Omaha! Omaha!

Omaha! Omaha!

Call it what you want. Audible. Relocation. Finding Cover. At 5:10 I met the site Q’s at Five Stones. The rain was coming down hard. Not a gully washer hard, but hard enough that I knew it wouldn’t be safe to lift things over our heads. Add on the fact that it was just 2 degrees above freezing, the decision was made to find cover. Nearest option, Cuthbertson Middle. We grabbed some blocks and headed over.

After unloading gear at the closest spot possible to the car (you know, because when unloading 400 lbs of gear by yourself you don’t want to move it too far), some Diesel pax started arriving.

I will leave out the grumpy Impromptu Site Q exchange and allow him to continue hanging himself in Groupme. I will say I was disappointed in the general attitude we were given and the lack courteousness. I expected jokes and jabs, not hostile attitudes.

A quick car relocation to get them out of teacher spots and a suggested gear relocation to get out of the main walkway, pax grabbed gear and headed towards a second cover with said site Q still offering unsolicited opinions.

Christmas Playlist going, drowning out el gruñón uno.


Waiting on Turnbuckle to arrive from moving his car I decided a light, no gear warm up was appropriate. 20 Side Straddle Hops. I look over to see Big Ten staring a hole through me. My bad. Audible to 20 Jump Squats. TB Arrives….lets go.


Since one of the Diesel Site Q’s apparently knows no other way to count than 1/4, 2/8….I decided to get started with a Jack Webb of sorts. Coupon jump squats and coupon presses. It was around the 20 presses that I thought we may not get to 40. It was at 24 that it was confirmed. On what should have been 28, we went back to 20 and stayed at 20 through the end. Lots of sarcastic chatter about Diesel being no cardio at this point. Lots of heavy breathing going on. Turnbuckle apparently thought his coupon was a bit to heavy dropped the peoples elbow on it to lighten the load.

20 Merkins while I set up the next round. Thanks to Posse for leading that (I think, that was a blurr).

Round robin of curls. By my count there were 8 curl stations and 2 row stations. 30’s with the 27lb barbell was the timer (10 bottom half curls, 10 top half, and 10 full curls). I accidentally put 5 curl stations all together which made for burning arms. Whoops – my bad!

Once everyone completed every station (and after the lactic acid subsided from our biceps), we partnered up. Partner 1 did foot release squats. Partner 2 did exercise. Exercises were 150 tricep extention and 200 rows in groups reps of 20.

Same partners for dips and then presses with weights (35, 30, or 25 lbs). 3 rounds each.

Same partners for Coupon Row and Lawn Mower Pulls (10 each side). 3 rounds each.

4 minutes left….what to do….Ask the pax. I heard calf raises (no), Presses (No, we already did an ungodly amount), and Abs (in my best little jon impression – Okay!).

25 heels to heaven. 50 LBC’s. 20 Windshield Wipers. Time.


I have to be honest; I expected only me and the site Q’s to show up today. The fact that Diesel had 10 people on a cold wet day is amazing. Thanks to all those that showed up.

Special shout out to Turnbuckle who is very close to finishing the Octuple. On top of the 7 workouts (and 1 second F event) for this week, he also plans to run his first 5k on Saturday. I’m really proud of the effort and commitment Turnbuckle is putting in to changing. Keep it up. And a shout out to all the pax that are pushing him and helping him through his journey.

Posse and Carb Load got in a slight argument tiff over who has completed more octuples. It was such a silly argument, that I allowed it to go on a bit before calling us in for prayer. If you care – which you don’t, Posse is completing his 3rd this week while Carb load is completing his second….yet carb plans to complete his third next week…which led to the….Oh who cares.

Big Ten becoming as automatic at Diesel as Scott Wood was at NC State from the Free Throw Line (87% career, over 90% his senior year). Perhaps I should have referenced Bobby Hurley here as an olive branch.

Spike walking into Diesel today with his chest puffed out coming off of that spectacular Chiseled Q and back blast. Great job.

Posse – the ever consummate professional psychiatrist. That being said, he did yell at me for asking twice what his rep count was. I perhaps touched a nerve there while not even meaning to.

Shout out to the Site Q’s for adapting to the weather and sticking up for your decision in the face of criticism. Thank you for allowing me to lead today.


Lots going on this Saturday:

Gladiator @ Rea Farms near Improper Pig Greenway.

Commitment & Homecoming both on regular schedule.

Look for updates from Carb Load about Waxhaw clean up currently scheduled for 7:45.

Cuthbertson Track 5K. Turnbuckle looking for help in pushing him motivating him over the finish line.

Zin’s beer exchange Saturday night.

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