23 + 13 + burpees = 44 to 10?

23 + 13 + burpees = 44 to 10?

Lots going on this morning at the DaVinci AO. Apparently it was a Stonehenge/DaVinci convergence…which is where Big Tuna thought he was at 0600. Wrong. Welcome to Q School, Tuna. Hope you learned something. Under the able tutelage of Thin Mint & Bucky, no doubt you are now a Masters level Q. #wisdom

Anyway, YHC was the substi-Q for the morning’s entertainment, so after waiting for all but one pax to muster, a weak disclaimer was uttered; and after getting some legal assurance from Patent Pending that I was liable for absolutely nothing, the pax launched into the DaVinci gloom.

So below is a mishmash of Thang & Moleskinny, in no particular order nor with any guarantee of accuracy as to the downpainment’s events.

The pax ran over to the parking lot near 321 Main or 123 Main or 450 Elm or some such for COP. Navigating the 8 lanes of traffic at Rea/Ardrey Kell is always dicey, but more on that later.

COP was relatively quiet. All pax were wearing long sleeves and all but Taco Stand were gloved. Taco Stand, as it turns out, warmed his paws & tortured the pax with unholy emanations, particularly during the rock set. Thank you very little.

Speaking of waste exiting the body, we lost One Star during the stair set and Walthar D’Njaie’s. He had some early Saturday paperwork to tend to, but he politely asked to be dismissed from class and was granted the hall pass. Thankfully, he caught up with the pax prior to the set at the fountains.

YHC gave a bit of form tutorial on the jump up’s at the fountains. Mic Check nodded approvingly.

As for the rock sets up some road near the Montessori School, YHC called 13 reps of several exercises with 5 burpees in between and rotating left one rock between each set. Not sure who grabbed the 72 lb. rock, but YHC is feeling the 5 thrusters I did with that monstrosity. Again, thank you very little. Speaking of selecting a rock, it took Chopper about 12 minutes to select a rock. What the heck? Chopper’s also a terrible crossing guard…pert near getting the pax killed crossing Rea Road. Wingman was not pleased. Pretty sure he took down the license plate of the knucklehead who turned left in front of the pax while we had the go ahead to walk/run/mallwalk. Speaking of mallwalking – Patent Pending & Loogie mentioned launching a workout called #F3Mallwalk…reach out to either for more details.

Cheddar was LIFO in the full sense…grabbed a quick biscuit after the workout and rushed out to honor the Sabbath by attending Mass. T-claps brother.

Cul de Sac was carrying on about Frehley’s or something during the Montessori rock work…pretty sure he was also the pax that uttered “that’s what she said” about 13 times….or was that Patent Pending?

By the way, I’m missing one in the pax list. Somebody take a look and let me know. It is 24 or 25 or 23 hours after the downpainment as I type this. Day Lights Saving Time is dead until next summer..or spring. Speaking of 23…

Yesterday was Hops & M. Hops’ 23rd anniversary, so YHC called 23 of most exercises….except for a lot of them. Called 13 reps of those…cuz it’s my favorite number.

Also, I didn’t have the heart or boldness to tell Loogie and Wingman that the 23 was also in honor of the Deacs’ #23 ranking in the AP poll…which will surely improve after the 44-10 dismantling of the Wolfpack yesterday afternoon. Could’ve been worse, but Clawson mercifully pulled the starters for the entire 4th quarter. That felt good. Mighty Mite was there, and he can supply details of the goings-on at BB&T Field in Winston-Salem on that glorious fall Saturday. #GoDeacs

We had 3 or 4 “Respects” among the pax…thought Loogie was a Respect, too? No? #cobains Snowflake was WD, and continues to defy the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics. T-claps brother.

Teleporter also defies his age, and gets after it every post. T-claps as well to you, sir.

We did lots of other stuff including Makhthar D’Njaiye’s. If you don’t know what they are, ask your Q next time – and he can demonstrate and then call them. You’ll thank me later. As for his jackwagon brother, Walthar — the aforementioned Snowflake introduced me to that bastard. Again, ask a Q near you for an introduction at your next post.

Ok….I’ll stop prattling on. Had a blast Q’ing the pax of DaVinci…thanks to Mermaid and his 2.1 whose soccer match forced Mermaid to go to the bullpen for a Hops’ save…..or blown save?

Great 2nd half among the men of SOB, as always. #cobains if the 1st F was subpar….you get what you pay for.

Go Deacs! Go Panthers! Go Jesus!

Until next time, YHC remains affectionately your burpee-calling (I think we did about 100) Q –


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