It’s dark in the zoom room

It’s dark in the zoom room

YHC was awake well before my alarm due to the loud thunder, rain, and wind knocking over trash cans in the alley.  Turkey Leg was the only other pax in the lobby when 530 rolled around but his porch sprung a leak and he had to go back inside before we got started.  Just before we got started at 535, Rock Thrill or someone pretending to be him(I couldn’t see, it was dark) entered the Zoom Room.  Voodoo joined during the first set.

The Thang:

Clean and Press 10 sets of 5 reps with each arm.  You can do singles or doubles if you have the bells, but each arm needs to clean and press the bell 50 times each.

Double Squats 5×5

Lawnmowers 3X8

Farmer Holds(not carries, too wet outside) 4 x 60 seconds

1 minute of elbow plank

1 minute of hollow hold

1 minute of glute bridge


Moleskine:  Between the Easter Holiday, yucky weather, and power outages causing some alarms to malfunction, this morning was lightly attended but several pax like High Tide, Brexit, Gypsy, and Udder have completed the weinke later on during the day.

YHC did not experience a power outage but both the other pax in the zoom room(Voodoo and Rock Thrill) were slinging iron in the dark.  Hopefully their power was turned on soon.


After a lot of work, there is at least one Zoom workout every day Mon-Sat.  Several bootcamp options and kettlebell workouts on Mon, Wed, and Sat.  If you haven’t Qed yet, step up.  If you haven’t seen one of your friends from the gloom, get him to HC.  Or HC a brand new FNG who could use F3 in his life right now.

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