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School Yard Prison Yard

13 fine gentlemen made the right decision this morning, coming out in the chilly gloom for a bit of adult recess. After a brief disclaimer, we were off to the other side of the school, circling in for a landing at a previously unused (or seldom used) location: the basketball court randomly located behind the lower school buildings (C building, for those inclined to know such things). The workout proceeded as follows:

  • COP: SSHs, Squats, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Carolina Dry Docks, Multi-directional Lunges
  • Making use of the benches surrounding the court, we enjoyed sets of Incline and Decline Merkins and a bunch of a$$-to-bench Squats
  • We mixed in some Bear Crawls and Crab Walks, to keep it interesting and young at heart.
  • Left the court, ran around the rest of the lower school buildings (for those keeping track at home, these would be the A and B Buildings and whatever they call the church’s “family life center” building — I’m a CDS guy, not a CC guy, so that building is off my radar) and back to the playground benches.
  • Split into 2 groups, first group ran that same circle, while the second group focused on Dips and Step-ups. Flapjack. Repeato x2
  • Horsehead said things were getting weird (which usually means things were getting REALLY WEIRD), so we relocated to the base of the hill for some more fun and games.
  • Next we did some LBCs at the bottom of the hill, bunny-hopped (Cottontail’s #wheelhouse) up the hill, Flutters at the top. Run back down and repeat 5x.
  • Then we did some CDDs at the bottom, bear crawled up, Jump Squats at the top. Run back down and repeat 5x.
  • Mosey back to finish. 17 Burpees to ring out the old year.
  • COT


  • Good to see the guys out this morning. Nice, energetic group of folks ranging in age from 17 – 58 #ISI. Love that about F3: just as inspiring to see the Respects as it is fun to try to keep up with the  HateHateHates
  • We could have spent the entire workout on the basketball court. So many options, most of which involved suicides. Was starting to feel a bit like a prison yard workout, though. Especially with that iron-looking plastic fence around the border. Prison Yard , School Yard, funny how similar they are. Explains why I felt the way I felt going through grade school, too.
  • In COT, I asked everyone to declare 2017: Good, Bad, Hard or Easy. Once folks realized I wasn’t asking them to grade my workout, we all declared 2017 as a good year, and for Fault Line, it was even a great year! Personally, 2017 was very hard and also very good. One of those years I’m glad to have done and glad to not have to do again. A sign of God’s faithfulness, no doubt.
  • Peace out, 2017. Who’s got next?


  • Convergence workouts January 1: Freedom Park (Metro) and a rumored one at Base Camp (Area 51/South Charlotte) — check twitter, slack, etc. to confirm (Disclaimer applies to backblasts, in case you didn’t know)

Wingin’ It

About a week ago, a call went out for someone to step-up and Q as the regularly scheduled leader was apparently planning to be MIA this fine morning. I could’ve sworn someone responded and agreed to take it, but apparently they thought they were volunteering to be MIA themselves this morning. Didn’t know that was an option. Fast forward to today and when 5 of us circled up, kettlebells smartly arrayed in front of us, we figured out pretty quickly that none of us had planned to lead. So, with a shrug and a disclaimer (including a first ever: “I don’t know what I have planned today, but proceed at your own risk”), we began.


  • Initiate Blood Flow: SSHs, imperial walkers, squats, mountain climbers, something else, another thing, and, oh yeah, 100 swings.
  • The Meat Grinder part 1: Kettlebell flow — 1-handed swings, hi-pulls, cleans, press, squat; R then L; ascending reps 2,4,6,8,10
  • Intermission: 100 swings, 20 2-handed press
  • Meat Grinder part 2: Kettlebell flow — same as above, descending reps 8,6,4,2
  • Cooldown: overhead waiter carry to the school and back
  • COT


