Stay Dry

Stay Dry

What we did aka The Thang:

After disclaimer we quickly crossed over to Blakeney at the lot in front of My Gym for warm up of SSH and IW. We then took a quick circle around a designated loop that will be part of the workout.

The workout consisted of movements focusing on Arms, then Abs, then Legs. After every movement, we took a lap around the designated loop I partitioned out with cones. We started each movement together. Whoever finished the movement and loop first did various planks until the 6 arrives. Then we all started on the next movement together.


  • Arms: 15 Merkins / 15 Wide arm Merkins / 15 Diamond Merkins (after the loop, we held 6” plank until the 6 finished)
  • Abs: 25 LBC / 25 Flutter / 25 Rosalita (regular plank until the 6 arrives)
  • Legs: 50 Monkey Humpers / 50 Squats (hold 6” while on your 6 until the 6 arrives back)
  • Arms: 25 Wall-Tar Jie / 25 Mike Tyson (6” plank)
  • Abs: 50 Heels to Heaven / 50 WWII Sit-up (regular plank)
  • Legs: 50 Lunges / 50 Bonnie Blair (6” on your 6)
  • Arms: 100 Air press while in Ppl’s chair (6” plank)
  • Abs: 50 American Hammer / 50 Chippy cross (regular plank)
  • Legs: 100 calf raises (6” on our 6)

Rinse and repeat until 5 minutes left. Mosey back to launch.


  • According to my watch we went 4.41 miles.
  • Not a lot of chatter today. We needed to concentrate on counting!
  • Breakfast is always enjoyable with my brothers.


  • Keep the focus on Christ. He’s the reason for the season.
  • Keep Fallout’s 2.0 and any others in your continued prayers.
  • Hit up Soft Pretzel for Sandbox service opportunities.
  • Winter challenge for COTS – pick up a pair of gloves and/or winter hat. Come serve and give it out to someone in need.

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4 years ago

It took 5 days for calf soreness to subside.
Good job!

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