Like a Virgin

Like a Virgin

First I want to thank everyone who came out for my VQ – everyone pushed hard and we were able to have a few laughs while we were at it! Since a lot of people have been vulnerable in these BB lately, I felt it only right to honor them by putting something out there too.

But first:


20 SSH

15 Imperial Walker

10 Potato Picker

Calf Stretch


Everyone grab a Coupon:

10 bicep curl + 10 front raise, then 9+9, then 8+8, down to 1+1. (a little mumble chatter about “we may have chose the wrong site this morning”)

Partner Up: Today we focused on partner workouts which I feel helps everyone push harder and of course, mumble chatter more.

10 Stations x 1 min x 3

  • Slap Merkins
  • Coupon overhead shoulder press
  • Lunge and pass half coupon (50% off coupon?)
  • Coupon overhead tricep press
  • Squat B2B pass kettlebell
  • Coupon chest press
  • Elbow plank + partner jumps back and forth
  • Coupon rows
  • Medicine ball BB sit-up
  • Coupon deadlift

Most of you only know me from the brief time that I have been at F3 (a couple months now). While I wasn’t always the guy who consistently showed up to work out – I was ALWAYS the guy who gave up when I “reached my limit”.

You see, whether you believe it or not, I grew up an athlete. But school, then work, then this, then that…one day you wake up and your comfortable. Pushing 300 pounds…but comfortable. You wake up, you make the easy choices, you go about it cheerfully because you don’t have a bad life, in fact you have a pretty good life, but there’s something missing.


Although 80s music makes for a great workout, I remember a picture of me at an 80s party not too long ago and boy did I look different. Around 2 years ago I saw myself going down the easy path and knew I needed to make a very big adjustment. I started getting to the gym. I found some external sources of motivation (if you need motivation and don’t follow David Goggins, Jocko, Cam Hanes, or just anybody who chooses not to be comfortable – its a good start). I began training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, which helped motivate me physically, but it wasn’t what I needed. I was going through the motions and still quitting when it wasn’t easy.


It ALWAYS sucks. The waking up early. The running. The way too many reps when you were sooo close to sleeping in. The Floater (we all agree on that right?) *insert cliche about ‘if it was easy it wouldn’t be worth it’* but it’s true. My most satisfying days now aren’t even the hardest workout days. It’s the days where I’ve wanted so bad to give in to comfort but chose not to. Fast forward to even just 6 months ago and I was embracing the suck.

Waking up early to commute 2+ hours from NY to NJ just to get to the gym before work. I was down 40 lbs or so, but still only challenged by other common people who thought an easy gym routine was enough to feel good. Then I joined F3.

“Be uncommon amongst uncommon people” – Goggins

My next challenge: There’s a good amount of men in F3 who would be getting out of bed early and embracing the suck – with or without this group. These people are not common and they are the reason I show up and push way past what I used to consider my limits. It’s the reason I am motivated to post especially when others don’t – it’s my chance to gain ground. One day I will catch up with some of these gazelles AND be able to hang at the top of Diesel.

But the best of all is this group pushes people on a regular basis for no reason other than they truly want to see each other get better. It is much easier to get out and work harder with this group behind you. So the next time someone is getting on your case about not posting, just remember it’s because they care and want to see you be the best you.

Embrace it and challenge yourself.

Well if you’ve made it this far, I appreciate the turnout for the VQ and the support from everyone on a daily basis. Looking forward to many more!


Christ closet Nov 9 – delivering toys, bring anything you can to commitment everyday up until then – Deadwood, Bottle Cap, and Dana are collecting.

Gladiator (black diamond) begins tomorrow, same place as commitment but will take separate paths.

Vagabond Nov 9 – 13 miles with bootcamp workouts

West Side Whoopin? Nov 9 – 6 miles with BBQ and the Christ closet giveaway

Holiday Party Nov 16 – help at Lawson beforehand if you can

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