  • SiteQs were last seen hiding in the bushes muttering something about pushing pax into a deep end and new form of leadership development called Trial by Fire. Little did they know, we don’t rattle. If I hadn’t stepped up I’m sure any of the other fine gents would’ve directed the proceedings. All except maybe Smokey…something about a warm car and a comfy seat…
  • Worst part about Qing without a plan… definitely missed the tunes today. Told the PAX I’d lead but I wouldn’t sing. There is not a disclaimer powerful enough to cover my pitch or poor lyrical memory, especially while swinging a bell.
  • Small crew so we took 30 seconds (i.e., we were out of breath and needed a short break) to learn a little about each others story. Nutshell: God has blessed each of us in different ways, over and through different paths, but HE IS FAITHFUL. Also, if I remember this correctly, he has blessed us (collectively) with 10 girls and 5 boys. That’s a lot of blessing right there (and good odds for our boys, cause knowing us, they’re gonna need it!)
  • Congrats to No Regerts! T-minus 2 weeks on the upcoming wedding! Forgot to ask whether you were going to go with real rings or those tattoo versions. Inquiring minds want to know.


  • Prayers, love and support for The Shore and family.
  • Hug your (15) kids. Love unlimited, not least of which because HE FIRST LOVED US.

Personal Responsibility

A small but strong group of wily veterans gathered in the CDS high school middle school parking lot for their daily dose of fitness. Given the expert crew, and the fact that they all knew I’ve never been an expert in much, I gave what might generously be described as a woeful (at best) disclaimer and took off running. Risky move, I know, exposing myself and all the other F3 shareholders to so much potential liability. Oh wait, there are no shareholders?  Ok, all the board members and me? Or, all the members? Or…? Ok, so no good answer to that one. Good thing no one tripped, got lost or fell on an ant bed.


Thanks to Curd’s ribbing, I proceeded to remedy the deficiency when we circled up for actual exercise by giving a thoroughly sound and complete disclaimer, finishing with the legally precise catch-all clause: “Remember, if anything happens out here, it’s your own [darn] fault!”


For those who care, here’s what we did:




COP: SSH, Merkins, Squats, 8-count body builders, LBCs, Mountain Climbers and maybe something else.


Using rocks we found in a ditch, we proceeded to the main parking lot for some running/lifting partner combos that went something like this:

  • Run to end of median/curls
  • Run around median/squats
  • Run to end of 2 medians/press
  • Run around 2 medians/lunge
  • Run down entry lane, banging out 5 merkins at each break/squat-press (repeato)
  • Run around church/curls, squats, lunges, press


Having returned the rocks, we proceeded to the high school middle school picnic tables for a little more partner work:

  • People’s chair on wall/derkins and dips on tables
  • flapjack and repeat x3


Circle up on the concrete slab for a quick session with Jack Webb.


COT (on the slab)



Cobains for no Imperial Walkers today. I personally hate it when the Q doesn’t include those. Feels like the workout is just a tad short-changed and I missed out on something. Not sure what benefit that exercise provides have, they look kinda stupid and most folks half-ass them while chatting with their buddies, but they’re still an F3 staple. But, I forgot them. Oh well. You’ll just have to bang ‘em out on your own if you missed them like I did.


“If anything happens out here, it’s your own [darn] fault.” I’ve been thinking about that statement a little more today, and I really think it rings true. For more than just any potential injury. You want to get faster? It’s on you. Stronger? You. Community? You. You have none of the above? Uh yeah, you. As we shared (ok, I pontificated a bit) in COT, F3 can be a very good thing, helping some of us get in a bit better shape, but more importantly providing a community of men actually getting to know and care about one another. Tough to find in this world. It should be easier to find elsewhere, but for so many it isn’t. Many if not most do find this community at F3 (when they show up semi-consistently, invest in others, etc. – again, it’s on you) and the remarkable thing is that when they find it at F3 they tend to take it with them back into their other work, family, churches and neighborhood.



