I’ve Never Done This Before

  • When:11/30/2016
  • QIC: Poptart
  • The PAX: Smokey, Dollywood, Header, Squid, Harley, Swiper, Puddin Pop, Drano, Deep Dish, Chelms aka Tater Tot, Backoffice, Lazyboy, Retread, Turkey Leg, Cottonmouth, PopTart (QIC)

I’ve Never Done This Before

Pax was hanging in the parking lot looking for the Q, when squid and I showed up with 30 seconds to spare. We got out of the car headed over to the Pax and we were off after the shortest disclaimer known to F3.

Mosey down and around the track and back up to the parking lot for some warm up.
20 x SSH
20 x IW
5 x Merkin

The Thang:
Suicides using the outlined bus parking spots. 20 merkins at the first parking spot, then run down to the bleachers for 20 dips. Repeat until each Pax reaches the 12th parking spot.
Grab a lifting rock, then circle up for some Squid inspired curls on my cadence.
10 x full length curls
10 x halfway up curls
10 x halfway down curls

15 v-ups

15 x each curl exercise

10 x canopener on each leg

20 x each curl exercise


Thanks for letting me lead Dollywood, even though I had you worried I might not show. Gummy was worried about it raining this morning so he asked me to switch weeks with him. Either that or he was missing his calf? Not really sure. Either way, I have to admit I didn’t have my creative thinking hat on so I made the workout simple, at least for me. I hope everyone enjoyed. Smokey and Dollywood were out front pushing the group hard, while Header, Chelms or maybe Swiper, were right behind, with Turkey Leg and Squid pushing the pace. It was darker than I expected so I could quite make out everyone in the gloom. Header made the comment to me that he had never done suicides of this magnitude, and I informed him I hadn’t either. We hit a total of 3 miles. I am pretty sure none of us ran 3 miles of suicides back in high school during basketball practice. I am not sure how Smokey kept up with someone 15 years his junior, but it has to be HGH. Of course I have my doubts after seeing the piece of gravel he used for the first round of curls. He had the smallest rock I have ever seen. So he stole mine to pay me back for the ridicule. Harley was pushing it hard as always, and I think might be faster without his visor. Not so much drag. Drano and Puddin Pop pushing themselves as usually, getting in the miles. I know I missed a couple guys but it was great to see everyone pushing themselves and each other. Finally, Hopper has officially been renamed Spider Humper. Not really sure why, but apparently he committed to Chelms to post this morning and he fartsacked. Thanks Squid for the take out as usual.

Bring toys to the F3 Xmas party for Operation Sweet Tooth.
Joe Davis run January.
BRR signups open tomorrow.

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Chelms aka Tatertot
7 years ago

Tuesday night I was chatting with Hopper (aka Spider Humper) at the Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting and met one of his co-workers. We were explaining F3 and the nicknames. Not sure why she thought of Spider and I thought she said Humper when she actually said Hopper. Spider Humper is much better anyway and since he fartsacked he deserves whatever the PAX decides. I told him that he would regret it if he didn’t post since I agreed to get up after a few cocktails Tuesday night. Alarm not being set properly is pretty lame but maybe others are more forgiving. My accountability was posting and his likely will be a new name (or at least AKA).

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