Just past Rizzo’s Spaghetti House

Just past Rizzo’s Spaghetti House

Zooming into SC you’ll see why cities need zoning. Once you get into SC, the street is crowded with a mishmash of gas stations, car washes, liquor stores, mini-golf and a suspect spaghetti house that is definitely not a front for some confederate mafia. :/

I didn’t celebrate much of the grand campus, but we kept it lively for 45.

Standard warm-up – SSH, ‘mericans, plank jacks and mountain climbers

Playground BLIMP. Divide into 6 groups. 1 running group goes around the playground. The other groups complete Burpees, Lunges, Imperial Walkers, Plank jacks. As the runner(s) finish everyone moves up a slot. Continue until everyone one goes through the full set.

R1 – Maktar N’Dye, No Surrenders, jump squats, ‘mericans 20 each with 20 heels to Heaven in the middle
R2 – Left leg burpee, Right leg burpees, incline burpees and decline burpees 10 each with 20 American hammers in the middle

Last thing

10 (IC) hip slappers, 10 (IC) mountain climbers and 10 plank jacks (IC) x 5


Fun group today.

I got an Instant pot for Christmas. Send me any good recipes.

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