  • #Haywoodstock and the 24HOB is tonight! Great event for a great cause. Check twitter/slack for details.
  • Redrink the koolaid: Dredd/OBT and F3 were interviewed by Brett McKay and the story of F3 is now available for all to hear. It’s worth a listen whether you are brand new to F3 and never heard the story of why guys do pushups in a parking lot at 5:30 am, or whether you’re an OG who just needs a bit of encouragement. Available at (and links are floating around on twitter/slack). Don’t worry, Pop Tart, it’ll be available in audio cassette format soon.
  • Bulldog and his M are opening a fitness studio in South Park. Sounds like it’ll be a top notch endeavor. Reach out to him for more info.

Seems like a holiday, let’s converge!

I’ll be honest, when I agreed to cover the Q for this day, I forgot that it was Christmas Eve Eve. You know, that most merry of pseudo holidays that only occurs once every real holiday. To top it off, I was soon to find out that I’d be leading a convergence, bringing the old #Jevlar band back together, and we’d be meeting at 7 am instead of the usual safe time of 0530. Why is 0530 safe you ask? Well…. let’s just say that when monkey humpers are on the menu the less light the better…

18 dudes — average crowd for a Friday, but a huge crowd for a psuedo holiday — were properly disclaimed and still decided to follow me around anyway. Following a theme I came up with on my own (stole from Twitter), we started off with burpees and proceeded to sprinkle them throughout the workout to make sure we got in our full allotment. Workout went something like as follows:

  • 12 burpees, run around the track then 11 more burpees
  • Headfake back toward the track then mosey down and around the backside of the high school, front side of the lower school, through the church, over the river and through the woods till finally on top of the cross did we gather for a COP
  • 10 burpees, SSH, 9 burpees, IW, 8 burpees, merkins, LBC, Squat, etc.
  • Jog on over to the hill. What hill, you ask? Why, the hill we always hit at Kevlar.
  • 7 burpees, 11s on the hill (squats and merkins), 6 burpees, run up hill, 5 burpees, run backwards up hill, 4 burpees, bear crawl up hill, 3 burpees, backwards bear crawl (no, definately not crab walk) up hill.
  • Monkey humpers just because
  • Mosey over to the backside of the middle school. Partner up: P1 holds people’s chair on wall while P2 does 30 dips, flapjack and repeat 3x. Repeat another 3x with derkins. Stay out of the mud and off the very newly poured concrete every time.
  • Mosey back to the track. 2 burpees.
  • Line up, shoulder-to-shoulder, headfake to tunnel of love, and turn instead to partner old school setups. Yes, the “interlink your arms and we all do them together style”. Relive your bad GoRuck memories if you have them…
  • Mosey back to the pavement, 1 burpee
  • Eternal Flame/Merkin Wave (no comment as to who one that round)
  • COT/Finis


  • Evident that the holiday season was upon us. 1st F was decent (if I do say so myself), and it was structured so as to allow for ample 2ndF (and as much modification as one wanted, or didn’t want as the case may be, to do).
  • Nice to see Mermaid and Margo travel down 51 to visit us for a double-down. Strong work, my friends!
  • Some folks may have gone for a prerun. Other folks might have done a pre-KB, then a prerun. Maybe…
  • No announcements. None. Nada.
  • As always, a privilege to Q. Thank you whoever threw that one my way…

Who reads a week old backblast?

Ok, I know it’s been a while since I Q’d a workout, but I do know that you’re supposed to get the backblast out sometime that morning so that everyone can wax poetic about how epic the beatdown was, how cold the gloom, and how crazy that random thing that happened was.  Well, if you can’t get it out that morning, definitely by end of day. By end of week. Ok, definitely before the next iteration of the workout. So here I am enjoying my Sunday evening by clearing my conscience…

7 guys circled up around 9 cars and with a push and a nod we were off. Quick mosey around the parking lots and over to the assistant teacher of the week parking spot (primo location!). Circle up for a thorough COP: SSH, IW, Merkin, Mountain Climbers, Squats, Flutter, Plank, LBC. Mosey over to the baby track for BLIMPS:

