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Morning was sticky, no doubt, picked up Tuperware at 620 and headed to Sun Valley Middle for a bit of recon.  I know I q’d this site once was not sure if I have twice.  That said, there is a lot more to this site than the few times I have been there.  Tupperware and I did a 1.5 mile pre-run to get the lay of the land.  Ran around for a bit and came back to 11 men looking for a beat down.

Warm up- Quick disclaimer- Circle up, 50 SSH, 8 MC 13 MC, 10 Pistol LBC each side

The Thang: Mosey over to the busses.  4 merkins each bus all the way around finish with 13 burpees, 50 air squats.  Next set of busses. 8 air squats finish with 13 burpees 50 lbc’s.  Mosey to a bench area, 50 one leg squats, 13 derkins.  mosey to a partner event 26 pull ups 50 dips, 50 up and overs.  Finish that, mosey to the front of that school 2 burpees, 4 merkins, 8 American hammers, 13 burpees again, and 50 air squats with one lap around.  Finish with running the road along 8 poles, 8 merkins, 8 lbc rotation on each pole. Finish and head back for a quick 50 on legs,13 derkins and 50 dips again.


Moleskin: I think everyone got their monies worth, it took me a minute to realize that Crowbar and Tball brought BB (FNG) from the pool last night,  good for him for not quitting and pushing through on this muggy morning.  always good to see EE, he’s a man I always enjoy spending time together. Horse head as well but he put the warning prior to the workout that he may not make it, seems I may not be the only one that has to make a pit stop.  Great work by all, thanks Madisen for the invite.


Admittedly I didn’t have a solid plan going into this mornings work and to be honest I tend to get a bit nervous q ing the brave because I know there are high expectations for an effective beat down.  Spending most of my evening writing papers I didn’t all me to plan as effectively as I normally do so I headed in this morning with a Doc Mcstuffins approach. That said, I picked a direction and headed to my comfort zone,  schools:)

WU:  HEAD SOUTH.  .5 run to the warm up simple 20 SSH, 20 MC and 10 merkins

The thang:  Hit every road on the way to some school and do 10 Burpees,  total 50 Burpees, do some mary till 6 is in.  1.75 miles in the the book.

School 12’s- run around facing the sunrise  doing air squats down to 1 at each corner.

Basketball Burpees- 6 hoops start at 6 down to one,  Carolina dry docks way back.

Head back to Brazwells- hit same stops on the way down 10 merkins at each stop  hit the top of the hill 3.87 miles in.  Circle back for the six.

Finish with a quick run around the block so everyone gets their 4 miles in and for those that circled for the 6 we were close enough to do a couple sprints to push the running over 5 miles.  Everyone got between 4.5 and 5.3 miles in.


Moleskin:  It was a great morning to breath and push ourselves.  Mario claims he’s too old to be Mario, Frehleys (R) was going to choke him for saying that:) Frasier, Rachel, Uncle Rico, Hollywood led the pax.  It was good to see Enron again and although my brain was fried from a tough weekend it was awesome to connect with Cheese Curd at a work out just after we did some Sandbox work together on Sunday.  For those of us that didn’t know Fire Hazard runs faster backwards than forwards and Enron said he felt like he was back in union county with me throwing in American hammers in the middle of the q.  Mic check had to make a pit stop that made him a mystery find for a minute.  Again, thanks to this mystery pax, I think his name is Tuck or something for inviting me to q.


The plan was simple,  quick warm up then into six stations mixing in running every three stations.  90 Seconds each push to 7’s best you could with the exercised listed

Station 1- Burpee’s/Roundhouse kick

Station 2- Sparring with gloves/ alt partners every other

Station 3- Sand bag row/Squat then press – Modify last round with out press

Stations 4- Ladders Shoulder tap/ Merkins/ LBC

Station 5- Smash ball/ Lunge

Station 6- Kettle bell swing/ row/ squat

3 Rounds  with a 2min run after first 3 stations then a 3 min run after 6th station.


Moleskin:  Liked the change of pace it was good to see the crew and the young man Gronk out there.   I partnered up with Fhreelies and mad respect to him.   For me personally,  I’m 39 I know I still have a bit of youth on my side and my hope is that I am still out here doing what we do in my 50’s.  Its not easy and men like Fhreelies, Snow,  Shop are true leaders that inspire me to push on.  So gents thanks for the opportunity to lead and looking forward to some station work in the future.


