Is Anybody Listening to Me?

Is Anybody Listening to Me?

Accuweather had us right about 30 degrees, and 18 hearty souls decided to join me in slaying the Hydra.

Arrived fairly early (Q school rules), but not earlier than Cheese Curd who ran in (props) and Clover and his FNG James Dallas.  Everyone else started meandering and starting the chatter which was the call of the day.

You can’t come to Hydra and not have a good time; that is, unless you are Gummy, Harley, Runstopper, and all other unnamed Qs that have decided to have the heart of their weinke to be running up and down Summerlin.  That is just plain dumb, stupid, idiotic.  For all future Qs, don’t do that, your PAX will hate you.

Seriously though, Hydra is truly awesome.  I’ll just leave it at that.

Gave a disclaimer and we were off.

We ran down Rea, took a right on Summerlin, then a quick left that adjoins OP to Stonecroft.  Moseyed halfway down to the T intersection of that road into the other road, and stopped for COP.






Recover and continue running on that road until it dead ended.  Call was for 30 CDDs.  Some did them, some didn’t.  Spackler didn’t and said as much.  #trifusesnik4life

Run up the little hill to the next T intersection for 30 more CDDs.

Keep running down that street (entrance of Stonecroft), take a left on Colony, then quick left into parking lot of business building at Colony Place.   I think the businesses in there are made up of financial advisers, optometrists, physical therapists, and the oracle.

Partner up, Partner 1 does called exercise, Partner 2 runs around the building.

R1 merkins


R3 Sister Mary Katherine (stupid)

Get everyone back in and mosey to the wall behind the restaurant that never survives.  Sleepy said he heard rumors that we are looking at a Char Bar coming in there.  Very interesting indeed, in that 1) there is a Char Bar no more than five miles away, and more importantly 2) direct comp to the impervious Lodge.  We will see.

Wall sits with two rounds of arm raises.

Get up, mosey over to the fountain that is under construction.  Partner 1 does step ups, while Partner 2 runs and touches the bank building and back.  Two rounds

Mosey to the entrance of Colony Place on Rea Road, and instruct PAX to run back to launch, while stopping at each light pole on the right, drop and give 10 merkins, which then changed to LBC.  I think there were something like 12 poles.

Got back to launch a tad early, 6:09 by Gummy’s trusty watch, so do some Mary.


Freddy Murchison (after, Gummy told me it was only 6:11 at this point)


LBC (Snowflake was the only one counting, until we got to 31 and he even stopped, wheels off)

Flutter (Sprox took this one over as the natives were getting resteless)




Moleskin notebook

Even in much cooler temps, Hydra can still draw a crowd.  It has become a really fun place.  It is that place that brings together veteran and new, young and old, fast and slow, and just a good ole’ slice of Americana.

During the fountain set, I started singing the song “Brandy”, which is an ode to one of our newer Pax (Brandy), and quickly asked our resident Alex Trebek of 70’s & 80’s music, Geraldo, who might have sang that song.  He didn’t know.  What???  Fear not though, Deep Dish came to the rescue with Looking Glass.  Whew, good to know we have another person with much useful knowledge like myself and G-man.  I can handle 80’s, but 70’s is past my pay grade.

Gloss asked me before the workout if we’d be running quite a bit as he has an ankle knock that happened on NYE.  Says it was done while digging a hole or something, but Gummy and I think it was done after saying one of two statements 1) watch this, or 2) hold my beer.

Gloss’ Mountainbrook cohorts were rocking some serious gear this morning.  Buc-ees was rocking a blue Buc-ees t-shirt from Texas this morning, and wore the red counterpart at HawksNest on Tuesday.  Motorboat was donning a collared LSU shirt, and looked damned good in it too.  Probably the first collared shirt I’ve seen at F3.  Mountainbrook has some serious swagger going on right now.  I wish it had this much swag from 2000-2003 when three buddies and I rented a house in there and tore it down every weekend.

I’m shocked that Spack and Bounce haven’t hibernated back into the 70 degree temps of OTF Arbo.

Learned that Marge is doing a 26 hour stint to NOLA and back for the natty on Monday night.  From past experience, you better do an all nighter if you plan on making that 6am flight Tuesday morning.  #pat0brianstill4

Good to see Curd back in the fold.  He has his Doc on speed dial these days, stay healthy brother.

Gummy played not only co-site Q and lead heckler this morning, but was also the resident Timekeeper.

Now to our FNG, James Dallas.  From what I recall, James is from The Bronx, went to USC (Cocks) for undergrad and Wake for grad school.  Has a wife and three lovely children, works for one of the banks, and his high school mascot was the Maroons (what the hell is that???).   Soooo, we seemed to be stuck on the “Dallas” theme.  Someone immediately threw out JR, but that is way too strong.  I asked what the chick’s name was (Bobby’s wife), and Sleepy immediately said Sue Ellen.  Thought that was the stone winner until Sleepy let us know there is already one of those in the Nation.  Motorboat then quickly mentioned South Fork, which is the name of the ranch in this classic, and alas, there’s your name sir.  Come on back anytime.

Thanks to Gum and Sprox for the opportunity to lead at the old stompin grounds.



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4 years ago

Planet Fitness is the new joint man. Less expensive and a huge downgrade in good looking clientele.

Chelms aka Tatertot
4 years ago

Gave you a T-clap and a comment because you called the PAX out regarding writing BB’s. Don’t sign up to Q if you are not willing to finish the job (ie write the BB).

4 years ago

I was surprised when you banged a right on Summerlin since I know you don’t like that hill. But it made more sense once we crossed the border into whatever that fancy neighborhood is called. In other restaurant news, Jersey Mike with the power move taking over Subway’s spot. I had Jersey Mike’s once 15 years ago and never went back since I can make a cold sandwich on plain bread at home. But Spackler had some tips that I didn’t really listen to. I overheard a good discussion that some of Clemson brethren had with Sprockets about “Choke-lahoma”. Classic. They shouldn’t be allowed into the playoffs again. It’s for their own good.

Reply to  Gummy
4 years ago


4 years ago

Southfork is one word, and “Maroons” is a great nickname. University of Chicago is the “Maroons”; also home to the first Heisman trophy winner: Jay Berwanger. Look it up. It might be true.

Iron Horse
4 years ago

I’ll be back.
I WILL be back.

4 years ago

I think Oklahoma is 0-12 in recent CFP games… why do you think I left the dustbowl?? I’m about as loyal to my home team as Lebron James. “Victory over Loyalty!” (That’s what Hops always tells me). Expect to see me in some shade of purple at HN Tues morning. Puddin, thanks for the cheap entertainment and for finishing the job

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