  • Run a lap, 5 Burpees; run a lap, 5 Burpees, 10 lunges (Sista Mary Catherines if your initials are LR); run, 5 burpees, 10 lunges, 15 IW; run, 5 burpees, 10 lunges, 15 IW, 20 Merkins; run, 5 burpees, 10 lunges, 15 IW, 20 merkins, 25 plank jacks; run, 5 burpees, 10 lunges, 15 IW, 20 merkins, 25 plank jacks, 30 squats; and back down…

Mosey to the wall, people’s chair, BTW, lunge walk across lot, 20 incline merkins; repeato x2

Run back passing and completing 2 rounds of As Many Pullups As Possible (AMPAP?).

Circle up in lot, greet the late arriving owner of the extra 2 cars, complete 1 burpee as a group and we’re done.


  • Great job by all. Everyone was faster than me, especially those who did SMCs instead of Lunges. Of course, great job by me just for showing up — normally the Q doesn’t say that, but when it’s my first post after a month-long IR, and I’m the one writing the backblast, I’ll go ahead and say it.
  • We did the 1 burpee at the end so that we could circle up as a group of 9 with some sense of legitimacy. Just cause TL and Tolkien wanted to go for an hour job instead of chasing us around the baby track, well, no reason they shouldn’t be one of the PAX. We welcome all!
  • Sorry for the late backblast. I feel luck Poptart didn’t chase me down to get it out earlier.


If you don’t stop and look around every once in awhile…

6 men made a small decision this morning to step out of bed instead of shutting off their alarm and rolling over. That decision was followed by another small decision, and another, and another, and by 0530 we found ourselves staring at each other in the early morning gloom. Nothing awkward about it all .

Here’s the WOD (not Lexicon approved):

  • Typical warmup to get the blood moving and fire up the nervous system: SSH, IW, Low, slow hold-em squats (patent pending), merkins, planks, mountain climbers
  • Swing Escalator
    • 10 2-handed swings, 1 2-hand press
    • 15 2-handed swings, 2 2-hand presses
    • 25 2-handed swings, 3 2-hand presses
    • 50 2-handed swings, 4 2-hand presses
  • Repeat Swing Escalator 2 more times
  • 100 yd Farmer’s Carry with the heaviest thing you could find
  • Flutter-press x20
  • Repeat Swing Escalator
  • KB Flow
    • Right side: 1-hand swing, high pull, clean, press, snatch, rack squat, single-leg deadlift; Repeat on left side
    • 2 reps each side, 4 reps each side, 6 reps each side, 1 rep each side


