Time to wake up!

Time to wake up!

Gentlemen,  we are leaders,  by definition that means we are going somewhere and were doing something, leadership is an action.  PAX it is time to get to a site and get there at our scheduled times.  If you have a legit reason to stay home then stay home, your a man, make that call.  But if your reasoning is guided by fear or laziness its time to man up and get out of that mindset.  I’m not talking about caution or wisdom, rather fear.  We are called as brothers of F3 to confront fear, to face it and to over come it.  These past couple months I have wrestled with it myself so I am not speaking from a position of authority but rather a position of humility and drive to overcome fear.

That said, I know my life is better equipped to handle fear when I get up early see a bunch of men I care about, run around like an idiot and finish with COT.  I head home,  wake my family up and push them to not get lazy during this time as well.  Make no mistake about it,  laziness has a cost,  I know, I struggled with it for years.  So as a brother, as a friend, I am challenging all pax to help lead this nation and drive action.  Don’t wait anymore,  don’t sleep in anymore,  muster up and set that alarm for 5 am again and get out there and get your mind right.  Keep what ever distance you are comfortable with as you have complete control over that but don’t, DON’T quit, DON’T hit that snooze and don’t be guided by fear.


You’ll be better for it!  See you in the gloom!


Work out:  We ran around and pushed ourselves and each other.


Moleskin: Ice is hurt but leaves no excuses out there and works through the pain.  Swimmers pushed himself  as he usually does.

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