Jitters Are Good

Jitters Are Good

I still get excited when asked to Q.  The feeling that another man believes in me enough to ask me to step up is a good feeling.  I still get the night before and morning of jitters…did I plan enough, is it hard enough.  The what if’s roll through my head.  What if 30 people show up – how will I adjust.  What if only 4 show up.  What if its all Gazelles and I’m the 6.  I replay the workout out over and over in my head the night before often keeping me up much later than I would like.  I’m almost 2.5 years into F3 and I hope I never lose the excitement of being a Q.  The excitement of planning out something that is going to suck and hoping my fellow pax enjoy the suck as much as I do.  I hope you still get jitters before a Q.  Jitters are good.

14 men decided to join me on a beautiful, but foggy, Saturday morning.  I arrived early to get a head start on the mumble chatter.  Such topics as “Why is Wedding Singer still here?”, Chainsaw looks creepy walking up in the fog with car headlights from behind, and warning the FNG that he will get a name at the end and it could be as bad as Twinkle Toes.

6:29 Diccs were given.  FNG didn’t leave so we didn’t scare him off to bad whipping out the Diccs (will that joke ever get old?).  6:30, lets go.


Mosey to cul de sac.  I wasn’t short of breath yet and it looked like a pax coming in late, circle back to pick them up then back down to cul de sac.

  • 20 Merkins
  • Potato Pickers
  • 15 Merkins
  • Calf Stretch
  • 10 Merkins
  • 10 In/Outs
  • 5 Merkins


Two groups – Clydesdales and Gazelles for Indian Runs.  Gazelles for the long route on the trail, to the road, and back to club house parking lot.   Clydesdales with a shorter route up the shortcut to the play ground.  Clydesdales arrived first and completed 15 gas pumpers waiting on Gazelles.

Partner Up.  Partner 1 Run a lap around the large island.  Partner 2 in same direction do inch worm dry docks.  Complete each 3 times.

Active recovery towards other end of the parking lot with 50 over head t claps.  Thanks to Twinkles Toes for keeping me honest counting for me.  Mosey to Bridge.

Partner 1: 1 legged step up.  Partner 2: run to club house entrance and back.  Recover when each partner has done each leg once.  Due to height of the step up cars coming in, many of us changed from road side to sidewalk side.

Partner 1: 1 legged lunge.  partner 2: run the other direction towards the next road on the right.  Do two burpees and return.  Recover when each partner has done each leg once.

Active Recovery: 50 T Claps walking towards the road.

Leap Frog Sprints.  Partner 1: reverse walking lunge.  Partner 2: Run ahead to first tree on the left then start doing a reverse walking lunge.  Partner 1: Sprint past partner 2 to the second tree.  Keep leap frogging each other until the end.

Rock Work.  Partner 1: walk with rock in one direction doing an exercise.  100 curls, 100 presses, 100 tricep extensions.  Partner 2: runs opposite direction around the wide school parking lot.  When you meet your partner switch.  Go until the last group finishes their 100’s.

While we waited on runners to get in when last group finished with rock, we did rock squats.  Carb Load asked if he could modify to rows as his legs were dead.  I have to admit, this brought a smile to my face.

Partner 1: hold rock over your head and walk with Partner 2 while he does walking lunges.  When you can no longer hold rock over your head, switch.  We walked about half the parking lot before I saw we were running out of time.  Recover and Rocks up.

1 minute left.   Everyone foot on a curb.  Clydesdales get a 1 tree head start.  If the last gazelle beats the last Clydesdale, Clydesdales do 5 burpees.  If Clydesdales beat the last gazelle, then gazelles do five burpees.  To no one’s surprise, Wolverine passed every clydesdale, but I’m happy to report that the Gazelles were actually the ones that did burpees.  It came down to one lone Gazelle trying to catch a Clydesdale, but in the end he didn’t quite have enough.  Good effort by everyone here and a great way to close out the work out with our heat rates at their peak.


Thanks to Rubbermaid for asking me to Q.  The pants have felt a little snug lately (too many holiday client dinners and Mom’s cooking for Christmas) so I wanted to get the heart rates up today and run a little more than usual.  We logged 3.25 miles.  I burned just shy of 1000 calories which is one of my higher calorie burns.  I’m not sure if that is due to the workout, or that I’m more out of shape so the heart rate was higher than it normally is.

Legalized brought out FNG Munchkin.  He works for Krispey Kreme and hated the idea of being named after a Dunkin Doughnut…..so of course we did.

Good meeting Deep Dish today (Kotters).  Dude pushed hard coming back out after some time off.

Hoping some good bets will materialize today between our lone Clemson guy Posse and the multitude of Oh State pax.  Looking forward to seeing some burpees on group me later today or in person at Monday’s workouts.

Now for the Zinfandel Soap Box portion of the back blast (I figure he won the effee so it should be named after him).  Every year for 20 years my new years resolution was to lose weight.  This will be by third New Years since joining F3 that I will not have weight loss as a resolution (yes I’m up now, but its temporary holiday weight that will come off).  Its a great feeling as a big guy to not have to have weight loss as a resolution having done it so long.  My guess is you have a friend or neighbor that will have that resolution in a couple days.  Be proactive in inviting them out.   They may not realize they need F3 – I didn’t.  After the new year we will have 15 workouts to fill up over a 6 day period – that’s a lot.  We all need to be proactive in getting FNG’s out, and some guys that have stopped coming out.  Be proactive in asking new guys and checking up on the guys that don’t show any longer.  Don’t take no for an answer but also don’t be annoying about it.  (Zin can confirm, but I think I talked to him for 6 months about F3 before he came out).

Thanks for the Jitters.



Watchtower closing this Tuesday to converge at Bushwood.  Holiday hours: 6:30 start.

New Years Day Convergence: Culbertson Middle School with extra special Holiday Hours –  7:00 Start.  This will be a mix of Dromedary and Chiseled workouts.

FIA getting started up again.  Workouts will be at Millbridge Clubhouse at 5:30 on Tuesday’s.

Twinkle Toes being extra ballsy and inviting pax over to his house for tonight’s football game before asking the wife.  I highly suggest showing up unannounced just to see how far into the dog house we can get him in.

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