  •  Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it. (Thanks, Ferris, you’re pretty smart).
  • When is the last time you took a look around to enjoy what you got? As we picked up the bells this morning under the predawn glow of a late summer full moon, a doe and her bambi nibbled grass from the nearby field. A week ago, a baby fox frolicked with a butterfly in the same area. As always, the meathead workout was accompanied by the soundtrack of the day and the chatter of camaraderie. Pulling away, friends encouraged one another to stand strong for another day. There were only 6 of us today, but all of us came away full in some way. Enjoy life by living it.
  • Not sure where everyone else was, and frankly don’t really care about the excuse, but if you didn’t have a good excuse know that with your small decision to stay in bed you missed out on a lot. No, maybe it wasn’t a phenomenal, monumental, earth-shattering or groundbreaking workout, but it was the daily medicine we need to fight what ails us. Did you have fun today while you entered your numbers in the spreadsheet or listened to how your 2.0 still can’t get along with your 2.1? I’m guessing no. But, those of us at the workout this morning did have that momentary respite. We were encouraged to go produce at work and at home. Our day was not the drudgery of life beating us, because today we took a stand and fought back. As we’ve all said, the only workout we regretted is the one we didn’t hit. Little decisions…
  • Soundtrack of the day: best of 2000s rock. Remember the records your dad used to spin when you were a kid? Chances are he was in high school in the sixties and you were listening to the classic rock and roll of his early adulthood. Boom. That’s what we got today. This is the music our kids might someday think of as classic, just so long as we talk it up a bit and stand firm to the White Stripes, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Linkin Park and Audioslave of our era.
  • Disclaimer pronounced and in full effect today and most utilized it at some point. Even me (I, the Q, cannot sue F3 because I think I’m tougher than I am). In case there is any question, the disclaimer follows the workout. So if you print this off the internet and try to complete it at home with your purple polka-dot bell (while watching late-night FoxNews or your favorite reality show aka the Olympics) know that you are assuming your own risk in all shapes and forms..
  • Related, FoxNews (and MSNBC and CNN and etc) should probably all have their own assumption of risk disclaimer as well. As HillaTrump has proven, politics are dangerous in the hands of the people and only the talking heads are profiting off our collective idiocy (#NeverTrump #NeverHillary #lesseroftwoevilsnomatterwhichwayyoulean).
  • And while we’re at it, someone needs to tell the folks at NBC that the Olympics are not supposed to be a reality show. We cheer the winners, admire those who persevere despite no chance of medal, and generally respect the sports and the athletes. I don’t need to know the backstory of the guy who’s going to lose the 110 hurdles, especially if it means I’m going to miss the bronze medal boxing round. And, no, our wives didn’t want to hear that stuff either. Don’t insult them by pretending they don’t like winners. They married us, after all.
  • I was pretty stoked (SoCal word, not lexicon approved either) to see everyone struggling with this workout as much as I was. Pretty much a meat and potatoes workout in which you just had to put in the work in order to make the gains. Nothing fancy, just hard work. Witch Doctor continues to swing that blue competition bell as if its growing lighter each day. Nice, friendly attempt at a q-jack (or was it a very vocal modification) by some of the pax. High Tide looked to be in excellent running lifting shape. Brown was, well, Brown. Madison puts his head down and plows. Bulldog lives up to his name, grabbing on to the workout and bending it to his will. I was trying to lead from the front, but it’s a good thing we were standing in a circle…
  • The Washington Post says that your grip strength sucks. Well, yeah, no kidding. You sit at a computer all day and then go home to #netflixandchill. You paid a dude a little bit of money to mow your lawn and fix your pipes and clean the house and probably even walk the dog. Tell you what — grab a bell and meet us back out here next Thursday. Heck, we have some extra bells if you need one #noexcuse. Get out here and reclaim your balls grip. Then go home and pull some weeds. You’re wife n’ kids will thank you later.
  • Bueller didn’t become famous because he sat behind the desk and played by the rules. No, he skipped class, caught the Cubs game, hung out with his girlfriend and his best friend, and drove a Ferrari (backwards) off a cliff. He enjoyed life, one little decision at a time.


  • Pool party. Be there.


Tree Fall

If a tree falls in the woods, and no one hears it, does it make a noise? Meatheads aren’t traditionally known for their philosophical prowess, but the 12 who posted this fine morning have been considering the question ever since. Because, as we all know too well, if a backblast doesn’t post, one begins to wonder if the workout actually happened. Of course, post the backblast too late and no one actually reads it, which I think means the workout didn’t happen … twice.

On this fine misty morning interspersed with torrential downpours and harmonized with the best of Pandora’s Def Leppard radio, 12 terrific gents performed as follows:

  • warmup (get the blood and joints moving):  SSH, IW, Mtn Climbers
  • Swing Set: 10 swings, 1 press, 15 swings, 2 presses, 25 swings, 3 presses, 50 swings, 4 presses
  • 5×5: double-racked squats
  • Swing Set repeato
  • 5×5 (each leg): goblet side lunges (KB in goblet position)
  • Swing set repeato
  • 5×5: Farmer’s Carry 50 yards while partner holds plank
  • Swing Set repeato
  • 5 double-racked squats, 5 goblet side lunges, 5 double-racked squats, 5 side lunges, 5 single-legged good mornings (each side)
  • Swing Set repeato


  • Excellent time as always with the men of meathead. Except for the counting part (which always tends to dim the chatter) had a good group of like minded indiviuals, encouraging form and grinding through the load.
  • Simple workout –> simple result #getstronger
  • Tested the limits of my waterproof speaker. It did fine, but phone was still drying out while I recorded the names in COT so add in if I missed you #QFail. You don’t get credit unless you are listed below…


  • We had some, but they’re probably expired by now.

