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What the Heck….

A bit of an impromptu morning, more focused on the q source discussion then preparing a weinke,,, so you run around thinking of what to do AND there are cars driving in every side lot. With recent events it is clear that we all need to focus on safety more and for some reason I could not steer of clear of traffic. Regardless,we finally landed on an area to burn out chest a bit while still bumping up the hear rate.

WU: 29 SSH, 30 MC’s, and something else

Mosey to the back of some lot, parking lines 2 forward 10 merkins 1 back 10 lbc’s, modify 3 forward 1 back. That was fun mosey to the front lot, partner up. Series of Wheel barrows, partner carries, partner runs meet in the middle with Burpees, Merkins, WW2 Situps, Bobby H’s, and Merkin Shredders. that was about 25 min. Mosey back to start. Stop and do some Bupees along the way while Damascus picks up our FNG’s jacket and finish with a quick round of American hammers. DONE

Moleskin: Dana yelled at me for creating a second man touch Monday, Frack would have loved it. Goodfella called me out for an Audible and lack of a weinke, stating I was copying Deadwood. Our FIRST and only FNG to Asylum held his own (welcome Swimmers- Swimmer in Highschool and a urologist (double meaning….Nice job Shop). Shop and Damasucs had a no quit attitude (still waiting on them to step up on the F3 Losers Channel), Smokey and Goodfella led the pax. Cotters to loafer and Dana is literally half the man he used to be (in a good way).

Best part of the workout was the Q Source after! Great discussion, we had 8 but not all the same pax. Lazyboy, Illiterate and Spicoli joined in for the discussion and it was awesome! looking forward to this years conversation. Check out next weeks topic by clicking on the link


So up front I have to apologize, I apparently hit start record at the end of my COT list and subsequently recorded 52 min of pocket time with my phone rather than the COT, so I am missing two pax names that showed up. That said, we had a blast yesterday morning and did a little less running than normal but sure got the hear rate up!

WU: Mosey over to the side school Typical WU. 20 something 15 some other things,, a little calf stretching and then mosey over to the buses for 10 jump squats every other bus 10 merkins every other bus back

The Thang: Simple circuit- 400 Meter run, 30 KB swings, 20 Over the shoulder toss, 400 meter run, 15 Merkin shredders, 20 alt dumbbell snatch and 15 burpees. 4 min on 2 min rest, 6 on 3 min rest, 8 min on 4 min rest with a last round of 10 min. Done

Moleskin: Resting feels weird in F3, we don’t do it a lot but this work out really works if you red line it during the “on” times and rest while off. I liked it, something a little different. IT also was a great opportunity to get to know some of the other pax on rest. I was working with Bernanke,,, great guy, really pushing himself and I was really surprised at the respect after his name and age, he does not look 51. The rest pushed themselves as as well and I was honored to lead these men today.

12 Days of Christma…Clowns??

So, I had heard about this costume (thought is was Santa or Elfs….I mean it is Christmas,,,that would make sense) deal while returning from a really elegant F3 Party at a very prestigious Country Club in Charlotte raising money for a couple very noble causes to drive support both financially and of our time with these organizations. Then I show up at Cerberus with the complete 180 of elegant,,,, also raising resources for a noble cause……Completely different approaches, same desire and heart. So,,, although showing up in a clown suit is not my cup of tea, I applaud the hearts of those that did. They are my Tribe, as crazy as they are!

Warm up: Mosey to the top of the deck. SHH’s, Merkins, and something else don’t remember.

The Thang: Run the parking deck, exercises at both ends till the 3rd deck and do mary till the 6 and back down. 12 Donkey Kicks, 11 Lunges, 10 Burpees, 9 jump squats, 8 Merkins & 7 Supermans (at top) 6 Plank jacks, 5 Carolina DD, 4 Merkin shredders and just a little time for 3, 2 and 1 of pull ups back to COT.