Doc texts me,,,, ” looking forward to your q tomorrow,” ohh yea,  completely forgot,  thank you for the reminder Doc!  Show up early and plan to do some recon prior to the start and there are a bunch of Dudes there already!  Why the heck they show up so early?  I’m like OK they show up early, then Alf says Fletch is on Q,  what!  Doc texts me, 9PM, I leave my house a 4:55 for some recon and Fletch is q’ing B…S… Then I ask Alf, you sure Fletch is on Q? I thought I was on Q,  “YEP, I’m Sure”   you sure your not q’ ing Hawknest and not Fast twitch…Ohhh, that explains it, Rachel, Purell, Fletch, Thin, Astro, it looked a little of the Elite running crowd…. ALL Good!   Time to do some recon.  Scope the place out for 15 min and head pax to meet the right PAX

WU: mosey south to the parking lot, quick disclaimer,  25 SSH, 10 Merkins, 20 IW  then a 4 corners of the parking lot with Squats

The Thang:

Continuing to head South/ Southwest ish, head to the track, hit the bleachers and mix in some SSH on the way to a perfect hill for 11’s.  Mike Tyson’s at the bottom and Air Squats at the top. Mary to finish up with a hanging drill I thought we could give a shot given the opportunity.  Head back north with a cruise through the bleachers to an area in the school for a round of 20 step up’s and 20 Dips,  followed by 15, 10.  Times almost up,  head back quick round of Mary with some American hammers and supermans.


Moleskin-  Fantastic site,  plenty of places to work step up, hills, track. Fun stuff.  On the Pax side, I heard Bananas busting my chops a little bit but I think the humidity and the lack of breathing quieted him down after a few minutes.  Billy Goat was working hill why the rest of the crew put their work in as well.  Great AO and group of Guys,  I think I can officially wear and order an A51 shirt as I feel part of the crowd! Totaled 3 miles this morning and plenty of sweat!


The morning started off innocent enough,  guys show up, stretch a little bit and get ready for a work out.  Yet someone made it quite clear that his “client”  work kept him out all night last night with beer, wine and finished with some cognac.  I am starting to really wonder what kind of “client” work one of our pax is really in… that said UBER dropped him off in time to work out so props to him for not letting his “night” “client” work get in the way of showing up at 5:30 AM.

WU:  Mosey over to the street next to Dream Chasers for a quick disclaimer,  20 SSH, 20 MC, 10 merkins with a bit of a stretch

The Thang:  Pole work (this may be in line with Damascus “client” work, not sure)  10 merkins at each light pole till the end of the street.  Some mary at the end shift over to Providence road,  more pole work  (again Damascus was really into this)  skip every other pole and every other till Bojangles 10 air squats and 10 LBC’s.  Hit Bojangles and do some mary till the 6 arrives.  Pax lines up in front of stacks for partner suicides,  P1 does burpees while P2 runs to islands and back, rotate till every island is done.  Mosey back and stop for some quick Mike Tyson’s.  Hit the lights back on the way to the animal hospital with mekins starting with 12 down to 1.  Some mary at the animal hospital with  quick mosey back up “chongs?” hill backwards, American hammers at the top and finish with some plank jacks.


Moleskin:  IT WAS A beautiful morning and a fun start to our day.  First,  we are starting to get the true story of what Damascus does, his “client” work leaves a peculiar oder that Shakenbake was privy to the whole morning.  Deflated is a man after my own heart,  full hat and hoodie this morning.  Xerox!!!!! pairs up with Bottlecap on the suicides…Clydes,think not with the speed I saw.  Southern Belle made it back for his 2nd round and it is clear he has got a no quit attitude along with Button.  The rest of the pax pushed and although I didn’t start my watch till halfway we all got close to 3 miles in this morning with well over 160 merkins for a little chest emphasis.  Thanks for the invite to q MB and BC and thanks for the take out Mad dawg.





