Mutiny aboard the SS Hairburner

  • When:11/23/16
  • The PAX: Header, Hannibal, semi gloss, drago, pudding pop, freedom, strike out, Witch doctor, jet fuel, spackler, telemundo, draino, Coal miners daughter, marge

Mutiny aboard the SS Hairburner

YHC showed up today with the intention of knocking out a low mileage strength workout, geared toward the anti-runner type who throws up a little when they hear the call to run to Beatty park.

What I didn’t anticipate was a full scale revolt led by my compadres… with a noticeable lack of “having-blackness” being displayed by my CO-Q semi… who left me out in the cold like I caught the swine flu.

The Business:

4 station circuit with a running group timer.

– Plyometric boxes
– Slam ball workout
– Merkin station
– 10 yard out ‘n back hairburners

Everybody pair up find a station with on group serving as the runners.

Perform each exercise continuously until the running group completes 2 laps around the light poles. Once with plate of choice (15,25, or 35) and once with no plate.

We did this a total of 3 rounds.

Next, at approx. 6:08 we stopped to finish with a hairburner relay.

This consisted of groups of 4-5 people splitting themselves up evenly about 12 yards from each other. Each Pax then proceeded to push the weight across the 12 yd distance, stop, leave the plate for the partner and then jog an additional 15 yards before returning to line.

Back and forth we pushed the weight. Each pax pushed it over the 12 yd distance a total of 6-8 times before everyone just stopped.


I’m not saying hairburners are easy but I was shocked when at 6:12 we had a premature COT beginning to occur.

My rallying cry did work for a moment: “guys, what are we doing it’s 6:12?”

But at 6:14 there was no longer a critical mass left as I looked around and noticed header, Witch, and spack were about the only ones left pushing.

I wish I could say Semi-gloss backed me up, that he splashed merlot pushing himself to the brink in anticipation of the THXgiving feast that was coming… but no. SG’s sole defense was “dude, hairburners suck” …

Maybe I need to renegotiate my site-Q contract and see what Header is offering in the greener pastures of Joust, I hear they just made a big move this offseason for a first rounder outa Chicago.

Anyway, I’m sad to say we left a minute on the clock today… @1.77 miles.

Could we have gotten to the 2mi. Threshold I had hoped for? Would that have given Skywalker enough time to show up? Would Cole miners daughter have become coal miners son?

That’s not for us to know.


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7 years ago

Great call on the HB relay. That hurt.

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