Holiday Spirit

16 men gathered in the gloom around the #badassblack shovel and red, white and blue flag. Those colors may not run, but we did, off into and around the nicest and largest parking lot in the A51 AO.


  • Warmup run around the lots, mixing in shuffles, high knees, buttkickers and skips. Yes, skips.
  • COP: SSHs, burpees, IWs, burpees, squats, burpees, planking
  • Run to rock pile, grab a large rock and mosey with rock to parking lot adjunct Hwy 51.
  • Santa’s Roast Beast:
    • Using my holiday-themed deck o’ cards, we picked cards to identify which exercise we would perform in “beast” format (6 stations, run from station to station performing X number of reps at each station).
      • clubs = curl and press with rock
      • hearts = squats
      • diamonds = merkins (not diamond merkins)
      • spades = Q’s choice
    • Completed about 2 sets of each suit, rep amounts ranging from 6-10
  • Return rock to pile
  • Line up and run 3-man sprint grinders, move few steps closer each time.
  • Return to cars for quick flutter x20 and freddie mercury x20


  • For the record, I have no idea where I got a Santa-themed deck of cards.
  • Everybody made a poor rock selection today. Qs instruction to pick a rock “larger than a running rock and smaller than a lifting rock” resulted in rocks that were painful no matter what we did with them.
  • Mermaid may be the fastest merkin-maker in A51. Seems to have decent form, too, although I’m not bald enough to be an expert on such things #formpolice.
  • Poor Q selection on the first round of spades. Turns out that 6×6 of turkish getups are awful. Even if no one was really doing them right.
  • Decreasing distance on the sprint grinders resulted in super-short sprints at the end. Almost had to audible to hand-slap merkins we were so close.
  • Mr. Construction Worker gave us a pretty weird look as we ran by him on our way to return the rocks. I still think we should have tossed our rocks in the back of his truck and thanked him for his service.
  • Everybody was pushing it out there today which meant there were no notable performances proving once again that if everyone is special no one is.


  • A51 is collecting canned goods, toys and dress clothes, You have no excuse not to donate something. Bring canned goods and dress clothes to the holiday party (donate the dress clothes, wear the ugly sweater). Bring toys to the select AOs collecting, or just give them to Mermaid or me. See email of the week or DM me directly for more details

In light of this morning’s prayer request shared by Horsehead, take a moment to hug your wife and kids, and pray for each of them while also praying for the hurting family. If nothing else, consider 2 Samuel 12:16 and 22-23.


One More Time!

Being a Wednesday AO siteQ for the last 2.5 years, I was looking forward to broadening my horizons and checking out a new AO for the first time. Added benefit, I was invited to Q. A workout happened, mad fitness gains were made and fellowship was the happy byproduct. Arriving 10 minutes early to get my bearings, I quickly put a plan together and here is what we did:

  • Warmup run around the parking lot and track, circle up near middle of field for COP.
  • COP: SSHs, Speed Skaters, Squats, Merkins, Plank, Mtn Climbers
  • Brisk jog to the bottom of the bleachers for a stadium stair routine:
    • Warmup: 5x up and down, 75% effort
    • Set 1: 20 merkins, up/down 4x 20 derkins; repeato up/down 3x; repeato up/down 2x
    • Set 2: leap up stairs (2 or 3 in a single bound), run back down, 30 mtn climbers at bottom; repeato x2
    • Set 3: 20 single-leg squats, up/down 3x, 10 jump squats; repeato up/down 2s; repeato up/down 1x
  • Brisk jog to turf end zone for a taste of Anvil: the modified BLIMPS routine
    • 5 Burpees, 10 Lunges, 15 Imperial Walkers, 20 Merkins, 25 Plank Jacks, 30 Squats; run 20 yds, repeat using only BLIMP, run 20 yds, repeat using only BLIM … other end zone 5 burpees.
  • Circle up for quick Mary session involving flutters, LBCs and a brief TR thrust.
  • Mosey back to shovelflag for COT


