• When:06/24/14
  • QIC: Splinter
  • The PAX: Puddin Pop, Scratch n win, Lazy Boy, Sanka, Father's Bum, Joker, Fireman Ed, Horeshead, Lab Rat, Cotton Mouth, Crab Cake, Robin Hood (WD 2x Respect), Brown, Stone Cold, Fletch, Country Livin', Simba, Runstopper, Focker, Busch, Gullah, Bananas, Hacker, Header, Splinter (Q), TI83 (FNG Ryan)


[Posted by TR on behalf of Splinter, subbing for Semi-Gloss]

YHC’s first Q at Skunkworks provided some jitters last night, hence actually wrote this weinke out.  26 PAX including 1 FNG used google maps and twitter to find the substitute location for one of Area 51’s finest workouts.  Expectations always run high at skunks.  Hopefully YHC delivered.

Grab bells mosey 100 yds or so to a nearby Grassy Knoll.


Halo x 10 combined with SSH x 10 (repeat 3 times)

2 Hand swings x 20 combined with Mountain climbers x 20 (repeat 3 times)

The Thang:

High Pulls x 10 each arm (repeat 3 times)

wide arm merkin x 20 OYO

Single arm Press x 10 (repeat 3 times)

regular merkin x 20 OYO

Snatch x 10 (repeat 3 times)

diamond merkin x 20 OYO

Renegade Row x 10 (repeat 3 times)

Burpees 10 OYO

RDL x 10 (repeat 3 times)

Goblet squats x 10 (repeat 3 times) audibled repeat 2 times

Flutter kicks x 20 (repeat 3 times) modify is no bell

Lou Gainis (sp?) x 10 (repeat 3 times) audibled repeat 2 times

Russian Twist x 10 (repeat 3 times)

Turkish Getups x 5  audibled YHC struggling at this point

Curls x 20

Mosey to parking lot.  Grab partner.  Line up at Stop Sign

Partner KB swings to 100

Partner 1 runs 100 meters or so and back/partner 2 does KB swings flapjack till 100 is attained

Partner curls to 75

Partner merkins to 75

Mosey to cars and circle up for COT.


Ye Olde Moleskin

Semi Gloss enticed YHC to sub for him in return for a free lunch.  Then proceeded to be slightly nervous last night and redid the Weinke a couple of times.  Actual number of redos will remain secret to avoid future heckling.

Hard to get a good glimpse of everyone when YHC is struggling to make it through, but Busch, Bananas, Fletch, Run Stopper, Crab Cake seemed to be putting in strong work.

The ten counts between sets were much needed.  Thankful for all who gave 10 counts except for Cottonmouth. His Ten count is really a 3 count. Future Q’s never ask Cottonmouth for a 10 count.

There has been some banter among the PAX about whether there should or should not be running at at KB workout and if so, to what extent.  Supposedly Hops had put the smokeboots to skunks last week so YHC felt the need to keep it balanced with lots of iron reps. When announced on Twitter that this was the plan last night, Brown favorited the tweet.  I think because Brown is the President of the “I hate running club.”  You can buy a Car sticker from him that says 0.0 (I don’t run).  Point being, most PAX should have put in 400 to 500 reps with the bells plus all the cardio exercises thrown in to keep the heart rate up.

After COT some PAX discussed changing just christened TI83 to Jurgen due to him being a soccer coach at CDS, and world cup time seemed to be fitting.  TI83 was a mouthful.  Sound off in the comments if you have an opinion.

Sanka and Fletch decided to wear matching shirts today.  It was cute.

Tclaps to Header and Stone Cold for waiting on YHC for the pre-run so that YHC did not have to sad clown 3 miles in the gloom.

Tclaps to whoever took us out.  Can’t remember.  Scratch n win?


Sign up for Mud Run in the fall.  Gummy has a sweet spreadsheet and wants to fill it out

3rd F Threshold this Wednesday at SouthPark Bojangles start time is noon.  Chp 2 Prodigal God. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OR0ckexTgY (for a short promo of the book)

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9 years ago

Yes to rename of Jurgen! Should have incorporated more running Splinter…but sounded like a solid beatdown. T-claps on a solid Q.

9 years ago

I still vote for Elmer or Fuddrucker. Not sure if there is a winner between TI83 and a soccer nickname.

9 years ago

Great Q Splinter, I think we all got our money’s worth and I’m still feeling it for sure. Vote yes on the name change to Jurgen.

9 years ago

Jurgen… not bad, but obscure. Sticking with the soccer theme, what about Flopper, or Nutmeg, or Own Goal, or Hooligan?

Reply to  Joker
9 years ago

Nutmeg! love it. wish we had thought of that this am!

9 years ago

All of Joker’s suggestions are winners. Thanks for the tough beatdown Splinter!

9 years ago

Perhaps TR could have saved this one, but after the Fathers Bum fiasco it seems that we may just be headed for some bad nicknames. Maybe we need one of those baby name books to have at the ready.

High Tide
9 years ago

Brown may be the President, but I’ve gotta be the Town Crier of the No Running Club.

Somehow, I missed your pre-tweet/blast about no running and #sadclowned, just to be safe. Plus, I used the opportunity to try out the weinke for next week. Any guesses to the amount of running in store? 10 counts may be needed…

Scratch & Win
Scratch & Win
9 years ago

Perhaps a name change for TI83 and Fathers Bum. Jurgen or nutmeg are solid. And I mentioned at Kevlar 2 weeks ago the father’s Bum is also a ceramics artist, throwing clay. So Unchained Melody, Ghost might be fitting. And yes I took us out today.

9 years ago

Disappointed – I really thought this was going to be an Animal House reference.

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