June 8th:  F3 Pool party $40 per family

Sunday morning Open door bible study is off this week for Mothers day


So this may tell you how sadistic I am but before we started the topic of burpees came up, One Star, started railing into some IDIOT (my words:)) doing a ridiculous amount of burpees to start a work out.   He went on and on,  me standing there part of the conversation realized quickly that he didn’t realize that the IDIOT that was ME (must have been the toboggan)! That said, I did plan on doing the burpees today but I was going to break them up during the work out but after hearing One Star,  I had no choice, we had to do the 12×12 again.  Sorry One Star,  it was your fault:)

WU:  20 SSH, 10 merkins, 20 MC, 15 IW

The Thang:  12×12 burpees,  simple 12 burpees a minute for 12 minutes.  Mosey over to the parking deck up the steps.  Rotate down each flight 5 burpees each flight alt. staircase.  Last,  5 times Squats at the bottom while running the deck as the loop.  Finished with some Mary at the bottom.


Moleskin:  So by the lack of discussion and what appeared to be some potential Merlot Tossing,  I think the 12X12 got everyone’s heart rate up, its a tough grind but these men hung in and pushed themselves. That said I think I saw Doc taking a nap around the 11th round for his 15 seconds of recovery.  Das boot, Snowfake and Madison worked their magic and pushed themselves,  ALF is a beast and it was great to see Hollywood back in the mix, always has a smile on his face.  Market Timer and Pop tart I think were cursing me the whole time while Cheddar and Turkey leg had the glory of less running after their recent running achievements (nice work men!).   As always I look forward to getting to know some new F3 folks and it was nice to connect with Astro for a few minutes after COT.  Nutter, Zeek and Uncle Leo looking forward to getting to know you all better and I promise the next q I do will not have burpees.  As always, honored to be part of F3 and given  the opportunity to lead,  love the fact this site is beginning to be a solid mix up of the 3 regions, folks like Crabcake, Snow, Das, Madison, Cheddar and Doc continue to bring unity to the regions.

Last,  just a thought,  I chose to work out in a well lite area for part of our work out so that we can “advertise” ourselves a little bit more to the area.  Lot of folks driving down 16 may see us and wonder,  so just food for thought as those apartments fill up we may want to make ourselves visible as best we can.



June 8th-  Pool Party  8-10 PM Lawson Pool Waxhaw- Cost $40 to raise funds for Sandbox (promise no additional Shake downs)

Prayers- Madison’s Father in Law,  Bucky’s Daughter




So to be perfectly honest I took this Q so I could work out with the PAX.  I personally have been wrestling with a foot injury that as continued to get worse as I run so I have not been posting. So when I saw the opportuntiy to Q I knew that I could control the amount running I jumped on it.  The delemma bagan thinking about how to keep the pax engaged with out being able to run around the school.  Then I remembered an beat down Ice gave us a few months ago where I thought I might die, hence the 12X12 burpees.

Warm up:  50 SSH, 10 Slow merkins, 25 Mountain climbers, 10 more slow merkins, 25 more mountain climbers then 10 night moracoan things.

Then into the 12×12.  Simple 12 Burpees  a minute for 12 Minutes.  Starts off hard but then it gets really hard.  Quickly the pax realizes it is easier to work up hill than down.

The Thang:  A bit rusty on my game plan we have coupon’s to play with.  Plates, smash balls, KBs and sandbags.  A mixed combination of swings, presses, worm burners and bear crawls x 3 rounds completes the work out.

Mushy Molskine:  I missed the group, it was good to see everyone.  Red Rider always cracks me up and The Grease Monkey always has smile on his face. Good to see some new faces and looking forward to getting to know them.

Manly Molskin: Tough group of men,  pushed through 144 burpees more than made up or what should have been a 50 of respect for The Grease Monkey.  I think we moved a total of 62.5 yards from where we started to where we finished but I am farily certain the heart rates were as high if not higher in the first 10 minutes than if we ran around the school!



