I went blank…

I went blank…

10 pax joined me For Clyent Dinner.  For some pax it was their first workout today but 4 were at our second.

At around 5:25 I received an urgent message from Gerber. “I’m running late…where will you be”.  I call the pax so he’s not texting and driving. We confirm the plan and all is well.

5:28 Zinfandel mentions..”well looks like Gerber is out”. 5:30 we mosey!

We moseyed around toward the middle school and after rounding the parking lot we are heading back towards the start and here comes Gerber!

I wanted to pull Speed Bump aside and ask him how fast were they driving, but I forgot. Circle up!

First exercise….the calf stretch.  A truck was running near by and someone mentioned to eat bout for the truck.  That’s all I could focus on..that guy backing and hitting someone.

Next exercise…. CRICKETS!! I could not think of anything. Zin had been talking about the Peter Parker  version that they had to complete at the gremlin  (I think it is the correct form of the move) and I ran with it.

Peter Parker but each time you bring a knee up you do a Merkin… yeah it’s fun. X 10.

MC x 10 IC …that enough let’s mosey!

I changed my weinke on the fly and made a hard right to head to the basketball court.

Deadwood Suicides

Hit the main 4 lines on the court in normal suicide fashion.  Each time you get to half court on the way down do the exercise.  Zin and BC at this point are barking from the other side regarding my a la carte menu.

After  each round we hit the abs pretty hard…the briarcrest pool will be open before I we know it.

2 rounds with merkins and abs

2 rounds with squats and abs…it turned out better than I thought!

Moseg to Rudy’s pool palace aka Transporters shed  and grab some wall.

Donkey Kick hold/w Merkin web so much fun!

Mosey to the stairs by the bus lot.

5 calf raises every other step/ lunge walk to top abs run lap around back to the bottom of steps/ ab work.

Rinse and repeat x3

Mosey towards front of middle school.

Bear crawl covered cat walk and then mosey to the benches.

OYO. 20 dips and run the short lap. X 3

Mosey back for COT!

Well done guys! Everyone pushed and we had a some good laughs. There would be more but I wrote this on my phone and was about to hit publish and the site crashed!


Rain tomorrow and the PH will be so quiet…

going away party for Wedding Singer Saturday @Queens South 3-5 M and 2.0 friendly.

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