Death Valley

Death Valley BB

BySwiper Aug 17, 2016

10 men gathered for another session of Death Valley. The numbers were thin as nearly all of F3 is deep into BRR training at this point. #MtnGoat


That’s nothing to be proud of, Russ…Fifty yards.

ByGummy Aug 10, 2016

14 men gathered in a middle school parking lot at 5:30 on a Wednesday, then did this: Yog around the parking lot a bit, then circle up for the



ByJoker Aug 3, 2016

11 men exercised at South Charlotte Middle School from 5:30-6:15AM today. What we did: Standard warm up - SSH / IW / Squats / Merkins 1/2

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Skatepark Posers

BySpackler Jul 27, 2016

20 men showed up for Death Valley.  After a little whisper from HorseHead, we were off. Short run down Strawberry to Rosecliff with one stop fo


Soccer Calves > Soccer Arms

ByDollywood Jul 20, 2016

For this special group of PAX I dug way back to my College soccer days and pulled out a Plyo workout to test the calf strength of all in attendan

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Are we doing miles or what

BySemi-Gloss Jul 13, 2016

24 Pax showed up for a VERY muggy morning. Here is what the weinke told me to do. COP 20 MERKINS - CAD Rapid 30 LBC's - CAD Rapid 15 Merkins

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Happy little miles and whisper cadence

ByFletch Jul 6, 2016

While not nearly as hot as yesterday, it was plenty warm and there would soon be a sweat trail and puddles all over South Charlotte Campus. Grea

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bunch of ground squirrels

BySpackler Jun 29, 2016

20 pax incl 2 FNG's (Bubbly and Smoggies) came and conquered the thang. The Thang The Gopher Moleskine Fun group today.  Fun workout.  Not

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Summer School

ByPuddin Pop Jun 22, 2016

A wily pack of 21 men joined me in a nice summer sweat fest.  Upon arriving in the lot, Semi-Gloss took his customary release in the stall that


Who’s Idea Was This?

ByGood Hands Jun 15, 2016

17 pax posted for the latest edition of Death Valley. It was hot and humid, and no FNG's so quick disclaimer and off we went. Mosey down to the

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