  • Thanks for the invite to Q, Baracus! I had a great time. Was going to do more Anvil-like programming, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity once I saw the stadium stairs. I think we all got our fill of stairs. Definitely an elevator day at work today.
  • Stair work was seemingly never ending, thus “one more time” became our rallying cry each and every time we attacked that artificial hill.
  • Nice to see some friendly faces and meet some new ones. Always great to get away from the routine and branch out once in a while.
  • Strong work by John Deere and Want Ad – always out in from of the PAX. Pro and I shared stairs (don’t worry, there was a railing to keep us from getting too close and personal) and he was always at least 1, more like 5, steps ahead of me. Definitely good motivation for my rehab – gotta keep pushing to get the lungs back!


  • Metro Thanksgiving convergence at AG – 7 AM – tomorrow (Thanksgiving). A51 PAX allowed to join in if they pay the toll.
  • A51 football game at Matthews Sportsplex for those who want to pound someone before they pound some turkey. Check out weekly email or contact Spackler for more details.

Fresh Waters

So, I’ve been meaning to get out of my rut and actually post at a Thursday workout. Perfect excuse came this morning by way of text on Tuesday. Not sure if Brown knew exactly what he was doing when he pegged me to join in the Thursday fun, but couldn’t let him down.

Cool temps, sleeveless shirts, music and meatrunners back on location. Time to begin:


Warmup: mountain climbers, imperial walkers, prying squats, figure eights and some halos

The Main Event:

  • Set #1: Pyramid :
    • Reps: 2/4/6/8/6/4/2
    • Exercises: 1-H Swing, hi-pull, clean, snatch, squat
    • Repeat with other hand
  • Set #2: Farmer Carry/Burp-n-Merk partner combo x2
    • Partner 1 carries 2 heavy bells from here to there and back; Partner 2 performs Burp-n-Merk 1-10
    • Flapjack and Repeato
  • Set #3: 5×5 Doubles
    • Double squat
    • Double swing
  • Set #4: Cool-down with 3×10 start-stop swings


  • I’m pretty sure I posted at Meathead before, but it’s been awhile. Realized it felt a little like surfing among the locals on some new beach. The internet has advice for this sort of situation (, but I’m pretty sure there is no way this is legit cause surfers don’t read the internet. Meatheads probably don’t either, so I guess we’re back to square one. The only way to be a Meathead is to post at Meathead (well, that’ll get you started, anyway…)
  • I’m also pretty sure I violated a couple Meathead rules today by (1) including the farmer’s carry (certainly not 0.0) and burp-n-merk (no KB involved), and (2) ignoring TR when he tried to heckle my mountain climbers.
  • Speaking of TR, found out today he has a couple problems with certain songs, maybe even 99 of them. Hey, it could have been worse – I could have made the call for curls to that song.
  • Not sure how we got on our sushi conversation this morning, however, I politely declined when my co-workers wanted to go get it for lunch. Not surprisingly, I had no appetite for that.
  • Props to everyone who made it out this morning. Folks were lifting heavy, pushing hard and grunting … a lot
  • Looking forward to my next time back. Thanks for the invitation to Q, Brown.
  • Brushback – hope you feel better soon.


  • Turkey Leg will be moving from his garage back into his house next Wednesday. More free beer for those who help. No word yet on if he’s providing slippers and furniture pads to keep those new floors shiny.