Dodging and Weaving

  • When:08/26/14
  • QIC: Spackler
  • The PAX: Purple Haze, Prohibition, Hairball, Bugeater, Madison, Tiger Rag, Snowbird (Jesus Gandarillas- FNG), Baracas, Boutique, Header, Alf, Geraldo, Mr Brady, Chelms aka Tater Tot, Blades of Glory, Fletch, Mall Cop, Hannibal, Gummy, Starfish, Hopper, Radar, Soul Glow, Good Hands, Cheesecurd, Marvel

Dodging and Weaving

27 pax, most of which have been suckered into this #BRR thing, showed up for a bit of running on this cool, crisp August morning.

The Thang

No warm up.  Run to Windbluff Drive.

Triple Nickel on Windbluff – merkins at top, squats at bottom

Mosey to Rounding Run – partner up

Partner A goes one way on Rounding Run while Partner B goes the opposite – when you meet complete 10 squats – complete another 10 squats when you meet back after completing the circle.  Then go opposite ways and repeat until 6:05.

Total Mileage ~ 6 miles


I love short backblasts, which is typically the case at Fast Twitch.  Short backblasts do not reflect an easy work out though.  I think we all got our fill this morning….well wait, 26 of us did.  Bugeater’s alarm must have failed him again as he showed AFTER the Triple Nickel.  We could all tell he was really pushing himself on his ‘run’ to come find us.  He definitely looked a little startled as 26 horses came barreling down Rounding Run, blinking lights and all.  But he did make it for the Rounding Run circuit which was delightful….and dark.  Good Lord it was dark.  Luckily some of us responsible folk had on our blinkers and lights.  Looked like a damn circus out there.  Funny how I came to find out there were RFYL folks on that loop as well.  I saw a tiny figure coming at me and thought to myself that it had to be Purple Haze or BOG and decided to wait until we were about to pass to yell out a “Blaaaahaa UGhhhhhh, I’m so tired!”  I scared the crap out of that RFYL girl.  Poor thing was probably looking over her shoulder the rest of the morning.   Oh, Jesus Gandarillas aka Snowbird, our FNG today.  What did you do to Madison to get the invite to FT as your 1st post?!  Good work brother.  Keep coming on out.  Lastly, to any of you reading this that weren’t there today or weren’t paying attention, Cheesecurd will be coming out with a new Stretching With Moon Shoes On (parking lot edition) mens running calendar.  #thankyouRadar



Let Baracas know if you want to be an alternate or driver for the fast approaching BRR.  Certainly to be some good 2nd F.

Go online to sign up for Church On The Street.  Need to fill the last few months of the year.  See Radar with questions.



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9 years ago

Glad to see 2/3 of Team #FreeRange posting at FT. The other 1/3 of us were at Swift.
Was in Raintree and on Rounding Run Sunday at RumRunner. Needed a change of scenery.

Glad to see Radar posting…surprising, but encouraging.


9 years ago

Spackler – agreed, short back blast does not equal easy. 5 trips up windbluff is a heck of a warm-up. Although I have to admit I was a little nervous in the total darkness of Rounding Run when I knew PH, Radar and you were close by after all my trash talking Friday and Saturday.

Purple Haze
9 years ago

There are significant differences between world-class small-framed athletes like BOG, holder of an Olympic silver medal, and myself, holder of many Gold ribbons and several all-star trophies, and the alleged women of the RFYL group. Just to name a few:

1) Our chests are bigger.
2) Our mustaches are not as thick.
3) Because of our speed on the loop, no way you are even able to catch your breath in time to utter a word before we are past you.

Chelms aka Tatertot
Reply to  Purple Haze
9 years ago

I was wondering why you blew by the tomatoes but 1) and 2) above explain why. I was worried it might be something else. I would have tied you on the partner runs but took off twice (not once) in the wrong direction. As usual, I was trying to get a jump start. Still trying to get your foot prints off my back. #nexttime

9 years ago

Just glad I found ya. It was flipping dark and eerily quiet out there. Reminded me of my 2 AM leg of BRR last year. I’d sure like a shot at that calendar. #bignips

Cheese Curd
9 years ago

Good route today Spackler! The rounding run was a good change of pace. However, I wish I would have known Bug was on fresh legs, he was pushing me to each meeting point..solid work bug. FYI, these workouts start at 0515 #justsaying

As for the calendar, I am not sure I am ready for the front page, perhaps I was just “Vouging” Either way, I used to only do those stretches behind close doors #bashful, hope you enjoyed!

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