#FastTwitch clips #Swift’s wings – all PAX better for it

  • When:10/21/14
  • QIC: Bratwurst & Turkey Leg
  • The PAX: Stump Hugger, Geraldo, Picasso, Abacus, Chelms, Long Haul, Soul Glo, Frasier, Checkpoint, Prohibition, Coldcuts, TR, Boomer sooner, Turkey Leg, Honey Bee, Bratwurst, Horsehead, Soft Pretzel, Strange Brew

#FastTwitch clips #Swift’s wings – all PAX better for it

19 PAX took on unfamiliar territory at a Fast Twitch / Swift convergence. Location was the Community House Middle School track.  In the End, 18 PAX had Personal Records in the mile today.  Amazing!  It takes a lot of guts to come to a workout where you get “rated”.  In the end, it’s all about #ironsharpensiron.

Here’s the THANG:

  • Mosey to track for 1 mile 2nd F pace.
  • 6 Drills (30m of drill, 70m accelerations), 2 x 100m accelerations over to Start/Finish line, 5 min stretch / get into zone OYO
  • 1 Mile AYG
  • 2 Mile Progression Run – goal is to run each 400m 5 seconds faster than the previous lap
  • COT


  • Could not blame this performance on the weather.  Not too cold, very little wind, and nice and clear.
  • Could not blame this performance on not being warmed up.  The extra drills are probably unfamiliar to those that do SSH, IW, or Merkins in an opening COP, and they probably feel silly.  They are, but YHC thinks they work well.  You may even feel out of breath doing the Drills and accelerations.  You’ve got to have warmed muscles to run AYG.  Otherwise, you’re asking for stiffness or snap / crackle / pop.
  • Could not blame the performance on not having a fancy GPS gizmo.  Turkey Leg setup the Start / Finish line with a professional clock, finishers tape, and bell.  Well, some of those things.
  • Could not blame the performance on not having a strategy.  Run the first lap mentally below your target pace, get up to speed on the 2nd, hold on for the third, and then AYG for the 4th.  Some PAX may have done that in reverse looking back at lap times, but it takes experience to race smart.  Keep practicing for other events.  They pretty much all work the same.  See #TheThird500 (Freed To Lead, P.138).
  • Could not blame this on your short shorts or dropping the baton (apparently that’s what Bulldog thinks we do).
  • The 2 Mile Progression Run took too much Math for some.  Don’t worry, it’s tripped up Harvard boys like OBT.  The goal is to run 8 laps of the track (3200meters total) with each lap (400m) run 5 seconds faster than the previous one. Last lap should be faster than your 5K pace.  It is good after the 1 Mile Race because it allows you to ease into something else, but still get back to near top speed you ran the mile in.  Examples:
    • Run the first lap in 2:00 minutes (8:00 minutes per mile pace), then the 2nd lap should be 1:55 (7:40/mi pace), third lap is 1:50 (7:20/mi pace), …, 8th and final lap would be 1:25 (5:40/mi pace).
    • Run the first lap in 2:15 (9:00 minutes per mile pace), …, 8th and final lap would be 1:40 (6:40/mi pace).
    • Run the first lap in 2:30 (10:00 minutes per mile pace), …, 8th and final lap would be 1:55 (7:40/mi pace).
    • There will be a prize for most accurate 2 mi progression run that is posted to Strava.  Half of the battle is getting on Strava and joining the “club” F3Run – http://www.strava.com/clubs/f3run
  • What’s next and Why the Mile? It comes down to training for your next test (Mud Run, Joe Davis 5K, running with your 2.0 or M) and a premise that it’s best to train as fast as you need to, no more.  Take your Mile time (which is an easy test to do) and go here = http://runsmartproject.com/calculator.  Read these instructions and watch the video here http://runsmartproject.com/calculator/instructions/.  Perhaps then the training plan ideas for the Joe Davis 5K (that we will publish) will make more sense.


  • 10/22 – Soft launch for new Marvin Ridge bootcamp.  Check twitter feed of @pwuerslin for details.  Full launch on 10/29.
  • 12/6 – 3rd annual Area 51 Christmas party will be on 12/6 at the brand new Sugar Creek Brewery.

1 Mile Time Trial Results:

Click Here to get full results

Team Competition – scored XC style with Top 5 scoring from each team.  Lowest score wins.