Moleskin: Hard work by all, ICE, Alf , Job and Turkey Leg led the pax for the majority of 12 days Doc stepped his game up at the end. I saw a lot of grit by all, Rudy continues to impress me and gives 110 Astro is another that gives his all and Shop has not quit attitude as well.

Announcements: Safety is a practice we are asking that if you q Cerberus or Asylum my co-q’s and I would appreciate a safety reminder as you give the disclaimer.

Thin mint has challenged all of us who post regularly to q at least once a month

Also recommended is a cell phone and id bracelets. By some crazy chance you do get hurt, Transporter will be of little value to the hospital.


A bunch gathered to begin a work out, then out of no where comes this clown sound (literally),,,then you could see this tiny car with 4 grown (I use this word loosely) men with ten gallon hats on with the top down on this mini coop convertible.  Best clown clown car entrance ever, just as the clock struck 5:30.  I was so impressed I forgot the disclaimer and we started off on a mosey.

Warm up: 30SSH, 30 MC,  10 staggered Merkins Left then Right.  Mosey to the ht.

The Thang: Stolen from ICE (shopping for Pain): variations at each store front back to the start for mary.  R1- 5 Staggered Merkins.  R2- 5 Jump Squats. R3- 5 Merkin Shredders.  R4-3 burpees every other R5- I forgot.  Mosey across the street.  30 Dips IC, mosey around 10 more staggered merkins. Mosey back to Pets smart with quick stop for 10 Merkin shredders oyo.  

Finish the morning with group of 4 running worm burners around the parking lot with teams chasing the pushers with 5 merkins, 10 jump squats and 15 Lbc’s as they chase the plate (Sorry I didn’t explain it all that well) next time you are doing the exercise, catch the team member pushing the plate, if he is done take over, if not start the next exercise.  Mosey back to the beginning with some quick protractor and game.

Moleskin:  As usual Good fella led the pax on shopping of paid an led the mary on the return.  Solid push from Deadwood, Money ball and Bottlecap.  I saw solid effort from Leagalized and Posse as they pushed through the Merkin shredder. Although Shake took off early he still killed it with a 3 mile pre run.  Dough Boy brought it on the plate return with me, I was gassed he was not breathing.  Rudi was not going to let the plate get the best of him and give it 110. Good to see Gator Cub and Mad,  haven’t seen them in a while and got to see some new faces.   All and all great morning, great work by all,  clown car was a laugh! ASS Crack, Boytana, Lazy Boy and One star niner are too fun.,_NCSee 


Keep huggie bear in your thoughts and prayers-


DO NOT go in there

So this morning was like most, as the Q, I ended up cutting it a little close showing up in the nick of time as I was delayed by some “office work.” The “office”  ended up getting quite the work out itself this morning but I will come back to that later.

WARM UP:  quick circle around the lot, 20 SSH, 20 MC and 10 of the new Merkin Shredder!  ( hand release merkin with shoulder taps a the top)  Full extension and full retraction (no short arm merkins allowed with this move)

The thing:  Mosey to the entrance of Lawson,  5 merkin shredders at each light for the first ten.  Ten staggered merkins for the last 4.

The Main Thing:  11, 10, 9 etc pull ups at my garage rotating with variations of KB’s at the bottom of the cul de sac. 2 groups rotating a run up the hill.  This took till 606 so it was a brisk 1.5 miles home with Doc leading the way

Moleskin:  F.  During our visit to my house one of the pax had to use the office as well.  So after I brutalized the office this morning…It got nothing but worse from there.   During his visit, the printer was struggling and had a  paper jam, no tools in hand so the only option was to leave the printer jammed up.  I came back to an hostel M that was not happy that the printer was jammed up, my 2.0 even jumped in and added to the frustration . All of that and he was working with limited stationary.  It was tough morning for him,  that said,  I took all the heat and felt it was best to keep the M in the dark that the office was rented out to someone else this morning and that the paper jam was not caused by me. (PAX will remain nameless to protect the guilty)

The end result is everyone put in solid effort and we all were able to incorporate some muscles that we don’t typically get to work in f3.   Fun morning got almost 4.7 Miles in, Nice job gents!

