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Chase the Paper

So I sent a simple pre-tweet with a little kid chasing some toilet paper down a hill so he could achieve his ultimate goal….  Will come back to that


Proper Disclaimer given and off down hill Stop at the street 5 burpees, stop at the road,  10 Burpees

WU:  20SSH, 15 CC and something else can’t remember

The Thang:  5 Stations with Running half the lot as timer

Station 1- Worm Burners and Burpees

Station 2- Standing Reach with bar

Station 3  Smash balls

Station 4 KB Swing

Station 5 come back with the timer

Run back hit with a few more burpees and some Mary to finish on time


Moleskin: Chasing the paper, gear work is really up to you and you alone,  you really can just “get by” if you want to and honestly I have had times I have struggled with that myself. Its why I strive to find someone that will challenge me and push me, and why I set mental goals for myself while I work out. So, as I have done these in the past, the first round you should really push your self hard and hit a number.  Grab the biggest KB and see what you can do in the minute or so you have,  20,21 swings…. Great but next time set time around set a goal and beat that number, then the 3rd time even higher, chase that paper and set it so that your working your ass off. If your not gassed at the end of a gear work out, its your fault.  The motivation has to come from you…  And since your up at 5AM anyways  you mite as well make it worth your time.

Notable mentions- REcalculating and Frack are real men- I am not I admit it- both wearing t shirts and frack didn’t even have gloves

Frack decided that doing summer saults over the plate was more effective then pushing it

All put in a solid effort and I am looking forward to seeing more plate working in a couple weeks at Chiseled

Moneyball is relentless with Back blasts!

It was fun to q today! Thanks for the invite MB



Bible study Sunday mornings- DM Bottlecap for Details

Effe’s? party Tomorrow night for WUC

Bring Hoodies and pants to Bottlecap for Church on the street


Keep it under 2 miles.  That was the only message I got from Bean for my Q instructions. OK,  I can do that.  Load of the car with my rods and head to the fishing hole.

WU: Mosey to the top of the deck,  20 SSH, 10 Merkins, 10 IW, and 10 Cherry pickers

The thang: Mosey back to the fishing hole and grab a rod and a kettle bell (will come back to the rods later)  Mosey back to the deck

Partner up,  P1 at the bottom with the steel rods,  P2 moseys up to the top deck with a KB and does 10 Swings,  runs back down to P1 to swap with Rod exercise as the timer.

Round 1-  150 Squat thrusters

Round 2- 150 Merkin Rows

Round 3- 200 Curls

Finish mosey back to top for some big boy sit ups while handing the rods back and forth.  And that is where it went south, really south!


Rods who would have thought a 30lb, 20″ rod would have gotten so much attention but as you could imagine, men should be very careful with their rods. Add Steel Kettle Bells (which quickly transitioned to “balls”) the atmosphere quickly became non 2.0 friendly.  In any case, it was funny and the pax muscled through 60 big boy situps with a rod that each other could share:)  You let your mind take you to where you think how that went.

Last,  Mad respects as there were 5 yes, 5 respects and we did finish with 1.7 miles (according to my watch) and 26 flights of stairs which elevated the heart rates.  It was a fun pax to be part of an I was honored to lead.  Appreciate you gents and you can use my rods anytime you want!  Bean you should have been there!



I pull up, first Car I see is Shop,  cool,  then I park and see Snowflake,  cool,  Dasher, Frack, Bratwurst, Cool.   It was like we got the band back together!  I have been doing this a while I have built many great friendships and love all the workouts I get to do and the folks I get to work out with no doubt.  That said, this morning was a little reminiscent of the original crew I started years ago with and I was pumped about working out with them, only person we were missing was Ice. We drag him in sometime soon!

WU: Mossy around to the school,  20 SSH, 10 Merkins, 10 MC, 10 wide armed merkins, some cherry pickers and were off!

The Thang: Light pole work, 4 light poles,  10 burpees each one, work back first light 10 jump squats each light.  Start again, 20 Carolina Dry Docks.  Mosey to the side lot partner up 100 Burpees while partner 1 circles the globe. Done, mosey over to next set of lights 25 LBC at each.  Mosey to the last around the school and 10 merkins at each light.  Mosey to the lot and finish with 3 wind sprints up the hill.

Moleskin: First of all lets do a quick shout out on the respects,  War Daddy- Snow Flake 57! Johnny Utah 53! Shop Dawg 53, The Grease Monkey 50!!!! This was 2.5 miles of high intensity burpees running and mixed in Plank Jacks for active rest,  it was not easy and they killed it.  They inspire and motivate me every day!  Thank you for pushing and showing up every morning,  I appreciate you more than you know.  Secondly,  I am just honored to work out with you all,  enjoyed the opportunity to lead, and welcome to Endo to this Crazy thing we call F3


Announments:  Goodfella’s got some awesome developing news on a awesome community opportunity- I’m not sure if it is completely public info so ask him about it next time you see him.



This BB is for any newer F3 PAX looking at doing your VQ.  I have been doing F3 now for almost 4 years, conservatively speaking I have q’d over 50 some times.  That said I want to make two points.  1.  I still get nervous before every Q as I always want to ensure everyone gets a good work out  2. I am still not ashamed to steal someone else’s weinke,  sometimes verbatim.  I’ll come back to this later.