UC Happy Hour Thursaday Night 7:30 Hickory Tavern

Operation Sweet tooth race this Saturday,  you can be a virtual runner at commitment


The Sandbox is Here

F3 Service Opportunities: The Sandbox

What: A partnership formed between two great organizations to give the men of F3 the opportunity to serve and make an impact in the lives of families in need.

When: An ongoing opportunity for at least 12 months where PAX can volunteer as they are able for various tasks and projects.

How: Sign up for new Slack Channel – The Sandbox – to indicate an interest and respond to opportunities as they are presented.


Mission of The Sandbox

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, life-altering, rare or terminal illness, it is our mission is to lock arms with people in our community to meet the practical, social and emotional needs of families at the time of diagnosis or referral. We want to create opportunities for families that encourage friendships, create lasting memories, produce joyful experiences and most importantly, restore hope.

This is where F3 Steps up


 Practical Support

Mowing the lawn

Picking up groceries

Help with a simple home project (s)


Social Support

Inviting a Dad to a AO

Inviting their 2.0’s to a AO

Taking a family to a 2NDF Event

Helping at the “Prom Event”


Emotional Support

Be there for them


Just hang out



For individual PAX, the involvement will be very flexible.  If a family has a practical need that has been posted on slack you can meet, reply via Slack and take it on.  This may be your only involvement.  Or, you may see an opportunity to lead further, to form a deeper relationship, and otherwise participate in a family’s life.

This is NOT a “Family Sponsorship” request, Sandbox will continue to “own” these family relationships as they are sourced from hospitals and social workers.  The Sandbox will enlist F3 when they need the “horsepower” to meet certain needs and it will be our opportunity to step up in each case with no longer term commitment and generally with flexibility on timing of delivery.

Men, we did our homework, we are a good fit for this organization and it will give you an opportunity to serve a variety of different ways.  Life is more important than work, golf, or working out,  our lives need to be bigger than us as individuals.  What better way to lead by example then to see a need and fill a need as we get our 2.0’s and our M’s involved in what we are doing to serve the community. This partnership will give us that flexibility and opportunity to do just that.  Please step up, step out and grab the opportunities as they come,  as we know you will.

F3 Q Contacts 

Soft Pretzel-  Cell 704-534-6411

Transporter-  Cell 414-731-3035

Flipper-        Cell 704-724-6948


Sandbox History

In 2010, a group of friends saw a need – helping families during Christmas at Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, NC. After the holidays, this group wanted to continue to provide support for families. In March of 2011, a social worker at the hospital asked if they could host a prom for patients who would miss their own prom due to treatment or the eventual impact of their illness. They answered “Yes!” and, The Sandbox’s signature event, An Evening of Believing Prom was born.

Today, The Sandbox serves families through the CARRE program – Caring About Real Relationships Empathetically. This phrase is an umbrella to all of the support they offer families whose children suffer from severe illness. The Sandbox has humbly served more than 5,000 families in the greater Charlotte region as well as some parts of South Carolina through a variety of programs and events.

For more, go to:


Typically I am the first one to run for dry land in the rain,,, but,,, it wasn’t raining.  It was misting, wasn’t cold, wasn’t hot just a steady mist, so I made the call to modify my wienke to broaden the scope of the AO from my ordigal plan of working under the awning.  You see,  when given the choice between mist and smelling 23 men under an awening at 530 in the gloom, ill take the mist.  any way I degress.

Warm up,  mosey around the lot, 25 SSH, mosey to the sidewalk 5 merkins at each light to my office, hit the wall for some airpresses,  warmed up

The Thang:

Mosey to the back parking lot, sucides 5 burpees at home 10 Merkins, 10 Squats and 10 Carolina DD at each light and island to completion.

That took up the majority of the time,  hit each island and light on the way back with the same.  quick stop at first awning for 30 flutters and x somethings (have to ask Bottlecap what that was again) mosey to the second awening for some American hammer

Head to home base for COT and a bus that wanted to kill us.



