It’s not a Sprockets workout, how bad can it be …

It’s not a Sprockets workout, how bad can it be …

A lucky 13 were in attendance today, 12 of whom expected Sprockets to Q this week’s episode of Rock Zero.  Unfortunately, Sprokcets was ill and had to cancel.  So being the responsible site-Q (and the one in town this particular weekend) YHC stepped in to fill the void.

Thang, Moleskine:

At 20:15 on Friday, YHC got a text from Sprockets that he had a fever that wouldn’t quit and was not confident in delivering a beat down to the pax.  Since Geraldo was DR, your favorite site-Q, YHC, stepped up.

2 pre-runners, Flipper and YHC, at 0631, grabbed about 2.5 miles.  Pax started to trickle in about 4 minutes to start time, O Tannenbaum arrived at 0702 and we could officially start.  Disclaimer was given (hopefully Mermaid approved), commented on by McGee, and we were off.

YHC had a loose idea of what to do, the execution wasn’t ironed out but these things tend to work themselves out, right?  Run to the back entrance of Rea (with the hill), hook a right and run along the back parking lot to the first speed bump.  1 merkin, 1 jump squat, 1 merkin.  Second speed bump, 2 of each in that order.  Third speed bump, 3 of each, fourth speed bump, 4 of each.  Run to the adjacent parking lot for a COP.  20 IW (IC), 30 second plank, 10 merkins, 20 low slow squats.  Run to the grassy knoll.  Partner up, P1 lunge walks along the columns to the light post, P2 bear crawls the outer edge of the grassy knoll.  Meet at the other end and switch.  Do this twice.

** Full disclosure:  YHC was not able to complete the full Bear Crawl, Spackler was witness and followed my example with his first official refusenik of the workout.**

Mosey to the Rock Pile, grab a medium to high rep rock and walk it to the parking lot.  Line up abreast for 15 shoulder presses, 15 curls, 15 squats, and 15 good mornings.  Run about 1/3 of the parking lot to the first entrance and come back.  Do this 4 times, reversing the exercise order for the last two sets.  Return rocks and mosey to the hot box.  People’s chair start to a Jack Webb, 4:1, air presses and burpees.  At 5 stop (that was terrible).  Go in the hot box and do 20 dips, 10 step-ups on each leg, then run to the last trash can and back.  Do this 3 times.  Run back through the parking lot to the street with the trees.  At each tree 5 CCDs, 10 Sister Mary Catherine’s, mosey to the next parking lot for some Mary.  After this YHC’s weinke was spent and we still had about 12 minutes on the clock.  Time to improvise.

McGee had the unfortunate sense to call for more burpees during the Mary.  So YHC obliged.  Moseyed the pax down to some road cones that were currently not in use.  Grabbed 4.  Mr Magoo (YHC’s silent partner, seriously, I don’t think he got a word in but kept putting the work in non-stop #t-claps) placed one about 25 yards out and the other 3 were placed 5 parking spaces apart leading back to the pax.  Burpee suicides.  Run to the first parking cone and do 3 burpees, run back.  Second parking cone etc. 3 burpees each time.  Round two was reverse order with (last cone first) 3 merkins and 3 squats.  Return the parking cones and mosey to the cars.  2 gassers up and down the parking lot got us to 0800.

Mumble chatter was strong this AM.  Maybe YHC wasn’t at 100% and the on-the-fly weinke was light, or maybe there was alot of modifying and refusniking but the range of topics covered was interesting and plentiful.  Clemson’s loss (Marge wasn’t too depressed, unlike how those whiny Alabama snowflakes get when they lose and Nick Saban throws a hissy fit), Insurance sales (it all started when Alf called out my current / his former employer and someone had a story about … you know what it’s not that interesting but Spackler and McGee wouldn’t shut up about it), and then the royal family (Fun fact: 12 out of 13 pax prefer talking about the royal family over playing Flipper’s shirts and skins freeze tag).

Other notable items:

  • Ductwork pulled up in the smallest Chevy vehicle in the 2019 line-up.  He now has a vehicle that matches his height and doesn’t need a step stool.  New year, new car I guess.
  • Floorslapper was early (by 90 seconds).
  • Mailman was safety first today, rocking the reflective and bright colors.  He’s still glad he didn’t need to use that highly reflective color scheme when we didn’t go to 5 Knolls like the pax asked.
  • Welcome Red Stripe, our FNG EH’d by Witch Doctor.  He’s a bartender, we need to find this place.  It’s a personal policy of YHC to always investigate any bar where I know the bar tender.
  • Witch Doctor is heading to Chimbote this weekend.  Prayers for him and the others for safe travels.  He may also need suitcases to bring donations.  Please reach out to him on Twitter or Slack if you have any you can donate.
  • Pax all appreciated YHC’s impression of Sprockets, but I learned that I can’t run on my knees very well.  Alf was highly offended.  #nocobains

No announcements, YHC had the take-out.

Total mileage was close to 3.  Great work today, men.  Whatever else I missed, sound off in the comments below.

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4 years ago

Thanks for the substiQ, amigo! I’ll be bringing my stilts, Miller Lites, and a whole lotta grey for my Hoover impersonation next week.

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