Going Out Hot

ByThin Mint Jan 15, 2019

A dozen Bagpipers, including a Respect visiting from F3 Louisville, noticed sandbags in the lot and left heading south, hoping we wouldn't retur

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The Advent Calendar of Pain

ByWarEagle Dec 12, 2018

15 men decided to combat the gluttony that comes along with the holiday season and post at Bagpipe.  Speedo season will be around the corner so

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Kegs & Legs

Bytagalong Dec 6, 2018

20 PAX for this week's much anticipated (self provided feedback) episode of Bagpipe aka The Oatmeal Slayer... #Disclaimer We will be runnin

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The Verdict is In

ByOne-Niner Nov 27, 2018

On a brisk chilly morning 37 men across the REAL, FAKE Swift and Bagpipe fought the freeze to get better. Apparently there was a mutiny among the

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Wild Turkey’s Recipe Sweet Potato Cranberry Pecan Casserole

ByWildTurkey Nov 20, 2018

19 sweet potatoes got mashed Bagpipe. From Vine American Kitchen we strode to Conlan's Circle for a standard warm-up - jacks, walkers, 'merica

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Rainy, Sandy, Burpee, and Parking Deck-y

ByMighty Mite Nov 14, 2018

At around 1700 on Monday evening, YHC was reminded of my Q the next morning by a well-timed Kirby slackbomb.  My 70ish lb sandbag was still sitt

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4LEX: Bagpipe Backblast

Bytagalong Oct 30, 2018

14 PAX gathered for the Lex Luthor modified AMRAP... most of us were overdressed for the 42 degree temps.   There was a lot of complaining abou

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Swift (20 PAX) + Bagpipe (23 PAX) = Kirby

Bytagalong Sep 18, 2018

Bagpipe welcomed their newest co-site Q, Mr. Kirby - now officially in charge of Recruiting and Retention.  This morning's workout started and e

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What We Don’t Remember, We Will Forget

ByPaper Jam Sep 11, 2018

24 PAX enjoyed the freedom of posting on this 9.11 morning. We have the freedom to choose when and where to go. We have the freedom to asse

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Bagpipe Tuesday

ByCobbler Aug 23, 2018

If you didn't know YHC plays catcher in an adult baseball league and had a game Monday night.  Legs were hurting big time on Tuesday and had to

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