It is both an honor and privilege.   Thanks Mermaid and Margo for asking and for your leadership.

Hops – thanks for the great takeout – saying things we are all thinking and need to hear.


Nothing to report – probably can start signing up for the Christmas Party soon or something.


Stay Safe

Champagne Out.

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1 month ago

one correction and a few comments:
* Semi-gloss was, in fact, sandbagging on the hill sprints #trifusenik
* Butt-kickers for Lorax and Bout Time are their normal running gaits…
* Tagalong’s beard is fast

1 month ago

I like Tagalong’s beard for a name. Another could be TBL, short for Terminal Beard Length. Fairly certain he’s hit the terminus for length. Could be wrong though.

I put the pedal down to the floor on a few runs today. Haven’t gone full bore run in a few years. The wind felt nice. I may need help standing up from a seated position later on today. Walking may be out of the question.

Don’t think the Q got angry today. He did make a few form comments about squats #formpolice. Great morning out there with a solid group. Thanks for leading Champagne.

Chelms aka Tatertot
1 month ago

Impressed to see Centurion numbers back over 20. Sorry to miss Champagne return but looks like I picked a good day to miss (no time for a nap today).

We still have not seen Snooka’s birth certificate and pretty sure he uses something to make his hair look greyer.

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