The Rain before Christmas

  • When:12/24/14
  • QIC: Mermaid, Semi-gloss, Young Love
  • The PAX: Haggis, Hairball, Pebbles, Loogie, BLC, Spackler, GumNut -- FNG (Jason D.), Champagne, Geraldo, Pop, Mic Check, Mr. Brady, Horsehead, Waterboy, Beastman (Waterboy 2.0), NoName aka. Liquidator (Waterboy 2.0), Boondock (Horsehead 2.0), Philmont, Floorslapper, Puppy Love, Garbonzo, Ickey Shuffle, Beaker, Stagecoach, Bout Time, Fletch, Brushback, Simba, Tiger Rag, Hopper, Big Tuna, Mall Cop, Runstopper, Lex Luther, Hops, Freedom, Drop Thrill, Puddin Pop, Stone Cold, Boutique, Margot, Hannibal, Semi-gloss, Mermaid, Young Love.

The Rain before Christmas

Twas the morning before Christmas, when all through the AO, all the PAX were converging, coming through the rainy gloom. The plan had been laid by the SiteQs with care, in hopes that pain would soon be doled out there.  The PAX arrived, all snug in their cars, and Mermaid in his bright yellow and I in my black, had just stepped out to see if it was wet. When out on the blacktop there arose such a clatter, Semi-gloss had arrived and had forgotten his sleeves. Disclaimer was given and away we all ran, to COP for the THANG that began just like this:

  • Warmup mosey around the parking lot, circle up for brief COP:
  • 100x SSH
  • 20x Imperial Walkers
  • Count off to form 3 groups. Group 1 – Mermaid, Group 2- Semi-gloss, Group 3 – Young Love
  • The groups the ran through 3 stations that went generally something like this (subject to Q audible):
  • Station 1: Triple-nickel on North Face
  • Station 2: The Beast in the Entrance #1 Parking Lot
  • Station 3: Bench work (dips/derkins/step-ups) under pavilion, running to outfield/soccer field fence and back between sets.


Moleskine – St. Nick Edition

– Welcome to Anvil. For those who were visiting Anvil for the first time, yes this is a great AO and we are happy to host you. Feel free to come back and visit from time to time. Yes, it usually rains here. Today God stepped up his game. Good thing we were on high ground (build your house on the Rock). Hope you had a towel in the car … and a change of clothes.

– The field usually drains pretty well. Probably still does drain pretty well. Tough to drain well when the rain is coming down that hard, though. Many of us found out the hard way that (a) the muddy hill is slippery (very slippery, right Hairball?) and (b) it takes a special breed to enjoy sloshing through the muck 4 times (his mother was a mudder?)

– Props to the folks who performed the triple nickle on the slip-n-slide formerly known as North Face. Very glad to see no one was hurt. There’s a reason we have a disclaimer.

– Great time at the coffeteria after. Seems that most were able to stop by, lured in by the promise of a hot cup of coffee, no doubt. Sorry if you missed it, hopefully you can stop and join us next time. The 1st F only makes the 2nd F all the sweeter.

– That’s all I got. Feel free to comment/banter/heckle below.

Merry Christmas, Area 51!

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Drop Thrill
7 years ago

I think I’ve only posted at Anvil 4 times max, and every time it either poured down (my first post) or it had just rained, or it threatens to rain. Crazy.

And all of the other AO’s it’s maybe sprinkled on me once or twice. Go figure.

Maybe that AO is closer to heaven, and thus easily gets a deluge.

I was shocked so many Pax showed up this morning.

Thanks everyone for the prayers and kind words over the past few weeks, it’s been tough but I know God and my family and F3 brothers will get me through it.

O2 deprivation tends to get rid of some stress.

Looking forward to the Joe Davis run. You can all cheer me on as you’ll all be at the end first. 🙂 Not bashing myself, just saying.

The things I never thought I’d ever do, like workout in the winter, in a downpour…

Mud run training?

7 years ago

Grateful for the early Christmas present of 8 to 10 ant bites on NorthFace. Thanks Semi-Gloss

7 years ago

Don’t worry about the North Face trips, Semi Gloss served as a Sherpa for each and every pax while continuously rehearsing the disclaimer loud for all to hear. Merry Christmas all!

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