The Rock – Not for the faint of heart

  • When:08/23/2014
  • QIC: Hannibal
  • The PAX: Free Clinic, Bridges, Tadpole (WB), Runstopper, Stone Cold, Hopper (WD), Zuckerberg, Corn Fed, Margot, Mall Cop, Hops, Bushwood, Deep Dish, Hannibal (QIC)

The Rock – Not for the faint of heart

14 of south Charlottes finest refused the fartsack on a muggy Saturday morning and responded to the challenge posted by YHC on twitter yesterday afternoon.

Mall Cop planted the Shovel Flag at 6:59, and after the disclaimer (which some called professional), we were off.



  • Jog around parking lot, with a little backwards run and karaoke mixed in
  • Exercises (x25) in cadence
    • SSH
    • IW
    • Slow squats
    • Mountain climbers
    • Peter Parkers

Mosey to Baseball Field – Partner Up and grab a rock that you can be proud of

  • Partner 1 does exercise; Partner two runs a lap around the outfield
  • Exercises:
    • Curls
    • Overhead Press
    • Squats
    • Tricep Extensions

Mosey back to launch point – Perform the Starfish to all of the Entrances

  • Exercises (x20)
    • Merkins
    • Wide Arm Merkins
    • Hand Release Merkins
    • Diamond Merkins
  • 5 burpees in the center

Mosey to Shelter for People’s Chair

  • 1 min People’s Chair, followed by 15 arm presses in cadence
  • Rinse and repeat

Triple Nickel on Soccer Field Hill

  • Jump knee tucks at top (x5)
  • Burpees at bottom (x5)
  • Repeato (x5)

Mosey home for Mary

  • LBCs – 25 in cadence (x2)
  • Plank for 1 minute


While not everyone is doing the BRR (and for those that aren’t, they’re probably getting pretty annoyed with the heavy dose of running in workouts these days), YHC wanted to continue the prep for those that are with some running with boot camp exercises mixed in this morning.  Not sure how much ground we covered, but it was a lot.

As usual, the workout looked better on paper, as YHC was hurting towards the end of the starfish – it makes you realize how big the Calvary campus really is (I don’t think some of our “legs” were much shorter than those done at Fast Twitch on Tuesday – and THAT is a running workout).  The PAX should be proud of pushing through this one today!

Mall Cop tried a couple Q jacks, and his arm press suggestion during the people’s chair was actually a good one (though he opted out of round 2 – #dontsuggestitifyoucantdoit).  YHC did give him the call on the exercises during the Triple Nickel (an exercise with a nod to Mermaid), but when he called out jump squats and burpees, YHC quickly regretted that decision. #wontdothatagain. He’s a beast, that one.

Props to Bushwood and Hops – you guys were killing it this morning.  Stone Cold, way to push through on a bad leg/wheel, and Hopper, those huge strides will come in handy on the mountain roads in a few weeks.  Great to see some new faces out there this morning, and you all represented well.  Runstopper – I hope you just tweaked something and are back at it next week.

Hops, thanks for the strong take out.  As always, and honor to lead you guys.


  • There will be a number of convergences held in the coming weeks due to both the BRR and Labor Day.  Please check emails.
  • The BRR alternate list is at zero.  If you are interested and want to get on that list (there are rumors of more injuries), please let Mall Cop know.
  • If there are other announcements, please sound off below.

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9 years ago

Great Q Hannibal. Good to see some new faces like Corn Fed, Zuckerberg and Margot at The Rock. Still angry with Stone Cold for his choice of rock during the partner work on the ball field. The new (old) Jeep gave you too much bravado! That was a painfully long-legged starfish.

9 years ago

Extremely strong Q this morning Hannibal. Thank you for not yelling “repeato” at the conclusion of the starfish. Confession time….I recently invented a “merkinless burpee” routine and I conducted 25 of them this morning during the starfish…..that was the only thing that allowed me to finish four legs of that beast! Great job Hannibal….you have to love it when a plan beats the tail of 14 men!!

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