Pax continues to get stronger!! Shout out to Posse and Delta!  I saw some speed from those gents that are clear signs of GAINS! Doc and BC pushed the pace of the Suicides while Foundation and Recalculating wernt too far behind.   Red Rider got his monies worth for his cotters and although the rest of the pax didn’t get rained on they didn’t stay dry either.  Great work gents



Local Firefighter needs Help- Come to the Spegetti dinner or donate or do both!! Show our community what we pray about each day 


Run Jen Run

Changing of the Guards

Today was a sentimental day for me,  it was 3 years ago I first started F3.  It was at this particular site.   A site started by my dear friends and hero’s Ice 9 and Snowflake.  I still remember the first time my friend Kevorkian EH’d me to come.  He said “you gotta come Sean,  you’ll love this F3 thing.”  I had heard about it before but didn’t give it much credence,  I worked out in my garage,  I had my own thing going but I decided to give it a try given my friends excitement.   I remember I was originally planning on wearing my weight vest, THANK GOD I didn’t, Dasher was on Q that day,  I believe it was his VQ and he kicked my ass.  I was only 15 minutes into the workout and I was cooked and I was hooked.  More about that later.


Snowflake Kicked us off.  Quick Disclaimer, mosey around the lot to the bus pick up

15SSH, 15MC,  10 Merkins, 10 Low Slow Squats, 10 Plank jacks then head to the wall for peoples chair followed by balls to the wall.  Quickly Grab a friend and it was two sets of Curls, Triceps extensions then shoulder presses (10 each).

The Thang: Mosey to the half wall with a lunge walk across the bridge, to the half wall.  10 Step ups each leg, 10 Derkins, and 10 triceps extensions (X2) some quick Mary  up to the side concessions.  YHC takes over,  quick stop for some American Hammers the to the side lot for my main show.  Partner up for 100 burpees while P1 runs the loop,  swap till you get to a hundred.  Mosey back to the concession stand by the flag pole for the handoff to Mad Dog.

Mad Dog takes on a mosey to the back of the school with a bear crawl across the icy bridge (Ironically,  we did that on my first work out, thought it was stupid crazy back then, as well:) up to the railing for 10 Supines with a mosey around the sidewalk and a calf raise up each step (this X3).  Mosey to the side of the school and utilize same partner with the timer being 100 Mike Tyson’s while P2 runs the lap till completions.  Mosey to the hill in the front of the school. BREAK: in all my years I  personally have never used this decent hill in the front of the school,  never,  what a great place to advertise and show F3 to people driving by and I have never ever used this hill, Break OVER.  7’s on the hill with merkins at the bottom and burpees at the top.  Short mosey to the front of the school for some quick mary to finish.

Moleskin:  So back to my sentimental discussion.  In discussing with Mad Dog taking over as Site Q he had many interesting and good questions,  questions about protocol, expectations,  and culture.  So bore me for a minute and let me share with you some of what I shared with him as F3 means a lot of different things to different people.

What it means to me, at first it was success.  I saw men that were older than me that could run circles around me,  Snowflake is a beast and the way I looked at it was,  he’s 52, in shape, do what he does if you want to be in shape when your 52.  Common sense to me,  success is 90% copy,  so what I have found for myself is find people I define as successful and do what they do, its not complicated.

But as time went on F3 became so much more to me, it taught me what true leadership is about, it has taught me about developing other leaders,  it has taught me that unless you put others ahead of yourself you can never get to meaningful friendships and relationships. It has taught me that it should be a blessing to men and can change their lives for the positive. F3 has also taught me so many other things I don’t have time to share them all but I can tell you, I am very grateful for the relationships I have developed through F3 and I’m looking forward to developing more.

So it was with great pride and honor that Snowflake, Doc and myself could hand these responsibilities and more importantly the culture over to Mad Dog and Popeye as trusted carriers of the culture and with that they will bring their own individual culture to the F3 that we all get to enjoy.

Last,  Mad Dog takes the bull by the horns at the COT and asks if anyone would be willing to be his co-site Q (by the way, pretty sure Mad Dog has been dying to say this since day one in the COT with Popeye).  Popeye steps up,  great fit,  but the mumble chatter quickly realizing that two civilians just handed the reins over to two ex military and then Mad dog  WITH OUT EVEN FLINCHING states;

“You know the Marines is a department of the Navy,  THE MENS DEPARTMENT.”

Commitment is in good hands