Skunkworks: 1 part running, 1 part metal-swinging, 1 part burpees, & 1 part Brazil-like humidity (Go USA!)

  • When:06/17/14
  • QIC: Hops
  • The PAX: Cottonmouth, La-Z-Boy, Puddin' Pop, Gullah, Semi-Gloss, Tiger Rag, Busch, Clown Car, Stone Cold, Brown, Sussudio (WD), Header, Young Love, Alf, Country Livin' (WB), Simba, Sanka, Donkey Kong, Father's Bum, Scratch & Win, Focker (FNG Paul M), Funky Bunch, Zipadee, Bananas (LIFO), Harley, Cole Slaw, Hops

Skunkworks: 1 part running, 1 part metal-swinging, 1 part burpees, & 1 part Brazil-like humidity (Go USA!)

Not sure if the SF or VSF was planted, but 26 morning warriors (w/1 FNG) set out for another Tuesday assault at Skunkworks.  Bananas joined us shortly thereafter to make it 27 pax.


SSH x 25 IC

Squat x 15 IC

Too much mumblechatter could mean only one thing — pax had too much excess O2, so off we went.

.65 mile AYG run around church.  Thought the distance was closer to .4 mile, but Harley informed otherwise – YHC was glad to hear it.

Plank while waiting for rest of pax

50 1-handed swings, 25 each arm

10 burpees


50 high pulls, 25 each arm

10 burpees


50 Upright Rows

10 burpees


50 Goblet Squats

10 burpees


50 2-handed swings

10 burpees


.65 mile AYG run around church

Plank while waiting for rest of pax

Russian Twist x 10 w/KB IC

High Slow Flutter x 13 IC

Louganis x 10 OYO

CCV x10 on R, Flapjack, x10 on L

Makthar Ndjiaye x 13

Solid prayer to take us out by Gullah.


Good work by the pax.  Skunkworks always brings out the vociferousness in the pax.  There was ample mumblechatter…perhaps too much…so YHC wanted to be sure to not cheat the pax out of an O2-depriving workout.  Hope you got your money’s worth.  Pretty simple.  Some swings. Burpees. 1.3ish miles of all out runs and some core work.

T-claps to DK for pushing himself on the runs and leading both.  YHC thinks some of the fleet-footed pax didn’t exactly bring their AYG efforts as I heard some of them behind me chattering when they should have been Larry Birdin’ me.

Welcome to FNG Focker.  Good work and look forward to having you post again soon.  How about tomorrow at DV or Anvil?  And T-claps to Scratch & Win who has only been out for 2 weeks and already EH’d 2 (or is it 3?) buddies.  Good question for the pax: When’s the last time you EH’d a sadclown?  How about today?

As always, appreciate Harley tapping me to change the pace a bit at Skunkworks.  A great group of men for whom it is an honor to try to deprive them of O2.


Aftermath – Wed @ 0630 at Sbux-Piper Glen.  Chs. 6 & 7 of “Blue Like Jazz”

Threshold – Wed @ Noon at Morrison Cafeteria (Bojangles) in SoPk. Ch. 1 of “The Prodigal God”

F3 Dads – This Saturday, June 21st @ 0900 @ Francis Beatty Park.  Girls and boys welcome.  Header on Q.  Bring your kids – they’ll love it.




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10 years ago

Loved the pace this am. Not just for metal heads!

Young Love
10 years ago

Well done this morning! I was drained. Your plan was tremendous, and the suckage was accentuated by your co-Q El Humidor.

Reply to  Hops
10 years ago

Strong work my friend…I’m feeling that one HARD now. Feels like an F3 midnight now. Guess its time to work on repositioning some body mass…and soon.

10 years ago

Somewhere around the last burpee set Country and I were wondering what made you so mad. I am just thankful the US won, might have been worse for us had they lost.

Scratch & Win
Scratch & Win
10 years ago

Thx for props. Only 2 so far, but working on more. Great Q.

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