Moderate? What’s moderate?

ByVoodoo Dec 6, 2017

8 pax joined YHC on a warm December morning for the weekly installment of Ascent. It was a kettlebell day, so High Tide came early to do his TGU


Kettlebells on a sunny november morning

BySony Nov 13, 2017

You know when you have that gut feeling that you're forgetting something? YHC had that friday night, and fortunately was smart enough to check on

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Tabatas revenge at Ascent

BySony Oct 3, 2017

Preparing for a large crowd from RockZero, YHC geared up with a plan to test the entire nation, clydesdales and whatever you call those people wh

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PREBLAST: The revenge of the Tabata at Ascent

BySony Sep 29, 2017

With the Isabella Santos / Speed For Need race this Saturday, Ascent will remain open as a 7 am workout option! So all y'all over at the Rock Zer

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Late but not forgotten

ByHigh Tide Aug 30, 2017

It's been nearly four (4) weeks since the beatdown, and YHC could offer up any number of reasons (excuses) why a backblast hasn't been posted bef

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It’s only 85% humidity

ByCostanza Aug 19, 2017

YHC arrived with Fugitive in the parking lot.  The PAX trickled in slowly, with Drano and Daisy arriving from their pre-workout of a 4 mile run.

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Ciabatta, er Tabatas at Ascent

BySony Aug 14, 2017

7 Pax made their way on a humid morning out to Ascent for a little different of a workout. The thang: Warmup A lap around the warmup-tra

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Hills, Humidity, and Heavy Rocks

BySony Jul 24, 2017

6 PAX showed up on a humid July morning, unknowingly about to face the wrath of a sleep deprived Q... The Thang: An easy warmup with a lap of

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Back to basics

ByHigh Tide Jul 9, 2017

Ascent began almost 4 years ago as a moderate bootcamp workout.  Over time there have been different focuses; recently, one of once-monthly KBs

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Let’s get it done!!

ByCostanza_colabell Jun 24, 2017

It was a great Saturday for the PAX to start off the first week of summer with a strong workout.  Goon asked if we going to do much running toda

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