FastTwitch 38 (wins by 2)
Swift 40


Top PRs MIN:SEC under PR
Stump Hugger 0:01:38  0:03:08
Geraldo 0:01:28
Picasso 0:00:52
Abacus 0:00:49
Chelms 0:00:33
Long Haul 0:00:32
Soul Glow 0:00:24  0:00:18
Frasier 0:00:21
Checkpoint 0:00:21
Prohibition 0:00:21
Coldcuts 0:00:16


Top Predictors MIN:SEC over/under Prediction
Bratwurst 0:00:00
Prohibition 0:00:02 Under
TR 0:00:02 Over
Honey Bee 0:00:03 Under
Soft Pretzel 0:00:04 Over
Frasier 0:00:06 Under
Turkey Leg 0:00:09 Under
Horsehead 0:00:09 Under
Chelms 0:00:13 Under
Boomer sooner 0:00:14 Under


Top Sandbaggers MIN:SEC Under Prediction
Geraldo 0:01:08
Picasso 0:00:52
Abacus 0:00:34
Soul Glow 0:00:21  0:00:15
Checkpoint 0:00:21


Top 5 Overall
Bratwurst 0:05:10
Frasier 0:05:14
Honey Bee 0:05:27
Soul Glow 0:05:31  0:05:37
Boomer sooner 0:05:36
Top 5 Masters (40+)
Checkpoint 0:05:39
Turkey Leg 0:05:41
Long Haul 0:06:13
Chelms 0:06:27
Coldcuts 0:06:44
Top Big Guys (220lb+)
Geraldo 0:06:52
Stump Hugger 0:11:15  0:09:42


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9 years ago

This looks like it was awesome. Great analysis Bratwurst! When’s the next one?

Honey Bee
Honey Bee
9 years ago

Hot dang, those are some fast times especially for Soul Glow and TR who have both brawn and speed. #envious

Great event Bratwurst and Turkey Leg! Next time Swift will rise like a Phoenix. Now for more iron sharpening.

9 years ago

Maybe we can work out a convergence to include SIB too. Without much thought, I foresee a score like

SIB. 15
Fast twitch 53
Swift 55

Spring time?

Reply to  Freeloader
9 years ago

I agree with Freeloader on this one: “Not much thought.”

Chelms aka Tatertot
9 years ago

Great Q Bratwurst and TL. Loved the format and hated leaving early but I live lie 45 minutes away (were we in SC?).

I’m an accountant but that’s still too much data for me. Also, pretty sure my time would have been sub 6:00 except Prohibition “bumped” me at the start and I was tired from the excessive warm up.

I got TR straightened out but like he said, the insturctions should have included the word “pace” and not “time” improvement. I was in the same confused state until Strange Brew cleared it up.

Reply to  Chelms aka Tatertot
9 years ago

What part of the country do we live in? Rubbin’s racin’!

9 years ago

Bratwurst, that was a great event. Always good to have a little test of our fitness. I vote for every 6 months at least. Did TR ever solve the mystery of a slow ipad or a fast garmin??

Reply to  Checkpoint
9 years ago

5:39 mile on Tuesday and then carrying my fat @$$ up a parking deck on Wednesday…nice work!!!…hope to see you at SS on Thursday.

Reply to  Freeloader
9 years ago

No sweet six freeloader. LBJ has Q at sharktank so I am going to support a fellow #respect

Reply to  Checkpoint
9 years ago

I don’t trust Leg’s iPad anymore than I trust his Uhaul driving. #JohnBunyan
I gave my iPad time for the BB but on my Garmin–and in my mind–I went 5:37.

Soul Glow
9 years ago

Fun workout! Glad to see Fast Twitch represent. Should be noted, Boomer Sooner passed me on the last turn. My time was 5:37.

Soul Glow
Reply to  Bratwurst
9 years ago

That was my virgin post. Figured after a year and a half I should learn how to post on the site. I went back in and updated my settings. We’ll see if it changes anything.

Soul Glow
Reply to  Soul Glow
9 years ago


Stump Hugger
9 years ago

After signing up for Strava and loading my run. It seems my run time was much better. http://www.strava.com/activities/210561559 Join Strava to track your runs.

Reply to  Bratwurst
9 years ago

If the point is the actual two-mile progression, then Analog Checkpoint was right there with me (slightly pulling away on final straightaway). Credit where due, etc.

If the point is posting on Strava, then tough kitties, Checkpoint.

Honey Bee
Honey Bee
Reply to  Bratwurst
9 years ago

I can’t be in contention for long. My progression plateaued and then de-progressed.

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