Veteran’s Day A51 Convergence at Anvil

  • QIC: Purple Haze, Semi-Gloss, Baracus, Hops
  • The PAX: 100 men of F3

Veteran’s Day A51 Convergence at Anvil

Freedom lies in being bold–Robert Frost

100 men exercised the freedom afforded to them by the bold veterans of our great country by gathering at Anvil for an F3 workout.  Thank you to Squid, Radar, 777, and Apache, for your service. Pre-work included a run Q’d by Mr. Bean, a group of ruckers, and 11’s Q’d by Snowflake.  The group came together and did the following:

Short mosey to circle up for COP

SSH x 10 IC

Merkin x 15 IC

Count off by 4s.  Number corresponds with the 4 QIC’s: Purple Haze, Semi-Gloss, Baracus, and Hops.  Find your QIC and follow him to the pain station.  Groups rotated through the 4 stations.

  1. Purple Haze.  Entrance 1 Parking Lot.  Burpee Ladder: 5 Burpee/5 Merkin.  Sprint to opposite side of lot.  5 Burpee/5 Jump Squat.  Sprint back.  10 Burpee/10 Merkin.  Sprint.  10 Burpee/10 Jump Squat.  Sprint.  5 Burpee/5 Merkin.  Plank-o-rama.
  2. Semi-Gloss.  Parking Lot in middle of campus.  Groups of 3.  Hairburner rotations.  Man 1 does hairburner to opposite side while Man 2 does Squats and Man 3 does LBC.  Rotate between the 3 exercises until QIC calls time.
  3. Baracus.  North Face.  AYG up North Face and around the row of pines.  Down the hill back to the base of North Face.  Repeats.  Alternate between high plank and chair plank after each repeat.  Repeat when group is complete.
  4. Hops.  Pavilion/CHAMPS Field.  Alternated between 2 sets.  1: 13 Burpee.  Backwards Bear Crawl up the hill.  13 Freddie Mercury.  Run down hill.  Repeat until QIC calls time.  2: Pavilion Set.  15 Jump up/15 Derkin/15 Tricep Extensions.  Repeat until QIC calls time.



T-claps to Frasier for rallying the site-Q’s to get the planning started.  T-claps to our workout QIC’s and our pre-work QIC’s.  Most importantly, T-claps to our veterans in attendance.  If YHC missed a name above, please accept my apology and sound off below.  T-claps to Hops for our takeout prayer.

A convergence is a special F3 workout.  It was the 9/11/2013 convergence at this very site that set the F3 hook deep in YHC.  Great work today men.  It was awesome.


Joe Davis Memorial Resolution Run: 01/09/2016.  This race is a memorial run for Joe Davis, brother of Rock Thrill, who died of an accidental overdose.  Proceeds benefit Keystone Substance Abuse Services in Rock Hill, SC.  Information and registration found HERE

Area 51 Christmas party 12/12/2015 at Sardis Swim and Raquet Club.  Geraldo is Q.  More information to follow.  Please note we will again collect donations of non-perishables for the Calvary Church Food Pantry at the party.  Specific needs will be communicated the week before the party. Put it on your calendars now men.

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Flutie Flakes
8 years ago

9/11/13 was my first ever F3 workout, so convergences hold a special importance to me and I try not to miss any. Today was the largest I have ever seen and a great way to show how much we all owe to those who have served or are serving to protect our freedoms. Seek one out today and say thank you. It’s the least we can do.
Thanks to all the men of F3 who organized and led this morning. The pain I will feel all day will be a constant reminder of this special day.

8 years ago

It was a privilege to be a part of the 100 pax at Anvil this morning. It’s mornings like these that remind me what a special thing we have with F3.
Grateful for the freedom that is ours because of sacrifice.

“Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13

8 years ago

On behalf of @USMC & @F3theFort we/I appreciate the invite to attend #VeteransDay2015 convergence.

This morning was awesome, and I want to thank my friends in Area51 for the invite, but especially Rock Thrill who locked down the EH.

T-Claps to the #clowncar of Package, Jekyll, Assassin, & Apache (Go Army)

Thank a veteran today, it means more than you will ever know.


8 years ago

Awesome groups of guys in the area 51. And the Q’s were great. Thanks for the beatdown and the brotherhood in the gloom!!!

8 years ago

Great showing today man. 100 Pax truely demonstrates how strong F3 and in particular our region is to each of us. Thank you for the leadership that everyone demonstrated today.

Appreciate The Fort representing.

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