WU- Mosey across the str…..  Oh wait first lets dodge the speeding bullet that almost took 4 pax out like a bowling ball on a 4 pin split.   Oh,  its Escobar,  a complimentary circle back to pick up the man that threatened to kill us… I digress,  mosey across the street.  Easy warm up,  5 Squats at each island and 5 merkins on the way back. Mosey up the parking lot a ways circle up for the disclaimer.  (Should have asked Escobar do it…Work out at your own risk:)).  20 SSH, 10 Carolina DD,  10 Merkins, 10 Carolina DD. Mosey

The Thang: Almost Carbon COPY of Alf’s work out on Monday.  3 Directions,  worm burners, smash balls and KB’s.  Broke up in to 3 and 2. Do each of the 3 legs.  Set of 5,10,15,20,25.  Adding 30 burpees between sets for team of 3 and 20 for team of 2.   Once done the team of 4  (oh wait, where did Bucky go) circled the lot with a plate,  3 burpees at each transition.  mosey back some American hammers to finish the morning.

Moleskin:  Bottom line,  don’t be afraid to take and existing work out and run it again,  even if it is only a couple days old.  Often times newer pax try and be too creative and make the work out too complex.  Causing more confusion and more anxiety then necessary. If I was to challenge any newer pax it would be to practice your cadence exercises on your own before you are in the center of a circle with 15 guys around you and utilize exercises everyone knows already.  As you progress in your Q’s you can add more complexity and improvise but until you really become proficient at leading a pax, stick to the basics. Last,  leverage the pax that have more experience than you and don’t be afraid to lead from behind.  Caveat, if you lead from behind give clear instructions to whoever is done first to lead something while the pax catches up.  With that,,, Thanks Alf for letting me steal your Q,  Thanks Bucky for the coffee.


Ohh and commentary.  Doc as usual, busts my chops for not having the gear out prior to the work out, yet he couldn’t comprehendo the 3 leg work out with Burpees, Bucky had to explain?  One niner pushed through the sets like a champ.  Bucky rebutted my form policing and Escobar… Well, he tried to kill us.

Great seeing you all this morning for the rest of you Michelangelo followers you should have been there this morning!!!


ASYLUM Takes Off


It was a fantastic cool  morning,  55 to be exact, great morning to sub Q as Spooky is working through back issues.  Great guy, we will get him back when he is up to speed again, for sure!

WU: 15SSH, 15 Merkins, 15 IW, and something else…

The Thing:  mosey across the street to the NEW Harris Teeter,  impressive area, pleny of space to with with,  hit the light pole,  instructions were simple.  Run 2 light poles 10 squats run back one pole 5 burpees.  9 Poles in total,  did some step ups and then something similar on the way back.   Mosey back home for some wind sprints and out.


Love to run buy the “Gladiator” group while they are paying some guy $100 a month to do the same thing were doing for free. Seems the Lifetime boot camp also ran to the parking lot for some F3 education as Doc had to bust McGee’s chops for form on Burpees,  McGee fought back hard in defense his form met Burpee Regulations.   It was good to see Mr. Bean, havn’t seen him since he went fishing months ago,  still waiting for my invite…. Astro showed no mercy and put the Burpees down,  Job was a bit tentative on the cadence count until he was given no choice by a call out by McGee.  Uncle Leo and Huggie Bear didn’t quit and put in the work. Our FNG (Menzel) who started on a Burpee heavy work out but kept jumping back in the mix.  McGee, Alf and Doc did their standard stout performance.  Pop Tart showed his speed on the last wind sprints letting us all know that light flaky breakfast lacks no speed.


Finished the workout with a Hope story from McGee on learning new perspective and how we need to leverage each other experiences to help each other.


Appreciate  the opportunity to lead gents,  remember the theme,  2 steps forward, sometimes one back, but get back on it and push forward.


Morning was sticky, no doubt, picked up Tuperware at 620 and headed to Sun Valley Middle for a bit of recon.  I know I q’d this site once was not sure if I have twice.  That said, there is a lot more to this site than the few times I have been there.  Tupperware and I did a 1.5 mile pre-run to get the lay of the land.  Ran around for a bit and came back to 11 men looking for a beat down.

Warm up- Quick disclaimer- Circle up, 50 SSH, 8 MC 13 MC, 10 Pistol LBC each side

The Thang: Mosey over to the busses.  4 merkins each bus all the way around finish with 13 burpees, 50 air squats.  Next set of busses. 8 air squats finish with 13 burpees 50 lbc’s.  Mosey to a bench area, 50 one leg squats, 13 derkins.  mosey to a partner event 26 pull ups 50 dips, 50 up and overs.  Finish that, mosey to the front of that school 2 burpees, 4 merkins, 8 American hammers, 13 burpees again, and 50 air squats with one lap around.  Finish with running the road along 8 poles, 8 merkins, 8 lbc rotation on each pole. Finish and head back for a quick 50 on legs,13 derkins and 50 dips again.


