0530. Area51 getting back on track. Fear not.

0530. Area51 getting back on track. Fear not.

A lucky 13 mustered for the “re-opening” of Hawks Nest, albeit at a temporary location (Dunkin Donuts at Colony Place).  Floorslapper was early.  Snowflake ran in.  And Schmedium is still back in Charlotte until the Houston Texans get back to business again.

After a disclaimer that included the Covid silliness, a veteran group of pax launched into the glorious south Charlotte gloom for a Tuesday morning pain fest.

Here’s a bit of the Thang but more Moleskinny.

Pax ran down to OPES, and we did most of our work there, at the church across the street, and then finished up back at Colony Place.  We did some mini-track work with various exercises, a few burpees, some burpee broad jumps, some rock work at the Methodist church.  Ironically, Semi-Gloss, Deep Dish and the 0600 crew of White Claw (is that the name of all the OTB workouts that start later from Arbo or the aforementioned church?) launched from the church and then ran down to CP.  We shared the parking lot for a few minutes.

Wasn’t sure how many we’d have.  13 it was, my favorite # as my mom was born on April 13th.

Anyhoo, here’s some observations from this morning:

  • Covid did not post at Hawks Nest; with just 2,100 confirmed cases out of 1.1 million people in MeckCo — small wonder.  That’s 0.19% for those of you keeping score at home.
  • It was Thunder Road’s birthday.  He, of course, failed to mention…out of fear of burpees, presumably
  • Clover is a savvy veteran now, angling for less painful calls and improving in the fine art of stalling (Gummy would be so proud)
  • Jet Fuel was there – appreciate he and Marge cheating on the 0600 crew and joining us for the re-opening of Hawks Nest.  You can make up the 30 minutes of sleep this evening.
  • Snuka posted for the first time since this crazy Covid overreaction
  • Dreyfuss posted – good to see him, but his hamstring pulled him out of the game early.  Get well.
  • Circuit City is back at it, too…having posted at RockZero Saturday as well.  BaseCamp or Matrix yesterday?
  • Cottonmouth was pushing hard, and was also on call had we needed additional Q’s.  T-claps.

Truly am thankful to be back in the gloom with you, men.  I missed it, and I need it for many reasons.  We went 2.3’ish miles.

YHC’s mom went to be with her Lord Jesus Christ 25 years ago today.   Sharon S. Blankenburg, age 54 – wife and mother to 3 boys.  Rough day for this youngest and momma’s boy.  I’ll share this much and would love to talk further with anyone who is interested in hearing more — while 05/12/1995 was the worst day of my life, it was also the best day of my life in that it was the day God rescued me.

No one gets out of here alive, men.  It’s a matter of when, not if.   The only question is what’s next?  What’s your destination?

Look forward to seeing you in the gloom again soon.

Thanks to Snowflake for taking us out in prayer.

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5 months ago

Great Q, Hops, and even better BB. Mama Blankenburg sounded like quite a lady as evident by your continued love and affection for her 25 years later. Losing a parent is not easy as I can attest (my dad passed in 2014; miss him every day), but your ability to turn the worst day into the best day is a strong testimony to God’s providence in our lives. Continue to witness and proclaim the Good News, as you touch more people than you will ever know.
Great to see the PAX in the Gloom. Let’s come back stronger and more determined to reach all men who seek and need this fellowship.
– JF

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