Chase the Paper

So I sent a simple pre-tweet with a little kid chasing some toilet paper down a hill so he could achieve his ultimate goal….  Will come back to that


Proper Disclaimer given and off down hill Stop at the street 5 burpees, stop at the road,  10 Burpees

WU:  20SSH, 15 CC and something else can’t remember

The Thang:  5 Stations with Running half the lot as timer

Station 1- Worm Burners and Burpees

Station 2- Standing Reach with bar

Station 3  Smash balls

Station 4 KB Swing

Station 5 come back with the timer

Run back hit with a few more burpees and some Mary to finish on time


Moleskin: Chasing the paper, gear work is really up to you and you alone,  you really can just “get by” if you want to and honestly I have had times I have struggled with that myself. Its why I strive to find someone that will challenge me and push me, and why I set mental goals for myself while I work out. So, as I have done these in the past, the first round you should really push your self hard and hit a number.  Grab the biggest KB and see what you can do in the minute or so you have,  20,21 swings…. Great but next time set time around set a goal and beat that number, then the 3rd time even higher, chase that paper and set it so that your working your ass off. If your not gassed at the end of a gear work out, its your fault.  The motivation has to come from you…  And since your up at 5AM anyways  you mite as well make it worth your time.

Notable mentions- REcalculating and Frack are real men- I am not I admit it- both wearing t shirts and frack didn’t even have gloves

Frack decided that doing summer saults over the plate was more effective then pushing it

All put in a solid effort and I am looking forward to seeing more plate working in a couple weeks at Chiseled

Moneyball is relentless with Back blasts!

It was fun to q today! Thanks for the invite MB



Bible study Sunday mornings- DM Bottlecap for Details

Effe’s? party Tomorrow night for WUC

Bring Hoodies and pants to Bottlecap for Church on the street


Keep it under 2 miles.  That was the only message I got from Bean for my Q instructions. OK,  I can do that.  Load of the car with my rods and head to the fishing hole.

WU: Mosey to the top of the deck,  20 SSH, 10 Merkins, 10 IW, and 10 Cherry pickers

The thang: Mosey back to the fishing hole and grab a rod and a kettle bell (will come back to the rods later)  Mosey back to the deck

Partner up,  P1 at the bottom with the steel rods,  P2 moseys up to the top deck with a KB and does 10 Swings,  runs back down to P1 to swap with Rod exercise as the timer.

Round 1-  150 Squat thrusters

Round 2- 150 Merkin Rows

Round 3- 200 Curls

Finish mosey back to top for some big boy sit ups while handing the rods back and forth.  And that is where it went south, really south!


Rods who would have thought a 30lb, 20″ rod would have gotten so much attention but as you could imagine, men should be very careful with their rods. Add Steel Kettle Bells (which quickly transitioned to “balls”) the atmosphere quickly became non 2.0 friendly.  In any case, it was funny and the pax muscled through 60 big boy situps with a rod that each other could share:)  You let your mind take you to where you think how that went.

Last,  Mad respects as there were 5 yes, 5 respects and we did finish with 1.7 miles (according to my watch) and 26 flights of stairs which elevated the heart rates.  It was a fun pax to be part of an I was honored to lead.  Appreciate you gents and you can use my rods anytime you want!  Bean you should have been there!



I pull up, first Car I see is Shop,  cool,  then I park and see Snowflake,  cool,  Dasher, Frack, Bratwurst, Cool.   It was like we got the band back together!  I have been doing this a while I have built many great friendships and love all the workouts I get to do and the folks I get to work out with no doubt.  That said, this morning was a little reminiscent of the original crew I started years ago with and I was pumped about working out with them, only person we were missing was Ice. We drag him in sometime soon!