Moleskin: I think everyone got their monies worth, it took me a minute to realize that Crowbar and Tball brought BB (FNG) from the pool last night,  good for him for not quitting and pushing through on this muggy morning.  always good to see EE, he’s a man I always enjoy spending time together. Horse head as well but he put the warning prior to the workout that he may not make it, seems I may not be the only one that has to make a pit stop.  Great work by all, thanks Madisen for the invite.


Admittedly I didn’t have a solid plan going into this mornings work and to be honest I tend to get a bit nervous q ing the brave because I know there are high expectations for an effective beat down.  Spending most of my evening writing papers I didn’t all me to plan as effectively as I normally do so I headed in this morning with a Doc Mcstuffins approach. That said, I picked a direction and headed to my comfort zone,  schools:)

WU:  HEAD SOUTH.  .5 run to the warm up simple 20 SSH, 20 MC and 10 merkins

The thang:  Hit every road on the way to some school and do 10 Burpees,  total 50 Burpees, do some mary till 6 is in.  1.75 miles in the the book.

School 12’s- run around facing the sunrise  doing air squats down to 1 at each corner.

Basketball Burpees- 6 hoops start at 6 down to one,  Carolina dry docks way back.

Head back to Brazwells- hit same stops on the way down 10 merkins at each stop  hit the top of the hill 3.87 miles in.  Circle back for the six.

Finish with a quick run around the block so everyone gets their 4 miles in and for those that circled for the 6 we were close enough to do a couple sprints to push the running over 5 miles.  Everyone got between 4.5 and 5.3 miles in.


Moleskin:  It was a great morning to breath and push ourselves.  Mario claims he’s too old to be Mario, Frehleys (R) was going to choke him for saying that:) Frasier, Rachel, Uncle Rico, Hollywood led the pax.  It was good to see Enron again and although my brain was fried from a tough weekend it was awesome to connect with Cheese Curd at a work out just after we did some Sandbox work together on Sunday.  For those of us that didn’t know Fire Hazard runs faster backwards than forwards and Enron said he felt like he was back in union county with me throwing in American hammers in the middle of the q.  Mic check had to make a pit stop that made him a mystery find for a minute.  Again, thanks to this mystery pax, I think his name is Tuck or something for inviting me to q.


The plan was simple,  quick warm up then into six stations mixing in running every three stations.  90 Seconds each push to 7’s best you could with the exercised listed

Station 1- Burpee’s/Roundhouse kick

Station 2- Sparring with gloves/ alt partners every other

Station 3- Sand bag row/Squat then press – Modify last round with out press

Stations 4- Ladders Shoulder tap/ Merkins/ LBC

Station 5- Smash ball/ Lunge

Station 6- Kettle bell swing/ row/ squat

3 Rounds  with a 2min run after first 3 stations then a 3 min run after 6th station.


Moleskin:  Liked the change of pace it was good to see the crew and the young man Gronk out there.   I partnered up with Fhreelies and mad respect to him.   For me personally,  I’m 39 I know I still have a bit of youth on my side and my hope is that I am still out here doing what we do in my 50’s.  Its not easy and men like Fhreelies, Snow,  Shop are true leaders that inspire me to push on.  So gents thanks for the opportunity to lead and looking forward to some station work in the future.


Doc texts me,,,, ” looking forward to your q tomorrow,” ohh yea,  completely forgot,  thank you for the reminder Doc!  Show up early and plan to do some recon prior to the start and there are a bunch of Dudes there already!  Why the heck they show up so early?  I’m like OK they show up early, then Alf says Fletch is on Q,  what!  Doc texts me, 9PM, I leave my house a 4:55 for some recon and Fletch is q’ing B…S… Then I ask Alf, you sure Fletch is on Q? I thought I was on Q,  “YEP, I’m Sure”   you sure your not q’ ing Hawknest and not Fast twitch…Ohhh, that explains it, Rachel, Purell, Fletch, Thin, Astro, it looked a little of the Elite running crowd…. ALL Good!   Time to do some recon.  Scope the place out for 15 min and head pax to meet the right PAX

WU: mosey south to the parking lot, quick disclaimer,  25 SSH, 10 Merkins, 20 IW  then a 4 corners of the parking lot with Squats

The Thang:

Continuing to head South/ Southwest ish, head to the track, hit the bleachers and mix in some SSH on the way to a perfect hill for 11’s.  Mike Tyson’s at the bottom and Air Squats at the top. Mary to finish up with a hanging drill I thought we could give a shot given the opportunity.  Head back north with a cruise through the bleachers to an area in the school for a round of 20 step up’s and 20 Dips,  followed by 15, 10.  Times almost up,  head back quick round of Mary with some American hammers and supermans.


Moleskin-  Fantastic site,  plenty of places to work step up, hills, track. Fun stuff.  On the Pax side, I heard Bananas busting my chops a little bit but I think the humidity and the lack of breathing quieted him down after a few minutes.  Billy Goat was working hill why the rest of the crew put their work in as well.  Great AO and group of Guys,  I think I can officially wear and order an A51 shirt as I feel part of the crowd! Totaled 3 miles this morning and plenty of sweat!