Weights in the Wet

Weights in the Wet

14 PAX made it out to the fog and wet to lift lots of heavy objects. I’m sure Deadwood would like me to give a summary of our directions but due to the lateness of the BB and the lack of time, I’m going to make this simple.

The Warm Up Рwe took a quick lap around Mount Chiseled  to get the juices flowing. Circle up for:

  • 15 SSH
  • 15 Imperial Walkers
  • 15 Merkins
  • 15 Mountain Climbers
  • Cotton Pickers/Potato Pickers
  • Jimmy Dugan -left then right

The Thang – Mosey over to gear where we separated into partners to start. Yes Deadwood, I explained the stations. With one station being the runners, these PAX were our timers. The rest of the PAX worked on the following stations:

  1. Concrete Buckets (thanks Doughboy) shoulder shrugs and/or rows
  2.  Manmakers with 10 lb dumbbells
  3. Supines on railing
  4. Pit of Misery – 1st round step-up’s, 2nd round dips, 3rd round durkins
  5. Low -slow squats with cinder blocks
  6. Truck Tire Smash- with two really heavy sledge hammers!
  7. Weighted bars – Reverse curls
  8. Kettlebell Swing – 35 lbs
  9. Slam Balls
  10. Weighted Bar – 27 lbs – overhead press
  11. 25 lb dumbbells for curls
  12. Small short bars for Shoulder work – arms extended to the side and out front.
  13. Tricep Extensions with weights
  14. 25 Lb Sand Bag – sit up exchange with the bag
  15. American Hammers with bricks

The Moleskin – The PAX worked hard today, great job guys! We had no rain and the temperature was warm enough for shorts and a t-shirt. Thanks to Rudy and Chastain for helping me get ready for my Q today. It was a pleasure leading the team today in the workout.

Announcements –

  • Gremlin this weekend
  • Commitment
  • Homecoming – Trail Race – Christ’s Closet (Recalculating is just rattling this stuff off!)
  • Foundation at Floater tomorrow – Surprise at Floater tomorrow!!
  • 2nd F Lunch noon Friday at The Improper Pig – Rea Farms
  • 25th – Queen South party for Wedding Singer

Thank you to Chastain for taking us out.

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