Why did I call that?

Why did I call that?

YHC had the privilege to Q daVinci due to an IOU (not of my own) transfer multiple times and since “IOUs are even better than money” it was cashed in.  Before the PAX gathered I disclosed to Bucky that I would be using a couple exercises I picked up from my post at #F3Chicago.   The PAX were all gathered (or so we thought), disclaimer given, and we were off.

As we moseyed to the Best Buy parking lot Fredo made a last minute arrival.  Circled up for warmups:
15 side straddle hops; 15 imperial walkers; keeping arms up for all 4 – 15 forward Abe Vigoda, 15 seal claps, 15 reverse Abe’s, 15 overhead claps (Chicago shoutout here); 15 mountain climber

The Thang

Mosey to guardrail at far end of parking lot – 20dips and 10 derkins
Mosey across Rea Rd to stairs by the yoga studio – up left flight of stairs, 20 LBCs, down right flight of stairs, 10 jump squats (5 laps)
Mosey around buildings to the fountains at front – 10 stepups each leg, 10 incline merkins
Mosey across Audrey Kell to parking lot – AMRAP for 25 minutes in triangle parking lot:
* bear crawl to each island (4) on right, 10 merkins at each island
* every 2 parking spots 10 squats
* lunge walk to each island (4) back to start, 10 CDDs at each island
increase reps by 10 each lap completed
***SHOUT OUT to Transporter for finishing 3 full laps, strong work by all the other PAXs as well and even more credit for not committing bodily harm to YHC for calling such a thing

with 10 minutes to go circle up for Ring of Fire (now named the Abe Froman – Chicago shoutout)…
all PAX get in plank position, each PAX is successive order does 1 merkin (counting off in increasing fashion) around the circle, all PAX must hold plank as it goes around.  Last man standing ‘competition’ and how many merkins collectively the group can get.  When you drop you do burpees (# of PAX left).  *** SHOUT OUT to Mic Check for winning and a total of 224 merkins done



back story to me getting the Q was a Q swap between Mary Kay and Teddy (then co-site Q guilt)… well Teddy had to back out because of a ‘procedure’.  That ‘procedure’ was divulged as the workout progressed… I am confident in say that, during the AMRAP portion of the workout,t there was more snip/peas/testicle chatter than during any other F3 workout ever.  I take full blame in not remembering any specific quotes due to my procrastination of getting the backblast out but some were gems (please post in comments if PAX remember)

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