WU: Mossy around to the school,  20 SSH, 10 Merkins, 10 MC, 10 wide armed merkins, some cherry pickers and were off!

The Thang: Light pole work, 4 light poles,  10 burpees each one, work back first light 10 jump squats each light.  Start again, 20 Carolina Dry Docks.  Mosey to the side lot partner up 100 Burpees while partner 1 circles the globe. Done, mosey over to next set of lights 25 LBC at each.  Mosey to the last around the school and 10 merkins at each light.  Mosey to the lot and finish with 3 wind sprints up the hill.

Moleskin: First of all lets do a quick shout out on the respects,  War Daddy- Snow Flake 57! Johnny Utah 53! Shop Dawg 53, The Grease Monkey 50!!!! This was 2.5 miles of high intensity burpees running and mixed in Plank Jacks for active rest,  it was not easy and they killed it.  They inspire and motivate me every day!  Thank you for pushing and showing up every morning,  I appreciate you more than you know.  Secondly,  I am just honored to work out with you all,  enjoyed the opportunity to lead, and welcome to Endo to this Crazy thing we call F3


Announments:  Goodfella’s got some awesome developing news on a awesome community opportunity- I’m not sure if it is completely public info so ask him about it next time you see him.



This BB is for any newer F3 PAX looking at doing your VQ.  I have been doing F3 now for almost 4 years, conservatively speaking I have q’d over 50 some times.  That said I want to make two points.  1.  I still get nervous before every Q as I always want to ensure everyone gets a good work out  2. I am still not ashamed to steal someone else’s weinke,  sometimes verbatim.  I’ll come back to this later.

WU- Mosey across the str…..  Oh wait first lets dodge the speeding bullet that almost took 4 pax out like a bowling ball on a 4 pin split.   Oh,  its Escobar,  a complimentary circle back to pick up the man that threatened to kill us… I digress,  mosey across the street.  Easy warm up,  5 Squats at each island and 5 merkins on the way back. Mosey up the parking lot a ways circle up for the disclaimer.  (Should have asked Escobar do it…Work out at your own risk:)).  20 SSH, 10 Carolina DD,  10 Merkins, 10 Carolina DD. Mosey

The Thang: Almost Carbon COPY of Alf’s work out on Monday.  3 Directions,  worm burners, smash balls and KB’s.  Broke up in to 3 and 2. Do each of the 3 legs.  Set of 5,10,15,20,25.  Adding 30 burpees between sets for team of 3 and 20 for team of 2.   Once done the team of 4  (oh wait, where did Bucky go) circled the lot with a plate,  3 burpees at each transition.  mosey back some American hammers to finish the morning.

Moleskin:  Bottom line,  don’t be afraid to take and existing work out and run it again,  even if it is only a couple days old.  Often times newer pax try and be too creative and make the work out too complex.  Causing more confusion and more anxiety then necessary. If I was to challenge any newer pax it would be to practice your cadence exercises on your own before you are in the center of a circle with 15 guys around you and utilize exercises everyone knows already.  As you progress in your Q’s you can add more complexity and improvise but until you really become proficient at leading a pax, stick to the basics. Last,  leverage the pax that have more experience than you and don’t be afraid to lead from behind.  Caveat, if you lead from behind give clear instructions to whoever is done first to lead something while the pax catches up.  With that,,, Thanks Alf for letting me steal your Q,  Thanks Bucky for the coffee.


Ohh and commentary.  Doc as usual, busts my chops for not having the gear out prior to the work out, yet he couldn’t comprehendo the 3 leg work out with Burpees, Bucky had to explain?  One niner pushed through the sets like a champ.  Bucky rebutted my form policing and Escobar… Well, he tried to kill us.

Great seeing you all this morning for the rest of you Michelangelo followers you should have been there this morning!!!


ASYLUM Takes Off