I parked in a handicapped spot on the way up here. Actually, on a handicapped person.

I parked in a handicapped spot on the way up here. Actually, on a handicapped person.

7 men gathered in front of a local Peruvian Rotisserie Joint for the weekly assault on the Waverly parking deck. I noted on my way in that our Camp Gladiator friends were in the parking deck, so my disclaimer included instructions to be nice to them.

At this point in backblast writing, I remember Tiger Rag (kids, ask the old guys about him) saying at a Q101 or something on the Panera patio that most people skip the description of the workout and go right to the Moleskine. If you weren’t there, you don’t really care if we did 10 merkins or 15 CDDs. If you were there, you know what we did.

So, suffice it to say that we ran up and down the parking deck performing various athletic maneuvers. For some reason, my instructions to jump up the staircases were met with scoff and disdain by the fast guys. That was the key to the whole workout – it made your legs tired so the running, monkey humpers and burpees were hard. Oh well, OT, Squid and I did them. Alf did them when I was around. Orange Whip did them once when he was stuck behind me on the staircase.

I don’t think I’ve ever worked out with Ice 9, only heard stories of his legendary merlot spilling. I don’t think he did today. He did successfully dodge Alf’s attempt to make him the WAMRAP Q next week though.

OT noticed that Squid and Pop Tart didn’t ride in together for maybe the first time ever. Trouble in paradise? Squid’s feelings were definitely hurt.

Pop Tart was dressed like Hugo, the Hornet’s mascot, without the big head.

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2 years ago


After all these years . . . welcome to the next level of backblasting.

Because #nobodycares about the exercises you did, but they want to hear about the magic.

2 years ago

I have an irrational fear of bunny hops, box jumps, wall jumps, etc. Always afraid I’ll catch a toe and go face first into concrete. Short arms and legs mean Less room for error before hitting cement.

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